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Theme: Corporate Rebels

This event occurred on
October 24, 2012
8:30am - 5:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Oslo, 03

Explore how Corporate Rebels challenge traditional business practices and through this delivers massive value - to the community, employees, society at large and the bottom-line.

Dansens Hus
Møllerveien 2
Oslo, 03, 0182
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Steve Denning

Steve Denning is the author of the award-winning book, “The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management: Re-inventing the Workplace for the 21st Century”. Radical Managementsm is a way of managing organizations that generates at the same time high productivity, continuous innovation, deep job satisfaction and customer delight. Radical Managementsm is fundamentally different from the traditional management prevalent in large organizations today. The principles of Radical Managementsm help business leaders to build valuable organizations in a world of rapid change and intense global competition.

Annicken Rød

Some of Annicken Rød’s passions and beliefs is that everyone can make a difference in this world as long as they have the right intentions, the courage to ask the question “why?” and the guts to follow their instincts. Many corporations struggle with lack of innovation, ability to change and energy, while doing everything “right” in order to prevent it. “If you build fences around people you get sheep” is one of her favorite expressions, as well is “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”. At TEDx, Annicken will tell her story as a “rebel with a cause” and how she believes we all can create a bit of magic by being true to our beliefs, pursuing our dreams, and using a bit of common sense on the way.

Jason White Birkevold Liem

Jason W. Birkevold Liem holds a Masters of Science in Counseling and Rehabilitation Psychology and helps both individuals and teams to utilize the science of brain-based knowledge to improve their skills at managing themselves and others.

Alastair Creamer

Alastair Creamer brings creativity to the heart of business and makes it stay there! He was originally educated as a musician and spent many years in the arts before he showed us how people will be enriched and businesses will be re-invented through the unleashing of creativity. In 2006 Alastair set up Creamer and Lloyd to bring this thinking to a wider audience.

Kathrine Aspaas

Kathrine Aspaas is a well known Norwegian columnist and economist. About 70.000 readers shared her column The Age of Generosity in Aftenposten this winter. She holds a degree from the Norwegian School of Economics and a Master of Science in Interational Affairs from New School University, New York. Kathrine is an active musician, singer and entrepreneur, some years ago she started Aspaas Media.

Jon-Frede Engdahl

The co-founder of the famous Oslo based restaurant Maaemo is coming to TEDxOslo 2012! Jon-Frede Engdahl is passionate about food, especially organic and biodynamic products. He started to wonder if anyone had started a Michelin star quality restaurant, based solely on this type of products. Michelin hadn’t heard of anyone, so Jon-Frede Engdahl, together with a chef Esben Holmboe Bang and a sommelier Pontus Dahlstrøm, started Maaemo. Fourteen months later they were rewarded two Michelin stars in one scoop.

Vlatka Hlupic

Vlatka Hlupic, professor of business and management at Westminster Business School, argue that eschewing control and allowing employees to self-organize can rapidly boost innovation and success at knowledge based firms, even during crises. With the deepening economic crisis, increased complexity, volatility and pace of change, it is obvious that traditional leadership paradigms do not work in these turbulent business environments. There is a dramatic need for a new mindset and leadership skills. Vlatka is also the founder of the Senior Executive Excellence and is one of the most qualified executive coaches in the UK.

Anna Kirah

Senior Design and Innovation Anthropologist from Steria, Anna Kirah, is coming to TEDxOslo 2012! Anna believes in true collaboration and a people-centered approach, and she is willing to fight to the bitter end to help companies change their way of doing things to create a world that will resonate not only within organizations, but within the communities in which employees live and outward throughout the world.

Stefan Ranstrand

The President & CEO at Tomra Systems ASA, Stefan Ranstrand is on a quest for a resource revolution! At TEDxOslo 2012, Stefan will talk about Solutions. Solutions for optimal use of our resources; reverse vending, material recovery and compaction. How does the recycling, mining and food processing industries contribute to change!

Sunniva Gylver

Priest Sunniva Gylver’s mission is to comfort the troubled and trouble the comfortable. She represents the church and clergy in her own way, with her informal, and for some, provocative style. “I must be myself, be recognizable, even when I am preaching”.

Stein Bjelland

Stein Bjelland gives different perspectives on traditional ways of thinking about the arts and where it belongs in life and society. As the manager of Norways first investment-fund for music, Buzz AS, Stein has a long experience from dealing with counter-culture and rebels, and speaks a language that people outside the arts understands without jeopardizing Art itself. This will change the way you think, live and work (seriously!).

Liv Arnesen

As the first woman in the world to ski solo and unsupported to the South Pole, Liv Arnesen will show us the power of dreams. Through “The Access Water Project” she creates awareness of the world’s critical water crisis and encourages a move to action on a global and at a local level.

Haakon Kornstad

A true rebel is blind to genres and Norwegian jazz musician Håkon Kornstad is bold enough to try a combination of jazz and opera, and includes his singing with his solo saxophone show. In Håkon’s ”Tenor Battle” there is a fight going on between an operatic tenor and a tenor saxophonist – in the same man – which side are you on?

Peter Baden - Rhythms from Space

We unite the experiences of concerts, cinema, computer games and theater in one expression. This expression will be the world's first theater experience of its kind with its own App! And with this app the audience can manipulate sound, video and even bring the show home as a game and continue the performance in their own livingrooom!

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