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Theme: Working on a dream

This event occurred on
November 20, 2012
9:30am - 3:30pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Delft, ZH

Working on a dream: what can you do to change your own life and the life of other people? What can you do to change society?

Theater de Veste
Vesteplein 1
Delft, ZH, 2611PK
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Nele van Driessche

developed a cookbook for diabetes patients to show that you can still enjoy life with diabetes

Djuna Maes

Djuna has cystic fibrosis and received a set of new lungs, donated anonymously. Now she can sing, work, run and make plans for the future again. In March 2012 she ran the Rotterdam marathon

Maarten Hunink

Everybody wants to change the world, but where to start? Maarten seeks for answers by living without electricity for a month or traveling to Switzerland to research his clothing.

Yoram Mekking

Yoram traveled the world on a sailing boat with the "School at Sea" program. He learned to sail but that was not the most important thing he learned.

Mattho Mandersloot

Mattho wants to be the first European man to win the Taekwondo Poomsae tournament. To train for this he went on a 4 month bootcamp in South Korea.

Nout van Zon

Nout won a space trip. In 2014 he will be the youngest astronaut when he travels with "Space Expedition"

Karim Amrani

Karim is researcher, inventor, artist and entrepreneur. His goal is to inspire and to get the most out of himself to make the world a better place. He feels Education systems, economy and society are dark forces that suppress the power of mankind. His mission in life is to fight these powers

Sven Snel

School was not really his thing. After several jobs and bits of education, he started a five star hotel near Schiphol internation airport in the Netherlands. A hotel, not for people but for cars!

Bilal Al Mashta

Bilal is founder of fashion house Guy Vernes. He will talk about his journey in the fashion industry and how he's using clothing to tell stories. The power of stories shows that clothing can bring people closer to each other

Olivier Zwolsman

A life changing experience convinced Olivier to start participating in making the world a better place. Now, years later, his dream is becoming reality. But what happened?

Anna Oosterling

Anna (23 years old) is tourmanager of Chef'Special, a Dutch pop band and several other large events and festivals. When asked how she could have acheived that at her age, she answers that you do not get changes, you create them yourself

Boyan Slat

Boyan Slat (@BoyanSlat, Delft, 1994) combines environmentalism, creativity and technology to tackle global issues of sustainability. Currently working on oceanic plastic pollution, he believes current prevention measures will have to be supplemented by active removal of plastics in order to succeed. With his concept called Marine Litter Extraction, Boyan Slat proposes a radical clean-up solution, for which he won the Best Technical Design award 2012 at the TU Delft.

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