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Theme: Yes, You(th) can be the Change

This event occurred on
November 26, 2011
9:00am - 1:00pm EAT
(UTC +3hrs)

TEDxYouth@Khartoum is organized by Youth for Youth. Thinkers, Doers,Social inprenuers both young and old are invited to share their experiences, exchange ideas and inspire the next generation of leaders.

TEDxYouth@Khartoum او تيديكس شباب الخرطوم من الشباب وللشباب ينظمه الشباب ويتحدث فيه الشباب عن ابداعاتهم افكارهم وثقافتهم والاهم من ذلك عن وطنهم وكيف ستكون سواعدهم هي السند لبناء سودان الغد.

TEDxYouth@Khartoum التعريف والمهمة:
مؤتمر جامع يشارك فيه الشباب لنشر الافكار التي تستحق الانتشار.
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Alshariga conference hall
Khartoum University street
Off Khartoum University
Khartoum, 00249
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Youth (What is this?)
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Samreen Alkhair Mohammed

Her name is Samreen Alkhair Mohammed, she is 20 years old studying at university of Khartoum faculty of architecture, her dream job is to work for humanitarian organizations. She truly believes if we put our hearts into something and we worked really hard we can make a change. She says “even the smallest change is a change” . Now she started to follow her dream by working with her university organization "takaful” and also she is the co-founder of the organization “draw a smile”. Her favorite hobbies and passions is writing and sports. She says “being a woman is not an excuse for not playing sports”. Her moto in life is “do what makes you happy”, she believes life is too short to waste on wondering "what if" or holding back, her hopes to the future is to see a better Sudan and even a better world, she does not think that makes her dreamy,” if we only become a bit selfless we can make a great impact in our country’s future” .

Wafa Elamin

Wafa Elamin is a 5th Year medical student studying at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology (UMST) in Khartoum, Sudan. She was raised in County Kildare, in the Republic of Ireland but came back to Sudan. Wafa grew up as the only Muslim African girl in the Irish town of Naas and studied in Catholic schools. The strong atmosphere of her Sudanese home contrasted greatly to the Irish culture. This is the single factor she believes that helped her to build a very strong sense of personality and religion. She believes she is dreamer; fantasying about a world both peaceful as it is accepting. She wanted to give a voice for those society has neglected. Medicine has been her gateway into the heart of the Sudanese community through voluntary humanitarian work in non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Currently, Wafa is project coordinator of Water the World working to bring water to the most vulnerable families in Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps such as Mayo. ”…My message to both the Sudanese youth and all those across Africa is to rise. RISE. This is the era for great intervention. Don’t wait for someone else to throw the dice when it is your turn to awe the world. Rise Africa.”

Waad I. Osman

Waad I. Osman was born in Springfield, Illinois, USA in February 1999. She’s a seventh grade student at Khartoum Basic School in Khartoum, Sudan. She went to school in the US, UAE, and Sudan. She has gained a lot of knowledge, friendships and a broader prospective to life by attending schools in those countries. Waad’s idea of war is worth spreading because if you really think about it, wars these days start for no-good reason(s). Wars came to mind because the wars that happened during the past years happened in areas where parts of her family and friends lived. Thankfully, none of them got hurt but the damage inflicted was far too great to imagine. “I can give the people useful information that they’ve never heard of and i can make them laugh while giving them a piece of my mind”. Waad dreams for a better world where nations can live together happily and peacefully and that’s why, when She grows up, She wants to go into politics, hoping to win a place in the upper hierarchy of the government so that people can finally listen to her ideas and give it the consideration it deserves. She has been inspired by the many people that tried to make a change to help the world. She hopes to follow in their footsteps and make the world a better place, one that our grandchildren can be proud of!

Shaima Elsir

Shaima Elsir is a prospecting engineer at UMST, studying biomedical engineering although her true passion was to enroll in the college of Genetic Engineering. She has lived her whole life in the UAE. She's a very good basketball player and is a very outgoing and selfless person. About her idea Shaima said:” Well it's just because I'm suffering from those around me who "Judge a book by its cover" and there are many!” .She think it's time to address this issue by showing people the other side of the story so they can judge fairly and more accurately. She has been stereotyped by her appearance and doesn't want other people to have to go through that any longer. ” It’s time for a change, it's time to stand for what i believe is right, it's time to make a difference… it's time to let the world hear what i have to say at TEDxYouth@Khartoum!”

Sarah Ihab

Sarah Ihab is an eleven year old sixth grader at Khartoum Basic School. She was born in Seattle, WA, USA. She then moved back to Sudan. From an early age, she found that she cared for the environment. Ever since, she has always portrayed a personal interest in local environmental issues to help make Sudan a better place. She is very fond of music and has a talent for singing. She has always wanted to become a fashion designer when she grows up to unleash her creative abilities.

Khalid Altahir Abdulmahmoud Alarabi

He was born in 1994 in Saudi Arabia to a family of well-known artists. He enjoys listening to religious tracks “Madeeh”. He was very fond of reading from a very young age and has attempted to write mini-stories and poetry and received acclaim from his family and friends. He’s enrolled in Elsheikh Mustafa El-Amin Secondary School for boys. He is aspiring to become an engineer/professional photographer when he grows up. As a little boy he was always intrigued by cameras until one day he took a portrait photo of his baby sister which fascinated the people around him, considering that he was just a little boy. He was inspired by his uncle Abd EL-Moniem by his devotion for photography. He’s a doctor and he kept his love for photography and developed his talent into being a professional photographer. He thinks that every house should contain a camera because photos can capture what the eyes can’t see. In the darkest of moments a beautiful photograph can make everything better. He thinks that people live in photos. Happiness, Joy, beauty, despair, wars, pain and a lot of other states could be captured in photos. And as they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Fatma Khalid Alhag

Fatma Khalid Alhag is 11 years old, she is a sixth grader at Khartoum Basic School. At school she is fond of a lot of things like reading, writing and participating in class. “The most important thing I’ve learnt is that if you don’t speak out, no one will ever hear you”, and that’s exactly what she is doing right now by participating in TEDxYouth@Khartoum. When she is bored she likes to write a lot of things like poetry and songs. That is one of the things that allow her to express herself freely .she also likes watching TV and surfing the internet. Once, while she was doing some research, she found some interesting information about global warming. She realized that that was a very important thing to be aware of. So at last she’s taking a stand and trying to enlighten people about causes which are close to her heart. “When I grow up I want to be a business woman just like my Mom, she's like a role model to me, which is exactly how I want to seem to the youth I'm trying to advise”.

Amna Khalid

Amna Khalid is a 4th year medical student from Wad Medani, Sudan.Born in Yemen in 1992, and brought up in the UK and currently lives in Sudan. This diversity gave her the opportunity to acquire an insight into the different cultural aspects of each country and community. This taught her to make friends quick and quickly adjust to different changes in her life. She learned to sew at a very young age, and learned to play the cello and is currently learning to play the guitar and wants to learn both Italian and Japanese in an effort to widen her cultural horizons. She is very passionate about learning about her country’s cultural background, and that’s why, you’ll find her sitting with her grandmother listening to her stories. Her first career option was becoming a teacher, that then became a doctor. One of her future goals is joining “Doctors without Borders “. She is currently the co-founder with “Amal Muntaser” of a group called “More Than Expected: Young Sudanese Women United”, the group is concerned with young Sudanese girls’ issues in their community, including educational, cultural and social. People should listen to her because she says: ” I think this is important, because I believe that this generation must have a strong cultural knowledge of their roots”.

Amal Muntaser Eltayeb Ibrahim

A 19 year old Architecture student at the University of Khartoum. She was born in Copenhagen and stayed there for 3 years, then came to Sudan, 2 years later she moved to England for a year which gave her a love of languages. She came back when she was 6 and went to two different schools, which made timid and lacking acceptance by her peers for the difference of her behavior. She co- founded a group with Amna Khalid on Facebook called “More Than Excepted: Young Sudanese Women United”. She also wrote an article called the women of my generation for the Ghada awards which was inspired by Dr Nahid Mohammed Elhassan articles about women. She considers her mother and grandmother her role models along with Dr. Nahid and Ghandi. Her ultimate goal is to win a noble peace prize and to help people achieve peace. She also plans to volunteer in NGOs and with builders without borders. She likes to go to new places, listen to classical music and learn to play the cello and piano. She is planning on getting another degree in psychology besides architecture which she wishes to achieve. Quote:”my interest and love of psychology made me looks into and research the topic, and my strong belief in the need of encouragement and development in young women made me want to reach out and talk about the idea “.

Ali Abdelhameed Ali

Ali Abdelhameed Ali is a proud Sudanese. He’s thirteen years old who was born in Omdurman. He’s enrolled in Khartoum Basic School and can’t wait to become a teenager. The excitement of hanging out with his friends is what drives him to go to school every day. Ali has many interests; some of which is drawing Manga characters. He’s a fan of historic and scientific documentaries and books. In addition to that, He’s fond of playing football and basketball which he once pursued professionally. He thinks of TEDxYouth as a wonderful event that encourages the youth to speak their minds and help their communities in their own simple way. That’s why he’s excited to join his voice with those of others to allow people to hear their thoughts and ideas. As they say, “The source of flourished trees is tiny seeds”.

Ahmed Saaid

Ahmed Saaid was born in Miami, Florida, USA in 1998. He lived there for 5 years before relocating to Khartoum, Sudan. He has been enrolled in KBS ever since. He’s aspiring to become a civil engineer when he grows up so he can design and build bridges and buildings. Ahmed’s greatest inspiration to become a civil engineer came from his father who has inspired him with the many great things he accomplished. He aims to inspire the youth to re-shape the image of the city he lives in because “It describes the soul of our community” as he had put it. In his own words: “Through TEDx I want my voice to be heard and my ideas spread so I, may also inspire others to help improve the world we live in.” Ali has travelled abroad and has compared the same issues to that of Khartoum. He wants to encourage and motivate those around him so we can all work together in harmony towards a unified vision of a better tomorrow.

Nazim Sirag

Nazim Sirag was born in 1980 in Sudan. He's profession is marketing & sales manager at Emac for integrated solutions, graduated from Essex university, UK in 2003 (Bsc in Information Management Systems. He is a member of the Board of Management of RICK (Radio & Iso-tops Center Khartoum) which is a specialized hospital where patients suffering from Cancer get treated.. He is the founder and Executive manager of "We group" which is a non- registered NGO, for a voluntary works serving at most children with cancer.. He is also the Coordinator for "Deel Ahaly group" which is a group of 14 groups, organizations & associations.

Halla M. Yagoub.

16 years old, born to a typical Sudanese family she lived a pretty normal life, until the age of six, then her whole life changed when she met Harry Potter. From then on her obsession with books began. she became as they say, a “Book Worm”. “What greatness have I accomplished?” . Then she discovered that you don’t have to actually do something that amazes the world. she made a promise to herself that she’ll change the world one day that she’d be in history books. She’s big at heart, soul and dreams. Her other passion is writing, poetry and short stories. She started writing at the age of 14, but kept to herself, till she found her outlet venue; The S.W.A.P. Open Mic in Khartoum where she felt like she belonged and understood. There she discovered her talent. “If it was you speaking I’d listen to you because I believe that everyone wants to be heard and so do I”. She talks about fear and how it should not be what control our whole life; by using man’s most powerful weapon; power of will and bravery.

Ayat Khidir

Ayat khidir is a medical student in her 4th at University of Khartoum. She was born and raised in Canda. Until her parents thought it's time to relocate to Sudan in order for her to get in touch with her Sudanese roots and culture. The relocation gave her the chance to experience a variety of educational atmospheres through the schools she's been through which gave her a big experience in dealing and accepting different people.She likes bike-riding, swimming , basketball, surfing the web ,reading books, site-seeing and any activity that helps increase her awareness about the world she live in. She’s particularly interested in psychology,one of her strongest passions is poetry. She’s also very passionate about justice and equality and everything that brings peace and prosperity to our world. She was a member of the student council, a player on the basketball team and one of the youngest members on the track team. She received an award in the science fair and was student of the month many consecutive times, and graduated top of her class from high school. She earned a certificate from the neuroscience conference that was held in Khartoum and had the great pleasure of being one of the poets at the S.W.A.P. open mic nights in Khartoum. “I don’t intend for my words to touch everyone but if an idea I present creates a spark of thought in at least one of the listeners then I will be fully satisfied”.

Randa Omer Ahmed Basheir

Her name is Randa Omer Ahmed Basheir, she teaches Mohi-Eldeen Wahbi Secondary School,but her major is Dentistry. She thinks she can add new ideas to the community by correction of some concepts to help its improvement. And her topic, The UC-Max is a very interesting and new idea that can intensively contribute to society's prosperity which alot are not aware of. "Presentation is key", so she hopes to inspire people to stimulate future goals and accomplishments in themselves,and hopes to reach her dream of positive contribution to society,improve herself and acccomplish most of her life goals and becoming a person worth of being a role model.

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