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Theme: Who moved my sushi?

This event occurred on
March 24, 2012
9:00am - 5:00pm SAST
(UTC +2hrs)
Cape Town, WC
South Africa

To some degree we realize that across the globe our marine life is in a very dire state, beyond dire for some species.

We don’t realize it, but fish is one commodity that connects every single country across the globe whether they are land locked or not. The Underwater world is linked to ours in ways we can only begin to imagine, and not simply as a food resource. Our ocean and the world’s that inhabit in it are under threat. We often hear so much of what is going wrong that it becomes very difficult to see how we could possibly view our marine world in a positive light.

However, we do have the ability to change and avoid any disastrous collapses in our marine environment. It is a simple change in awareness. Action, no matter how small, does make a difference. However, we are not aiming for a small action or a small change.

There are inspiring people in this world who show us that there is a glimmer of optimism that our marine resources can be saved. Wherever in the world you go, there are incredible people who are willing to do something in their respective fields to make a change. This is what the TEDxSeaPoint wants to achieve.

We want to show everyone that this change is happening all around us. Under the theme, “Who moved my sushi? “, TEDxSeaPoint is on a mission to ignite inspiration in for our marine world from every area of society. From government’s and scientists, to the corporate world and the academic. From entrepreneur’s and conservationist’s to those who find pleasure and inspiration from the ocean. From the people that depend on their survival from the ocean to the people that are intrinsically linked socially, traditionally and commercially to the amazing variety of species that fill our seas.

On the 24th of March 2012 we will be hosting a day of inspirational talks from a variety of local and international changemakers who are inspired by the ocean.

People are the problem, but people are also the solution.

The Pavilion
Corner Portswood and Beach Road
Cape Town, WC
South Africa
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Hanli Prinsloo

Hanli is an eleven-times South African Freediving Record Holder, Filmmaker and avid Ocean Adventurer. She has a background in acting, documentary filmmaking as well as thirteen years of competitive freediving experience.

Anders Kohler

Anders lives in Nairobi, Kenya, and holds the position as Executive Project Manager at Associated Media Professionals, international consultant with media based development projects in four African countries. Köhler is a journalist, with almost forty years of media experience. His expertise area is media convergence. He works since 2004 in East Africa, coordinating and developing media efforts with a grass roots focus. He is active in Somalia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Paul Steyn

Paul is the multimedia storytelling Editor of Africa Geographic's interactive travel magazine, SafariI and show how we use blogging, social media and other forms of digital communication strategies to further expose, and to gain greater traction for our messages and stories.

Simon Bannister

Simon Max Bannister is a nomadic South African explorer. His works range from delicate ephemeral pieces to large permanent landmarks. Working within the limitations of found materials, his bricolage manifests an intriguing combination of primal and modernist land art styles. Regularly making the use of symbolism within his works, he is inspired by the ancient marks that gave rise to spiritualism, the mythologies of the ancestors and the interplay of man desire to control his inner and outer environments. Some of his major themes have been entropy, rebirth, gateways, wildlife corridors and plastic pollution.

Damon Foster

Damon Foster is widely regarded as one of South Africa’s top documentary filmmakers with over 16 years of experience shooting and directing, and having received over 50 international awards as part of the Foster Brothers Productions. For more than a decade the Foster brothers have been at the forefront of the African Renaissance, using media to turn the tide on negative attitudes.

Sibylle Riedmiller

A German-born social scientist has from 1973 spent all her professional life in Latin America and Africa, working with UNESCO and the German Aid Agency GTZ. From 1991, she initiated and became the main investor of Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd. (CHICOP), which turned formerly uninhabited Chumbe Island in Zanzibar/Tanzania into a private fully managed marine park and forest reserve. A Visitors' Centre and seven bungalows built with state-of the-art of ecological technology provide income to the park and also fund an environmental education program for local schools. Sibylle Riedmiller is an Executive Board member of the Tanga Tourism Network Association (TATONA) and of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania (WCST). She lives in Tanga/Tanzania.

Claire Janisch

Claire likes to mimic nature - but unlike Mike Markovina, not while dancing. She finds inspiration and innovative solutions to human challenges by emulating organisms and ecosystems that fit in on this beautiful blue planet in well-adapted life-enhancing ways. As a biomimicry professional she spends her time exploring nature's technological miracles in diverse ecosystems and shares this new way of viewing and valuing nature through expeditions and workshops - teaching & training professionals, students and scholars. She also dives deeper into research for companies and organisations- translating nature’s innovation and sustainability principles for the design of new products, processes & systems.

Loiuse Day

Talented singer/songwriter Louise Day has been captivating audiences and stealing hearts since the age of ten. A true Cape Town girl through and through, her unique blend of what pundits have coined Piano-root Rock, delivered by her outstanding lingering vocals, has been showcased at some of the trendiest and musically influential venues in South Africa.

Chris Bertish

Chris is a South African surfing legend, challenging some of the world’s biggest weaves. A pretty normal guy like everyone else facing the usual problems and hurdles we have to deal with to get by in life, when he is not charging massive waves along the coastline

JD Kotze

JD has twenty-six years of investigative experience in the investigation of crime. He transferred from the South African Police Service to the now defunct Directorate of Special Operations (DSO Scorpions) in January 2001. At the time of transfer from the South African Police Services, JD held the rank of Superintendent II Leg and he was appointed in the DSO Scorpions as a Senior Special Investigator.

Hayley McLellan

Animal Behaviorist & Conservationist Hayley entered the world of nature quite by chance really. After school and travelling abroad for a stint, Sea World Durban took a chance on her and in 1989 employed her as an apprentice animal behaviorist. Since then she has been blessed by a variety of extraordinary life experiences with many species of animals. They continue to teach her immense patience and true appreciation for what really matters in this life, as well as constantly drawing her attention to our relationship with nature.

Dr Caine Delacy

Dr. Caine Delacy, and Australian marine biologist will present on an incredible initiative, The Great East African Marine Transect. A team of scientists, photographers and film makers will travel by 4x4 and boat from southern Mozambique to the Somalia/Kenya border within four-five months. The goal, to conduct coral reef surveys at regular intervals along the coast and to collate data on coral, reef fish, ecosystems and fishing effort.

Duane Silverstein

Duane Silverstein is the Executive Director of Seacology, a U.S. nonprofit organization with the sole focus of preserving island environments and cultures around the world. Under Silverstein’s leadership, Seacology has launched 199 projects on islands around the world, conserving 159,312 acres (644.71 km2) of terrestrial habitat and 1,012,686 acres (4,098.19 km2) of marine ecosystems, and supporting indigenous island communities with schools, health clinics, and fresh water systems.

Dr. Suprajah Darhini

Dr. Darhini solely believes that the solution to achieving the foundations goals and aims lies in initiatives that combine conserving species and habitat, while empowering local people, which can be achieved by education, capacity building, economic development, poverty alleviation and building networks with government agencies. Dr. Darhini underlines that there is an urgent need to develop independent and right thinking individuals in the local community who will in turn help nurture a progressive and environment conscious movement among the people. The primary mission is to protect the fragile marine eco-system of India and educate people to conserve all life forms

Donovan van De Hayden

Donovan was born and grew up in the Fishing Village called Hangberg, in Hout Bay. He was raised by one of the first Traditional Fisher Families in Hout Bay, whom worked on farms, prior to Hout Bay becoming an Industrial Fishing Community. Before the 'Apartheid'/National Party initiated Group Areas Act, his family, like many others, lived in Fisherman's Cottages in the Valley Area of Hout Bay. Becoming '’politically conscious'’ at the age of 17 years he started getting involved in voluntary Socio-Economic Community Development Work. His greatest passion is Youth Development, but he subsequently also became involved in issues of Land Reform, Housing (the Informal Sector) and a Representative of the Traditional Fishing Sector,

Dr. Paul Cowley

Dr Paul Cowley is a passionate recreational angler that has turned his hobby into a career. As a Principal Scientist at the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity he conducts research aimed at improving management and ultimately the abundance of declining fishery resources.

Dr Ellanor Yeld-Hutchings

Eleanor Yeld grew up in Cape Town, where she developed an interest in the marine environment. After matriculating, she obtained a BSc degree in Chemical, Molecular and Cellular Sciences and a BSc (Hons) degree, first class, in Zoology (Marine Biology) from the University of Cape Town. She was inspired to pursue an MSc degree in marine parasitology, focusing on the parasites of sharks, at the University of Cape Town, which was subsequently upgraded to a PhD.

Khonzani Lembeni

His passion lies in educating people who have never been to the beach before or never touched the sea creatures and about looking after their environment. His job as an educator has changed many young lives on a daily basis by educating them about all sort of things they never thought about as important before such as Rocky shore ecosystem and wetlands ecosystem and other marine and fresh water animals

Justin Bonello

Justin Bonello spent much of his childhood exploring wild nature, either on the Breede River on the country’s Southern Cape Coast or on the Wild Coast (Transkei), which is where his fascination with food was first sparked and where his true love of Southern Africa and its people was moulded. After many years and many experiences with food (including a 8000km roadtrip to find out where our food actually comes from) Justin realised that most South Africans are completely disconnected from their food and that what he thought he knew about food didn’t come close to the reality of our food production chain. Justin followed the process from the farm to the dinner plate, and further developed his passion for ethical, sustainable and local produce.

Ocean view Community group

The Ocean View Work Group was founded in 1972 in a derelict building in Ocean View, which is situated approximately 35km from Cape Town. It was the brainchild of one courageous social worker and a mother of a boy with Down syndrome who both believed that more could be done to support those with disabilities in a poor and struggling community. Today some residents are still connected to the fishing industry but many are unemployed and social issues such as alcohol and drug abuse, gangsterism and domestic violence are rife

Achmat Hassiem

South African Paralympic Swimmer Shark attack survivor, Achmat Hassiem lost his foot to a Great White shark when participating in a lifeguard training session at Sunrise Beach in Muizenberg in 2006. Since then, Hassiem has made an amazing recovery, learning to walk with his prosthetic foot, competing in the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games and 2010 IPC World Swimming Championships in the Netherlands. Hassiem is currently training for 2012 London Olympics, where winning the gold medal is his number one goal.

Chris Fischer

Founding Chairman, OCEARCH More than 10 years ago, Chris Fischer set a course to become the voice of the world’s oceans, to bring the seas into people’s homes, and create awareness and appreciation for marine environments on a global scale. From this foundation, he knew he could help shape public policy to help protect the world’s vast marine resources. Since 2007, Chris Fischer has led 11 expeditions to advance science and unlock the many mysteries surrounding the life history of White Sharks and other giants of the oceans.From 2002 to 2009, Chris hosted the Emmy Award winning "Offshore Adventures," a television series chronicling a life at sea: fishing, free-diving and conservation.

Freshly Ground

South African's most well know recording artists Zolani and Kayla from Freshly Ground performing onstage

Fiona Ayerst

South African underwater photographer

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