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This event occurred on
May 26, 2012
12:00am - 12:00am WAT
(UTC +1hr)

We are here for a fact, but where we are going is the challenge ahead, seeking for answers to address issues are the main challenge that young people are confronted with. The future is uncertain, the present is confused and the past seems to have been forgotten.
Is there any way that we can do something without compromise the tomorrow’s generation? What can we do to build smarter and healthier communities? How can we set the agenda for future communities? Answer theses questions will make a path to unlock the future and build better and inspiring communities.

Join us, bring your ideas and stories to share with a wide audience, this way we will open new doors for a better future.

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Filomena Coquenao

Artist, and internationally recognized in Angola, was born in Luanda in 1957. She worked at the Institute of Social Welfare, the Public Television and Petroleum companies. BA in Visual and Technological Education and Master of School Administration, taught art at various schools in Portugal. Currently working in Luanda, in the area of Arts Education in scope and non-formal, which created the EDUC'ARTE collaborating on arts education, with the boys in Special Education Rangel. Its exhibitions have gone through several countries like the U.S., Spain, Nigeria, Russia, among many others.

Simao Pascoal Hossi

Natural Huambo, is 27 and a route already very considerable fully dedicated to helping to improve the world's most fragile. He specialized in Human Rights, Gender and Violence and Conflict Resolution and Mediation. Currently coordinator of the theme gender and violence against women, the AAM is also involved in other projects and programs of other NGOs. It is also responsible for identifying and developing partnerships with government agencies and NGOs such as the Angolan government, community leaders, civil society and human rights organizations, churches, schools and local youth groups.

Fernando Alvim

It is an Angolan plastic artist, cultural commissar and a very important driver of Luanda cultural center of international significance. He lived and worked until 1987 in Luanda and a grant from the Gulbenkian Foundation, moved to Brussels, where he remained until 2002. In 2003, he returned to Angola where he first conceived the Luanda Triennale. Administrator is SOSO | _ LAX contemporary art and cultural software and co-producer and co-founder of the Sindika Dokolo _ African collection of contemporary art. After the first exhibition in 1979 in Luanda, held more than 50 international exhibitions in various countries such as Portugal, France, Spain, South Africa, United States, Brazil, Cuba, Senegal, Israel, Mexico, among others. The artist also produces audiovisual which include: Memoirs Intimate Brands (1997), Morphine (1997), I miss you (2000), Gela Uanga / Art of War and elsewhere (2001), Kilembe - Tree of Knowledge (2001) and Unconscious Skin (2001). "The growing network of creative opportunities in Angola is predominantly down to Fernando Alvim, who has established Gradually Luanda as a center for contemporary creativity" Words by Jonathan Velardi, Angola to Today.

Maria Conceicao

MARIA CONCEICAO Maria was born in Portugal and was adopted at two years old by Cristina Matos, a native of Angola. Before moving to the UAE, has lived in Switzerland and England. His first volunteer experience, which scored highly, it was during a vacation from work in the slums of Brazil. In 2003 he began working as an assistant to the U.S. aboard an airline based in Dubai. On a trip to Bangladesh, witnessed the extreme poverty in the slums and, unable to forget what I witnessed, a month after he returned to Bangladesh determined to help the impoverished population. Created the Dhaka Project and spent the last six years to develop and coordinate humanitarian projects with the aim of providing free education for children. With your effort is changing the lives of about six hundred children, and was awarded the Woman of the Year Award 2009, awarded the United Arab Emirates.

Yago de Quay

Born in Brazil, lives in Portugal and has Spanish nationality. He did his bachelors at Berklee College of Music and recently graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto with a Masters in Multimedia, focusing in sound design and interactive music. Currently funded by a PhD scholarship to study interactive digital media in Portugal and the USA, he performs and implements motion capture technologies such as cameras or sensor suits on dancers and locations to encourage alternative methods for collaborative music making. His work has been performed in many countries, appears in several publications and was awarded the European Sonic Interaction Design grant in 2010. During the first quarter of 2012 he will be producing his first CD (electropop) which can be heard in his website.

Joost de raeymaeker

Belgian photojournalist live in Lisbon, Portugal. As a musician studied at the Jazz Studio in Antwerp, and then studied history at three different universities in Eupopa. After some years of "excessive use of the left hemisphere of the brain" gradually began to devote himself to his passion sleeping, photography. In 2004, assumes the full-time photojournalism and has since exhibited in Portugal, Ireland and Belgium and their works are published in various media, such as Express, Great Reporting, Evasions, Destak, public and international organizations such as Marie Claire, Time , Metro, Le Monde 2, Tv Sorrisi, The Express (USA), among many others. What he likes most is to document social issues of our time, but also have fun without prejudice to photograph mundane matters such as weddings or baptisms.

Marco Cardoso

Born in Luanda in 1967, grew up in Portugal and lived in happiness with his family in Finland. In 2026 to live in a country in Asia. He graduated in Business Administration and Management, Portuguese Catholic University. It has a post graduate in Export Strategies and an MBA from the Norwegian Business School. He was director of the José de Mello, in Angola, CEO of the CCO Consulting Professor of Entrepreneurship MBA in Finance from the Autonomous University of Lisbon, and is co-author of "TEAMNEURS - Crisis!? What Crisis? ". Since 2010 is dedicated to specific projects involving private equity and internationalization mainly Portuguese-speaking communities in the Nordic countries and Russia. A founding member of several initiatives that contribute to a better world, such as "Work for a Wiser World Foundation."

Nástio Mosquito

Born in Angola, Huambo, full of potential to go many ways, but chose to be a "creative bum with economic and financial concerns." Portugal was the part where he learned the multiplication table, and a ton of lead and a ton of cotton weigh exactly the same thing! The first poem set to music that was called "Abortion", introduced him to two or three friends, went well, and decided to continue. On the way had some experience with bands, but chose the route alone. However, in Luanda, ventured into the arts and performances. His works have been exhibited in several countries, and the presence in the Biennale di Venezia 2007, represents to him the confirmation that the adventure has been worth it. Also known as DZZZZ, Hawk, Fly, The Fly Night, Saco, Nasty-O, Cucumber Slice, Zura, Zurara and Dzzzzura, is director, was a reporter, sing, poet, humorist and ironic, and a few more things. "My name is me, and I promise you I will never lie ... a lot. "

Mbuta Zawua

Winner of the 2009 and Kabengele Munanga I PSINEP awarded in 2010, is a Whore Kognitivo with experience in cultural management and business management. With a route already considerable as a thinker of African causes with a focus on knowledge use and knowledge of indigenous peoples from Angola. As a researcher acting in an interdisciplinary way, with oriented research: Angola, Africa, African Identity and Subjectivity, Inter-Ethnic Relations and Inter-Racial, Portuguese Colonialism, Inequality and ethnic-racial discriminations in Angola. With the experience obtained and exchanges in Brazil, with the Garifuna community, has worked to implement socio-cultural projects in Angola, focusing on access, empowerment and knowledge generation itself, with the aim of strengthening the local knowledge and thus strengthen entrepreneurship social and cultural. Born in Angola, is 31 years old, graduated in social sciences with an emphasis on cultural policy and management of cultural production and marketing, is graduate student in social anthropology.

Diassala Andre

National Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Program in the Secondary School Curriculum, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Education, the experimental title in nine provinces of Angola, and has as main objectives to sensitize, enthuse and empower students to develop an entrepreneurial attitude. Degree in Mathematics and a Masters in Teaching Physical ... Teaching of Physics at the University of Leipzig in Germany and several other specializations complement your training. Born in 1967 in Nambuangongo in Bengo, has done a route almost exclusively devoted to research and teaching. Was Research Assistant of the INIDE, MED-Angola, and a member of the research project, training and aplicaçãodo International Bureau of Education (BIE) / UNESCO "Curriculum, Competences et Lutte contre la pauvreté Subsaharienne en Afrique." It is also the author of school manuals and guides for both students and teachers.

Claudio Rafael

Born in Cabinda, spent his youth in Rio de Janeiro and a little later in Lisbon. He studied Photography at SESC in ETEC and Communication and Advertising and Marketing in the School of Advertising and Marketing, all in Rio de Janeiro. With several awards in advertising, have clinched awards in Brazil, Portugal, Namibia, Mozambique and Kenia. Always passionate about the social dynamics reflected in the photograph everything that should not be explained, and three exhibitions with participation as a photographer and designer - Luanda Triennale II - 2010 (Emotional Geographies | Art and Affection) Something Different - 2008 (Contemporary design and power conventions), I Luanda Triennale - 2007 (art, culture, politics and contemporary history). Beyond Advertising and Photography is dedicated to infect people with ideas that can change our world.

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