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Theme: Avni nou, jan pa nou

This event occurred on
September 29, 2011
1:00pm - 6:00pm EST
(UTC -5hrs)
Port-au-Prince, OU

Avni nou, jan pa nou / Notre futur, à notre façon / Our future, our own way.

Generation of Wealth and Opportunities with Dignity, Participation and Innovation from within. An afternoon full of awe, inspiration, motivation of hope.

15 speakers on 5 tracks:

1. Social Entrepreneurship.
2. Local Culture and Identity.
3. Health and Inclusion.
4. Environmental Sustainability.
5. Innovation, Science and Technology.

Ecole Supériore d'Infotronique d'Haïti (ESIH)
29, deuxième ruelle Nazon
Port-au-Prince, OU, 99999
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University (What is this?)
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Lisa McFadin

Co-Founder at Helping Hands for a Sustainable Haiti; President and Founder at Green Venues. Plastics for Prosperity: Strengthening the Haitian Economy through Plastics Collection. HEAR Haiti: Haitian Environmental Association of Recyclers. Green Venues is a for-profit corporation that provides environmental education and solutions for companies and individuals to enhance their sustainability practices. Lisa McFadin, Founder and President of Green Venues, has previously provided environmentally sensitive counseling and implemented sustainability solutions for Cisco Systems, CBRE, National Geographic, UGL Unicco, Sprint-Nextel, the United States Air Force, and the Oakland Unified School District, among others. Ms. McFadin is a LEED® AP and Energy Auditor accredited professional. The United States Green Building Council (“USGBC”) has selected her to serve on its Haiti advisory board. Green Venues’ mission is to provide a “full circle” approach to sustainability that integrates a structure’s design and development with the purposes of its end users so as to benefit the environment. In its application here, the Company is in the process of implementing a sustainable means of plastic recycling in Haiti. This mission requires a change in public awareness, a handy solution to capitalize on that change, vocational training and a profitable business model with the end result being the creation of green jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities in Haiti. To further the educational aspect of environmental sensitivity in Haiti, Ms. McFadin also formed Helping Hands for a Sustainable Haiti (HH4SH--www.helpinghands4sustainablehaiti.org) shortly after the 2010 earthquake to provide networking assistance and education about environmental issues particularly in the context of the rebuilding of Haitian schools and orphanages. HH4SH is in the process of seeking IRS approval for 501(c)(3) status. Green Venues has been hard at work since March, 2010 developing and identifying means to create environmentally friendly business opportunities for the Haitian people. Ms. McFadin has made approximately ten trips to Haiti over the last 18 months of durations between five days to two and a half weeks to identify Haitian environmental needs and build alliances to address them. In October, 2010, she organized and held a Haiti networking conference in San Francisco, the Haiti Huddle, attended by representatives of approximately 70 governmental agencies, NGOs, foundations and educators. That conference built numerous bridges to the wide ranging network that Green Venues has been forming on the ground in Haiti both before and since the conference. In turn, those alliances have resulted in some concrete solutions that are ready to be put in place to solve pressing problems facing Haiti, which has now led to this funding proposal. Ms. McFadin has been active in environmental design and construction for more than 20 years. Her experience includes working on a wide range of commercial and residential projects in all aspects of project management including contractor bid development and selection, contract negotiations, resource management, value engineering and project closeout and commissioning. Over the last 18 months, Ms. McFadin has met with approximately 100 communities, mayors and organizations to discuss the opportunity of plastic collection for profit. She named the association HEAR Haiti specifically to emphasize the need to listen to what the Haitian people and their communities need and want in forming this enterprise rather than establishing a program that might proceed without the necessary sensitivity to those needs. As part of this effort, in 2011 she implemented small scale and personally funded pilots programs in Cite Soleil and Carre Four to gain community experience and provide lessons learned going forward. As a part of the personally funded pilots, in collaboration with MUCI, Ms. McFadin conducted a one day basic training in plastic collection in Port au Prince in March, 2011. MUCI is a 31 year old Haitian Volunteer Organization founded by Danel Georges. Many hundreds of Haitians attended the training, and many others were turned away due to space limitations. The training seminar provided very basic micro-finance and community development information regarding plastic collection opportunities... Most recently, IOM, LGF and GV hosted an Environment Community Awareness Day in Cite Soleil on June 12th, 2011. This was originally planned to celebrate World Environment Day, but was delayed due to flooding conditions. Details included a tap tap radio campaign, a ‘train the trainer’ program for IOM and a full day demonstration at the community of L’Difference in Cite Soleil. In July 2011, Green Venues Haiti was invited by the Clinton Foundation to participate in the Building Back Better Expo in Zoranje to exhibit a recycling kiosk and a small building project made of plastic bottles that were collected within 100 feet of the exhibit. Green Venues provided plastic bottle collection training. Just last week, USAID approved a 10 pilot program for the Martissant region. This program includes 10 kiosks at the base of each canal and one collection center that will provide training, cholera prevention education and emergency preparedness. This program had been under review for approval for approximately 12 months. The kick off meeting took place on September 19, 2011, and will be managed entirely by Haitians.

Alison Thompson

Alison Thompson was born in the outskirts of Sydney in the Australian bush. The daughter of a preacher, she has lived in over 30 countries around the world. A former mathematic theorist, teacher, and medic, she has an ongoing passion for camping under the stars in Africa . In 1990 she moved to New York and became an investment banker on Wall Street, later enrolling at NYU film school. Thompson works as a full-time volunteer and is fondly known in Sri Lanka as the "Angel of Galle. There she ran a 3000 person Internally Displaced Person camp and busy field hospital. " She is the founder of CTEC, the only tsunami early-warning Center in Sri Lanka which she still runs today. In January 2010, Thompson went with actor Sean Penn and ten doctors to Haiti to help with the earthquake aftermath. They ended up running an IDP camp and field hospital for over 65,000 displaced people. With actress Maria Bello and Aleda Frishman, Thompson founded We Advance, an organization that deals with gender-based violence, protecting the brutally raped women and children of Haiti . In 2010, Thompson was awarded the Order of Australia, the highest civilian medal awarded by the Australian Government and Queen Elizabeth II of England for her volunteer work and her contribution to mankind. She was also awarded The Commanders Medal of Excellence from the United States Army 82nd Airborne Division. Her documentary film called 'The Third Wave' is about her volunteering experience in Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami and was screened at the 2008 Cannes film festival in a Presidential Jury Screening presented by Sean Penn and Bono.

Matthew Brightman

Moral Fibers clothing is painted by artists in developing countries who dream for a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities. Buy a Moral Fibers shirt, and wear the difference you want to see in the world.

Dr. Ronald Laroche

Développement de Activités de Santé en Haïti (DASH). DASH operates 4 hospitals in Port-au-Prince and 6 clinics in the surrounding areas. As a 25 year old organization, DASH caters generally to the working class (factory workers etc), and also offers HMO type plans for low income people, known as DASHProcare. Through this program, individuals receive family planning information, AIDS and general health education, nutrition information and vaccinations. For community insurance plans (as opposed to workers), DASH charges approximately $1/month for a plan that offers free consults and $6/month to cover all health related expenses. In this way, DASH also offers reduced care costs for school children or orphanages. In order to accommodate the large numbers, DASH something also sends nurses and doctors out to the school/orphanage for health screenings so as not to remove children from their schooling.

Darren Gil

Bio: Darren joined the Rebuilding Center team as a Design Fellow with Architecture for Humanity in October 2010. He oversees design and construction for the Rebuilding Center with a particular focus on community planning, including the Santo Community Development Plan and the improvement of Villa Rosa in Port-au-Prince. Darren was previously based in Uganda working on the design and construction of community facilities including the earth block-based Nakaseeta Academy. An architecture masters graduate from UCD Ireland and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Darren’s research has focused on urbanism and the social potential of infrastructure. He has worked on a wide variety of projects in Haiti, intermittently since 2005, and India with UCD Volunteers Overseas including the design and construction of homes and schools, and environmental conservation. As a guest lecturer and external critic, Darren has spoken about community led and open source design with UPenn, Makerere University, UCD and the University of Minnesota. Originally from Dublin he worked with Gerry Cahill Architects, a community orientated practice, on urban design and educational projects. // Talk: “The application of open source design in Haiti” As Haiti rebuilds the need for community led design, scalable strategies and knowledge sharing is paramount. Innovative designs focused on the Haitian context are being created everyday and must be shared to ensure a sustainable future for the country. The scale of the effort demands it. The Open Architecture Network is actively being used as a platform for innovative, community led and field tested designs that are freely available to the world. The Open Architecture Network was established by Architecture for Humanity following Cameron Sinclair’s TED Prize wish in 2006. It is currently being merged with non profit journalism site World Changing as an open forum where innovative ideas can become implemented solutions. http://www.architectureforhumanity.org/ http://openarchitecturenetwork.org/ http://www.worldchanging.com/

Stéphane Bruno

Haiti Mobile Money Initiative Intervention: "Le futur de l'économie haïtienne à travers les services de paiement mobile" Synopsis: Suivant les traces de la révolution de la téléphonie et de la monnaie mobile en Afrique, Haïti est le premier pays de l'Amérique Latine à lancer des services de paiement transformant le portable en portemonnaie électronique. Avec deux services concurrents lancés par les deux premiers opérateurs téléphoniques mobiles avec l'encouragement du programme Haiti Mobile Money Initiative, fruit du partenariat entre USAID et Gates Foundation, les services financiers deviennent à la portée d'une majorité de la population et contribuent à intégrer l'économie informelle dans la modernité. Ces développements créent des opportunités pour une plus grande rapidité, plus de confort et plus de sécurité dans les transactions financières en Haïti, tout en jetant les bases pour l'éclosion d'une nouvelle génération d'entrepreneurs et de services puisant dans l'ingéniosité de la jeune population haïtienne et son ouverture sur les technologies du futur. Bio: Michel Stéphane Bruno est un consultant haïtien en Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (TIC), un passionné de la technologie et de l'économie du savoir, qui œuvre depuis plus d'une dizaine d'années dans le domaine de la technologie au niveau national, régional et mondial. Il a d'abord été le pionnier, avec Group Croissance, dans la vulgarisation à grande échelle de l'Internet et des TIC en général en Haïti en lançant la première foire technologique en Haïti (INFOTEL) qui a été organisée dans une dizaine de villes différentes dans le pays. Il a ensuite passé 8 ans au Programme des Nations Unies pour le Développement (PNUD) en tant qu'Expert National en TIC durant lesquels il a évolué dans le domaine du ICT4D (ICT For Development) et de l'e-gouvernance. Durant son passage au PNUD, il a expérimenté, entre autres, les centres d'accès Internet communautaire dans les régions reculées du pays, a conduit les négociations avec l'ICANN pour la mise en opération du domaine .ht permettant au pays de gérer son propre espace de nommage et a mis en place les bases de la modernisation de l'administration publique haïtienne à travers les TIC. Il a ensuite rejoint le projet HIFIVE de l'USAID depuis 2009 dans lequel il poursuit l'inclusion financière en utilisant les TIC pour rendre accessibles les services financiers à une majorité de la population, particulièrement ceux exclus du système bancaire traditionnel. Il assure l'orientation stratégique de la composante Haiti Mobile Money Initiative du projet HIFIVE qui consiste à introduire les systèmes de paiement par téléphone mobile en Haïti. Il est fondateur de l'Association Haïtienne pour le développement des TIC (AHTIC) dont il a été Directeur Exécutif et Vice-Président et aujourd'hui membre du Conseil d'Administration. Il a mis en place avec l'AHTIC le Point d'Echange Internet haïtien. Il a été membre du comité exécutif de la Commission Présidentielle sur les TIC créée par le Président Préval de 2009 à 2010 et actuellement conseiller bénévole du Groupe TIC du Président Martelly, particulièrement dans le domaine de l'e-gouvernance pour lequel il a conduit des études avec la Banque Interaméricaine de Développement (BID). M. Bruno est aussi développeur d'applications mobiles et un fréquent contributeur en matière de régulation et de politiques publiques dans le domaine des TIC aussi bien au niveau national que régional. Il intervient fréquemment dans des conférences ou conventions à travers le monde dans les domaines du mobile et de la gouvernance de l'Internet. Il encourage aujourd'hui l'innovation et la création d'entreprises technologiques autour des plateformes de paiement mobile qui se généralisent aujourd'hui en Haïti.

Lucho Jean

Program Director of Give Love in Haiti since May 2010; Lucho has extensive experience in ecological restoration and sustainable agriculture. His rural roots and passion for the environment has led him to connect & inspire many people through community-led sanitation initiatives and reforestation projects. The thermophilic design that is used in the projects is a sustainable solution that can rapidly resolve three of Haiti's most recurrent problems; reliable sanitation, potable water & arable land. The system offers an odor-free, fly-free toilet system, which turns human feces into a valuable resource, which can be used in both domestic and large scale farming projects.

Al Ingersoll

Al Ingersoll CP, BA. Healing Hands for Haiti. Country Director / Prosthetics & Orthotics Department Manager. Allen obtained his prosthetic technician and practitioner training at Century College in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. An Associate of Applied Science degree was completed at Minneapolis Community College and a Bachelor's degree with emphasis in Prosthetics at Metropolitan State University. He worked as a prosthetic technician and certified prosthetist at Winkley Orthotics and Prosthetics in Golden Valley, Minnesota. He was American Board Certified in Prosthetics in 1993. Extensive experience in upper and lower extremity prosthetics was gained working with Winkley's diverse clientele. He has served as an examiner for the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics, was on the Century College Orthotic and Prosthetic Advisory Board; a member and held all officer positions of the Northern Plains Chapter of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists. He is a member of the International Society of Prosthetists and Orthotists. Since 2003 he has volunteered as a prosthetist and helped coordinate the P&O clinic for Healing Hands for Haiti International Foundation in Port Au Prince, Haiti. In January 2008 he was elected to the Healing Hands for Haiti Executive board. After the January 12, 2010 Haiti earthquake he moved to Port au Prince and began full time employment as HHH P&O Program Director. Since 2004 he has been on the Courage Center International Committee. He and his wife enjoy spending time with two daughters, a son and traveling. Al helped develop the Hispaniola Prosthetics and Orthotics Education plan, currently operating in the Dominican Republic and awaiting funding for Haiti. He is assisting development of a new American Red Cross funded and International Committee of the Red Cross engineered HHH Outpatient Clinic, under construction at HHH in Port au Prince, Haiti. As the HHH Country Director Al is responsible for HHH in-country daily operations, strategy and development, partner relations and interacts with HHH Board of Directors. Many individuals and organizations look to Al for information about Haiti's Disability Sector and recovery efforts. Working in Haiti has allowed: personal and professional growth, incredible perspective of the disparity between '1st & 3rd World' (terms I detest); an appreciation for social welfare infrastructure, good public education options and critical thinking skill development, intense frustration with bureaucracy and an admiration for people providing humanitarian services. Working with the injured, disabled and vulnerable in Haiti, while emphasizing how quickly life can change, continually grounds your sense of priorities and elevates a desire to continue helping.

Thranold Donnecks

Thranold Donnecks and his team at 'Centre de la Formation de Prostheses Ortheses et Cutlurelle pour l'Integration des Handicapes' (a Haitian owned and operated NGO) have been inspiring and integrating people with disabilities to become involved in a variety of cultural activities. On their team is a man named Jo Jo whom has no legs or arms but paints beautiful works of art with his mouth and is now helping others to find their passions too. Donnecks and his team also work to integrate & protect the rights of people with handicaps in Haiti.

Alain Armand

Evens Emmanuel

Bobbi Dunphy

LifeGivingForce, LLC provides safe, clean water where it’s needed most. Experts in off grid, eco-friendly technologies, we provide the right solution to any water supply or water quality issue.

Irving Vincent

One Race Film Foundation (ORFF), founded by famous Holllywood actor Vin Diesel, has been training young Haitian and international aspiring film makers since 2005 on an accelerated intensive program which also focuses in promoting peace.

Michelle Lacourciere

Founding Executive Director, Sirona Cares Foundation. She has been working exclusively on sustainable development projects in Haiti since January of 2009. By forging strong in-country relationships she is able to maneuver project set-up and management in rural Haiti with regular site visits and remotely through correspondence. Ms. Lacourciere’s background as a top level trial paralegal lends itself to rapid learning, professionalism and an ability to work under pressure. Every program that she has deployed in Haiti has been successful, and the Sirona Cares Foundation has gained recognition and support from many organizations due to her professional abilities. Ms. Lacourciere was recognized in San Francisco on United Nations International Women’s Day in 2010 as an Unsung Heroine, selected as a speaker on Non-Profit Best Practices at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of International Development, and is recognized amongst her peers who work in Haiti as a featured contributor on Haiti Rewired. New to the field, Ms. Lacourciere has proven her ability to design and manage sustainable programs in developing countries.

Évelyne Trouillot

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haïti, Évelyne Trouillot lives and works there as a French professor at the State Universtiy. She published her first book of short stories in 1996. In 2004, Évelyne Trouillot received the award: Prix de la romancière francophone du Club Soroptimist de Grenoble for her first novel Rosalie l’infâme. In 2005, her first piece for the theater Le bleu de l’île received the Beaumarchais award from ETC Caraibes. Évelyne Trouillot has also published poetry in French and one in Creole. Her latest novel La mémoire aux abois published in France, Éditions Hoëbeke, in May 2010 presents a compelling view of the dictatorship in Haiti and received the prestigious award Le prix Carbet de la Caraibe et du Tout-Monde in December 2010. Some of her work is translated in Spanish, Italian, English and German.

John Engle

Co-founder / Co-director of Haiti Partners. John also co-founded Beyond Borders and its Haiti-based partner organization, Limyè Lavi Foundation, in 1993. He first moved to Haiti in 1991 to work with Tony Campolo’s organization (EAPE) in support of education for Haiti’s children and adults. John moved to Vero Beach in 2007 to establish with Kent Annan, Haiti Partners’ Florida office but moved back to Haiti with his family December 2009. Although he has been coordinating the building of Learning Centers and other earthquake response projects since the earthquake, his focus during the last two decades has been on participatory leadership and discussion-based education in Haiti. He has been a consultant with organizations including World Bank, Amnesty International, and United States Agency for International Development (USAID). He and his wife Merline, who is a native of Haiti, have two children. His area of interest and experience comes from 20 years of working to change the educational and leadership paradigm from one of top down, dictatorial to bottom-up and collaborative.

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