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Theme: Rethinking the Grid, Urban Resilience series

This event occurred on
December 10, 2011
3:30pm - 7:00pm MST
(UTC -7hrs)
Scottsdale, AZ
United States

*photo credit: Tim Lanterman, photographer, SMoCA Lounge designed by Janis Leonard

There will be a 45 minute intermission at 4:45PM to allow you to explore the cafes and bistros within walking distance

“We carry our homes within us which enables us to fly.” John Cage

Grids are networks of lines that have the power to transmit electricity, form frameworks, and generate communication, but what if our lines are made of curves, circles, desires, and natural fibers? Can we recreate infrastructure from storytelling, sailing, sparkling fruit juice, and self-sufficiency?

With traditional employment, aid, and funding at an all time low, rethinking the traditional grid is vital to our social and economic resilience. And who better to speak about creating new frameworks for thriving—with little-to-no resources—than artists, writers, and creative thinkers?

From a best-selling author who left her home behind in order to write her own narrative; to the co-founder of IZZE Beverage company who worked with farmers and nonprofits to change the way we do business; to a blogger who is obsessed with learning everything she can before the internet crashes; to the director of a contemporary art museum who has created a space in the museum where you can drink, play, and touch the art; to the co-founder of an eco-tourism company who insists on having fun while changing the world; to an internationally acclaimed artist who acknowledges those who came before her and offers a lifeline to those moving ahead; to a poet who singlehandedly solved the housing crisis; this evening of talks will energize you, generate communication, and, hopefully, offer some new frameworks for social and economic resilience!

Sincerely, Tania Katan

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
The Lounge
Scottsdale, AZ
United States
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Timothy Rodgers

Timothy Rodgers, Ph.D. is the Director of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) and a Vice President of SMoCA’s parent organization, the Scottsdale Cultural Council. He previously served as Chief Curator at the New Mexico Museum of Art (NMMoA) in Santa Fe (2004-2009).

Jen Sincero

en Sincero is a Bestselling author, coach and motivational speaker who is currently a member of the NPA (No Permanent Abode). She has spent the better part of the year traveling the world while building and branding her vibrant virtual business - coaching entrepreneurs and other thrill seekers on getting their poop in a scoop writing-wise, business-wise and life-in-general-wise. Her books include the semi-autobiographical novel, "Don't Sleep With Your Drummer" and the National Bestseller, "The Straight Girls Guide To Sleeping With Chicks." She lives on the web at

Angela Ellsworth

Angela Ellsworth is a multidisciplinary artist and Associate Professor in the School of Art at Arizona State University in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. Her drawings, installations and performances explore the female body in its various contexts and constraints. Aiming to connect the body with art, and public with private experience, her solo and collaborative artworks and performances have taken in wide-ranging subjects such as physical fitness, endurance, social ritual, and religious tradition.

Julie Hampton

Julie Hampton devours fiction, scours poetry for language that expresses the inexpressible, and occasionally teaches grammar--she's a fan of all punctuation, but especially the semi-colon; there's such beauty in two complete thoughts put together with a wink. She's owner of a.ware--a studio and store in Phoenix that serves as a gathering place for people and the handmade, recycled, vintage or design-savvy goods she loves--and Casa di Julie, the home she bought in Tuscany when she was 32 with the hutzpah she didn't know she had and the generosity of strangers and friends.

Shannon Wentworth

Sweet connects all the dots of Shannon’s life, combining her passion for the environment and human rights with her love of travel and women. Obsessed with finding a way to make the economics of doing good in the world work, Shannon strives to create a successful, empowering and green business run by happy employees for blissed-out guests. It’s her favorite kind of situation—a win-win-win.

Amanda Keylor

Amanda Keylor decided her bachelor's and master’s degrees didn't deliver the kind of education she wanted, so she jumped into a self-guided educational adventure that has continuously challenged her in ways traditional schooling never did. The results are unfolding in an exciting new blog: Keylor notes the highs and lows of learning auto maintenance/repair, archery, cooking like a top chef, and more. In weekly classes and workshops, Keylor has found other unconventional students that inspire each other to learn beyond their comfort levels and use their newfound skills to help others. If you are ever on the side of the road with your hood up, don’t be surprised if Amanda pulls over and helps you fix your car.

Todd Woloson

Todd Woloson became a Managing Director of Greenmont Financial, LLC, in 2007 and represents Greenmont II on the Board of Directors of Eco-Products, Inc. Mr. Woloson began his career with Proctor & Gamble in 1989, but soon became a serial entrepreneur. After graduating from the University of Denver Law School in 1994, he successfully completed an environmental service rollup, which led to a career as a venture capitalist. In 1996, Mr. Woloson co-founded Canyon Capital, an early-stage venture fund. As a Managing Partner, he was intimately involved with the development of a wide range of software, Internet and consumer product companies. Also in 1996, Mr. Woloson co-founded Global Education Fund (“GEF”), a non-profit organization building libraries in developing countries. To date, GEF has created 53 libraries and literacy centers in 21 countries throughout the world. In 2002, Mr. Woloson co-founded IZZE Beverage Company. IZZE manufactures and markets a line of all-natural sparkling fruit juices available at Whole Foods Markets, Wild Oats Marketplace

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