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Theme: Mexico City: The Possible City.

Mexico City, Mexico
June 14th, 2012

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Mexico City. An (im)possible city. A city creating itself as we speak, constructed with layers and layers of history: from the prehispanic to the contemporary. It is not an easy city, no. It never sits still, it never fits obediently inside the structures of easy definitions. It holds more people and topographies than some entire countries. And its size and complexity also make it the perfect space for endless diversity, for many worlds living in one. We have more museums than Paris, we have the largest university of the continent, one of the highest city GDPs of the world, and we made gay marriage legal before New York did. It is endless in its creative potential. And yet there is still much to do.

TEDxCentroHistórico will invite speakers to propose imaginative ideas to make Mexico City an even more exemplary epicenter of creativity and imagination across disciplines; ideas that could better life of all those who live and visit this Latin American megalopolis.

Speakers curated by @AccionesDF (Sarah Aguilar), @PaseUsted (Clora Romo) and @ToxicoCultura (Gabriella Gómez-Mont*).

(*TED Senior Fellow)

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Mexico City, 06170
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Gabriella Gómez-Mont
Mexico City, Mexico

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Sarah Aguilar @accionesdf
Clora Romo @paseusted

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