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Theme: The Long View

Tbilisi, Georgia
February 11th, 2012

About this event

The theme for TEDxTbilisi 2012 isThe Long View; a perspective inspired by Tbilisi itself. Tbilisi, a city with 1500+ years of history, is going through a dynamic and exciting time of growth and change. It is the perfect time, and the perfect city, for the inspirational ideas of TEDx.

Venue and Details

Tbilisi State University
3 Chavchavadze Avenue
Tbilisi, 0179
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This event occurred in the past.
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Organizer D9a25b8e6c0cf6e456a0f3725580e5ec2c1182d7_165x165

Theodore Mauro
Pendleton, SC, United States

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Roy Southworth
Mclean, VA, United States

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Deborah Fairlamb
Organizer - Executive Board, Chairperson & Director
Mark Mullen
Organizer - Executive Board, Director of Community Outreach
Hans Gutbrod
Organizer- Executive Board, Presenters Selection and Evaluation
Cathy McLain
Organizer- Executive Board