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Theme: Inspire Tomorrow, Today

Seaside, CA, CA, United States
November 19th, 2011

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About this event

T.S. Elliot was known to have said… “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” In the spirit of reaching beyond ourselves, beyond our neighborhoods and schools, and even beyond our city limits, the theme for this year’s TEDxYouth@Monterey event is “Inspire Tomorrow, Today.”

During the course of three presentation sessions (morning, midday, and afternoon), a super box lunch and a playful, interactive street faire TEDxYouth@Monterey will explore the art of possibility inspired by the innovative ideas, compelling stories, and diverse perspectives of our speakers, performers and invited guests. We seek to inspire dialogue, promote empowerment, and celebrate the creativity and cultural diversity found throughout Monterey County and the California Central Coast.

10:00am - 4:00pm Lunch Provided

Confirmed Speakers

  • Mozzo Kush
    Mozzo Kush is a Pacific Grove based rock band made up of Kyler Mello, Brent Smith, Mikey Cho, and Taylor Jones, who have been playing together since 2009. They blend their diverse influences, both classic and modern, to create their own sound as if "Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Strokes had a baby, and that baby grew up listening to Indie rock."
  • Kendall Ronzano
    Kendall is a junior in high school and founder of NerdGirlHomes. A student, athlete, artist and an engineer at heart, she believes in protecting our amazing environment and is interested in sustainable building and design.
  • Rolland Todd
    Rolland Todd is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Todd Coaching. He is the primary designer of the company’s programs that include: Building a Championship Organization, The Manager as Coach and Building a Championship Team (athletics). In addition, he is the founder of The Coaching Excellence Camps. His work with coaches in these camps is being acclaimed as a breakthrough in coaching effectiveness for the 21st century.
  • Andrea Blunt
    Aside from a smile that can light up a music hall, Andrea Blunt is undoubtedly a musical prodigy; she has a classically trained voice and began studying piano at age seven. Shortly after, she took up the viola and has recently added the accordion to her extensive list of instruments. Blunt has been playing live since the age of 18 working as a touring accompanist and studio musician. As a solo performer, she has shared bills with indie favorites such as The Dimes and Pillars and Tongues. In 2009 she began playing keyboards for indie hip-hop artist MC Lars. She is currently a member of the critically acclaimed americana group honeymoon.
  • Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
    Alex is an historian and futurist of science, a visiting fellow in Stanford’s Peace Innovation Lab, and an associate fellow at the Saïd Business School at Oxford University. In spring 2011 he was a visiting fellow at Microsoft Research Laboratory in Cambridge, England, where he developed a framework for contemplative computing, an approach to information technologies that promotes mindfulness and concentration in users. He is currently writing a book titled "Taming the Digital Monkey: From Perpetual Distraction to Contemplative Computing," under contract with Little, Brown and Company.
  • Brynne Eaton-Auvaa
    Brynne is part of a group of Pacific Islanders who have come together from many nations, sailing as one across the Pacific Ocean.We are voyaging to strengthen our ties with the sea, renew our commitment to healthy ecosystems for future generations, and to honour our ancestors who have sailed before us. As we sail our Vaka across the Pacific, we are respectful and gentle, always remembering our voyage motto: “Move your paddle silently through the water.”
  • Ray Ricafort
    As the Roadtrip and National Tour Director for Roadtrip Nation, Ray provides grants to those who want to take a Roadtrip of their own--These Roadtrippers hit the road and have life-centered conversations with inspirational people. Equipped with a camera (or simply a pen and paper), the Roadtrippers document their conversations and then share those experiences with the Roadtrip Nation community upon their return. Ultimately, Ray hopes to empower others to explore, ask questions, and define their own roads in life.
  • Johan Khalilian
    Johan has dedicated his life to helping people dream great dreams and foster the courage to live them out. Johan connects easily with his warm charisma, witty humor, comical story-telling and thought provoking message. He uses his life story to compel his audience to make healthy choices, avoid destructive behaviors, and pursue their life dreams and passions.
  • Shandra Benito
    Shandra Benito has a passion for people. She is a sophomore social work major at Seattle University, and is the founder and leader of Reach Out, an organization that provides mentorship to youth through the creation of summer camps in local non-profits. Shandra is also hard-of-hearing and believes that every child deserves a community where they feel accepted, safe and valued, no matter what category they might fit into.
  • Beth Scrutton
    When Beth arrived in California from the UK four years ago she already had an interest in environmental issues and the ocean. Since then she has been inspired by the incredible variety of Californian landscapes, from Death Valley to Yosemite to the Monterey Bay. Beth is an active member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Teen Conservation Leaders Program. She believes in the power of every individual to make a difference in the world around them.
  • Christopher "C.J." Paghasian
    Christopher is a 13 year old student at the International School of Monterey whose diligence and creativity is evident in his persona. He is an aspiring young artist and author, who has entered, won, and lost several art and literature contests, and hopes to continue doing so. He strongly believes in pursuing and being passionate about one’s dreams.
  • Yanfei "Angel" Wang
    A self-proclaimed risk-taker, Angel is a 17 year old exchange student from China studying at York School who started her own online business at a very young age. Angel is also an “adventurous navigator” who has found her cross-cultural Chinese-American experience to be both diverse and complementary as she has begun to explore in depth the heavy issues of life in both worlds, and laugh about the lighter ones. Angel is passionate about fighting against the worst crime of all: indifference. She battles passionately for everything she does, and she believes that this makes all the difference.
  • Iljin Cho
    Born in Jeju, South Korea, Iljin moved to the United States in 2003. He has been studying the violin with Rochelle Walton for six years. Currently, Iljin is the concertmaster of Carmel High School Chamber Orchestra and has participated in other honors orchestras in California. He is also in charge of Keeping Music Alive: a group of high school musicians that offers music education to younger students without any access to music.
  • Dionne Ybarra
    Daughter of migrant farm workers, born and raised in Salinas, California, Dionne is the Founding Director of The Wahine Project, a non-profit that seeks to eliminate the barriers that prevent girls from participating in the support of surfing, locally and worldwide.
  • Nurihan Park
    Nurihan Park is a self-taught artist from Korea. Two years ago he found a new passion for street culture, especially graffiti. Strongly believing everyone should have a dream and express it, he is here to do it with canz instead of wordz.
  • Richie Senegor
    Richie was born in and has lived in Stockton, CA his entire life, now calling Stevenson School his second home away from home. A junior this year, he is extremely passionate about his love of the Latin language and especially about his love of science. He hopes to go on to study either Cosmology or Electrical Engineering. With his talk The Science of Science, he hopes to inspire the youth to become more involved in the scientific community to better the future of our world.
  • Joe Kochevar
    Joe has lived in the Monterey Bay area his entire life. He wrestles for the Carmel High varsity wrestling team and plans on studying engineering in college.

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CSU Monterey Bay World Theater
100 Campus Center
Building 28
Seaside, CA, CA, 93955
United States
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