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Theme: The Future of Health (Second edition)

Maastricht, Netherlands
April 2nd, 2012

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About this event

The Future of Health. Where are we headed? TEDxMaastricht 2012 held on monday April 2nd was centered around five tracks, covering the fields of health and care, cure, prevention, research and lifestyle: medicine around the World, health is a data problem, E-health is Empowered-Health, to talk or not to… listen, the gamification of health. Check out our inspiring, informative, entertaining en emotional talks on the Future of Health!

The third edition of 'The Future of Health' is planned on February 4th, 2013.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Jelle Barentsz
    Imagine having to remove cancer without exactly knowing what and where it is. Crazy? Unfortunately, reality. That is why Jelle Barentsz is so passionate about implementing the MRI-technology for patients with (potential) prostate cancer.
  • Clarissa Silva
    Clarissa Silva speaks from experience. After being committed in a mental institution, losing her job, house, social contacts and lust for life, she decided to live in a shielded environment at Pameijer. Their vision of Empowerment changed her life for good.
  • Bart Knols
    If ever there was a connection between Maastricht and malaria, medical entomologist Dr. Knols discovered it: Rommedou (cheese). It earned him an Ig Nobel Prize at Harvard University in 2006.
  • Lucien Engelen
    Without Lucien, there would be no TEDxMaastricht. He initiated it, because he, like many people, agrees that healthcare is facing some serious challenges, although Lucien, unlike many other people, does something about it.
  • Edje Alingo Doekoe
    From the jungle of Suriname medicine man Edje is our second surprise speaker. He talks about the possibilities and the need of joining forces between Eastern and Western medicine.
  • Marco van Beers
    Can technology facilitate the sharing of our emotions, thoughts and health to others? Marco believes this form of ‘intimate communication’ is possible by combining emerging technologies and design. In his vision technology is a medium, not a goal.
  • Naveen Jain
    Naveen Jain is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and technology pioneer. He was the founder of InfoSpace, is trustee of the board of the Singularity University and is currently walking around with plans to place a robot on the moon to mine rare minerals. He is chairman of the board of Moon Express.
  • Geert VandeWalle
    What the white stick does for blind people, Blue Assist can do for the intellectual disabled. BlueAssist is designed to reinforce trust between people. Trust to help better understand each other. To reach out and give a helping hand when necessary or needed.
  • Judith Homberg
    Using own experiences as an experimental test case. That’s what Judith Homberg, associate professor at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, does to get inspiration for new concepts in gene x environment psychiatric research.
  • Roni Zeiger
    Roni Zeiger is best known for his work as Google’s Chief Health Strategist, though he’s just left to start a new company. Besides his clinical work in a local urgent care centre, he wants to use his expertise and knowledge to potentially help millions of people each day.
  • Jeroen van Dillen
    Our first ’surprise’ speaker Jeroen, gynaecologist at Radboud Nijmegen University Center, talks aout the dilemmas of participatory healthcare.
  • Cathy van Beek
    Thinking of the future of health, we see patients and their treatment team sitting at the table of the Board of Directors. But how bumpy is the road they need to travel to the ivory tower of hospital management?
  • Peter Nicks
    Peter Nicks is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and social entrepreneur who has spent the last 12 years telling stories, breaking conventions and engaging communities with new ideas.
  • Yori Swart
    Sometimes you come across something at a TEDx conference that really moves you. A touching story. Stunning pictures. Enchanting music. Yori is sure to provide the last.
  • Paul Levy
    Paul Levy is the author of a blog formerly entitled “Running a Hospital,” and in that regard was one of very few hospital CEOs to have shared thoughts publicly about hospitals, medicine, and health care issues.
  • Anke Tijtsma
    Is an improvement in Dutch healthcare good for the entire world? Right now developing countries are adversely affected by our need to solve our own problems. Anke Tijtsma, medical antropologist and director of Wemos, wants this to change.
  • Maria Jansen
    Maria became involved in development issues of low-income countries more than 25 years ago. She acts as an initiator of innovative public health concepts such as ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Schoolbeat’, ‘Integrated Senior Services’ and collaboration between public health and primary care.
  • Michael Evans
    How does quality information get dispersed? Michael Evans aims to answer this question by bringing together diverse skill sets such as film makers, patients, technologists, designers, and marketers with clinicians and researchers.
  • Paul Grundy
    Dr. Paul Grundy concentrates his efforts on driving comprehensive, linked and integrated healthcare: "I really stept into this job because it gave the best platform in the world to use the tools of information technology and data to do for the doctor’s mind what x-ray has done for their vision.”
  • Stephen Friend
    He had it all: fame, respect among his peers, a team of researchers and an excellent position at Merck & Co. And he gave it all away to pursuit his dream. Stephen Friend founded Sage Bionetworks to do for science what Facebook and Twitter did for the internet.
  • Marcel Joachimsthal
    People often feel different about the effects of different type of medication. This personal view of a persons on his own wellbeing is often overlooked in prescriptions. To Marcel Joachimsthal putting the patient and the subjective wellbeing at the front of the equation is key.
  • Henk Braam
    Henk Braam is an award winning photograher who divides his time between travelling to developing countries for relief organizations and photographing in his hometown Nijmegen. His photographs carry strong messages of people and places.
  • Pedro Monteiro
    Pedro Monteiro, cardiologist in the Coimbra University Hospital in Portugal, is worried by the lack of awareness of the general public and in the primary care medical community about cardiovascular risk and risk factor optimization. Simulation turns out to be his interesting answer.
  • Maarten Lens-FitzGerald
    From E-Patient to Ex-patient 2.0. Maarten is one of the first ‘famous’ e-patients in The Netherlands. He struggled with cancer and he survived. Between this struggle and survival he shared his journey on his weblog. To share. To inform. To hopefully help a little.
  • Marion Coster
    Working in a general practice and aiding people with chronic illnesses is something Marion is proud of. It’s this daily work she feels compassionate about. But Marion is a compassionated musician also. The combination of these two led to something special she’s also very proud of.
  • Janneke Wittekoek
    A specialist that tries to get you to avoid her. Because apparently you’re also one of those people that doesn’t care about their health. For whatever reason you don’t want to get the point, dr Janneke found the perfect partner to make you care.

Venue and Details

Theater aan het Vrijthof
Vrijthof 47
Maastricht, 6211 LE

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