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Theme: Ideas at the Edge

Adelaide, Australia
November 12th, 2011

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About this event

TEDxAdelaide is all about ideas at the edge: cutting-edge research, from people whose voices are not normally heard at the egde of our community, and ideas from Adelaide and South Australia, here at the egde of the world! This year, we’ve managed to find plenty ideas at the edge in our own backyard: covering a cross-section of science, social issues, media and arts.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Michelle McDonnell
    Michelle McDonnell is a Neurological Physiotherapist and Research Fellow at the University of South Australia. She is investigating whether exercise can change the brain in healthy adults and individuals following stroke using the technique transcranial magnetic stimulation. Her research stems from her interests as a clinician: she was interested in the potential for reorganisation within the damaged brain following stroke. Her current research is looking at the benefits of aerobic exercise following stroke, to see whether it can improve cognition, physical functioning, quality of life and promote neuroplasticity.
  • Mike Worsman & Chris Campbell
    For Mike - from travelling around Australia as a child, to hearing the tales of his parents who have taught in remote communities and recently fostered a child, it is perspective through life experience that has allowed Mike to think in a free and happy way. Recent ventures in Asia and South America and working at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in media has exposed Mike to the countless positives in society, which he now hopes to share with the world. And for Chris - from seven months back-packing his way around Africa, to working with the Australian Refugee Association and in Darwin Detention Centre, you might think Chris has seen the worst of the world, but it is the people he’s met and things he’s seen that make Chris optimistic and positive about our world and left him wanting to share the good in humanity.
  • Paul Gardner-Stephen
    Paul has been engaged with communications technology since at school. He worked as a network administrator at Flinders University while pursuing bachelor and doctoral degrees in computer science and computer systems engineering, before creating the world’s first fully functional shoe phone. He is the founder of the Serval Project, a Shuttleworth Telecomunications Fellow and Rural, Remote & Humanitarian Telecommunications Research Fellow at Flinders University.
  • Karl Rohorek
    Karel Rehroek is a puppet master trained by the University of Prague. He fled Czechoslavikia during the Prague Spring in the late 1960s and came to Australia where he started a new life with his puppets. In Adelaide he created the paper Bag Theatre Company and continued to educated people in the art of puppetry, and what it means to every nation around the world.
  • Cath Dwyer
    Cath Dwyer is Co-Project Director of ABC Open. Formerly a radio producer and audio feature maker, Cath developed an interest in non-linear multiplatform storytelling while working at triplej in the 1990s, where she produced radio stories and features, and created online content in the early days of the station’s website. Since then she’s lectured at University of Technology, Sydney. In 2009, she returned to the ABC to head up the ambitious project ABC Open, which brings digital skills to regional communities and distributes their stories through the ABC.
  • Brenton Caffin
    Brenton Caffin is the founding CEO of The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), which identifies and supports innovative ideas, methods and people to accelerate positive social change in Australia. He began his career in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, later consulting to Australian and British governments on public policy, performance improvement and change management. He also holds a Masters of Public Administration and degrees in economics and international relations, and is a Board member of the global Social Innovation Exchange and advisor to the Adelaide Festival of Ideas.
  • Daniel Mendleson
    Daniel Mendelson was born 90km outside Toronto, Canada. He graduated from Wesleyan University in Connecticut in 2007 and received his Masters from Flinders University in 2008. Currently, Daniel is balancing his PhD studies on the sociology of foodways with the co-founding of Burger Theory (he flips the burgers).
  • Lorimer Moseley
    Lorimer Moseley is the Professor of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of South Australia. His research aims to better understand chronic pain and how we can treat it without drugs. After eight years in clinical practice, Moseley undertook a PhD in Neuroscience. In 2004, he was appointed Nuffield Medical Research Fellow at Oxford University, UK. In 2009 he returned to Australia. He has written over 100 scholarly works, including three books. His many awards include the prestigious Ulf Lindblom Award for the outstanding clinical scientist working in a pain-related field.
  • Emily Steel
    Emily Steel is originally from Wales and is now based in Adelaide. She writes for stage, radio, and film. Rocket Town, her first stage production in Australia, was co-presented by RiAus for the 2011 Adelaide Fringe. It won the Adelaide Festival Centre inSPACE award. She is working on a new play for the Adelaide Fringe 2012, a radio play for the BBC and stage plays for companies in the UK. She trained as an actor at the Oxford School of Drama, and has a degree in English from Oxford University and a master’s in Science, Medicine, Technology and Society from UCL/ Imperial College London.
  • Andrew Lowe
    Andrew Lowe is Chair in Plant Conservation Biology and Director of the Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity at the University of Adelaide, and Head of Science within the Science Resource Centre for the South Australian Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Andrew’s predominant research interest is ‘how do plants survive and adapt to anthropomorphised landscapes?’. He leads a group applying ecological and genomic analyses, to understand and develop management strategies for a range of landscapes; historical, contemporary and future; intact, fragmented and exploited. Andrew is passionate about communicating science, particularly the threats and solutions to biodiversity pressures.
  • Emma Davidson
    Emma has more than a decade of government department experience working with clients at Centrelink, as well as policy and IT management. Emma volunteers for various women’s health and social justice causes, and has authored magazine articles on social justice and environment issues. Her current employer, Equality Rights Alliance, is Australia’s largest network of organisations advocating for women’s equality, diversity, and leadership.
  • Janine Mackinotsh
    Janine Mackintosh is a visual artist who creates unique assemblages using found natural materials, mainly collected from her heritage bush property on the wild south coast of Kangaroo Island. She began her art practice by employing the techniques of museum plant collections but her pieces have since departed radically from tradition. Three times winner of the People’s Choice Award of the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, her primary motivation is to highlight conservation issues through her preservation artwork.
  • Stephen Clark
    Currently a PhD scholar at the University of South Australia, Steven Clark is also a lawyer and technologist, interested in the regulation of technologies and regulation by technologies. He has experience across healthcare, information systems, education, legal practice, and security services for commercial organisations and government agencies. His current research examines the balance between information privacy and identity security in relation to technology-mediated identification systems and identification technologies.
  • Steffen Lehmann
    For over 20 years, Steffen Lehmann has been at the forefront of innovative sustainable architecture and urbanism. He is director of the Research Centre for Sustainable Design & Behaviour (sd+b) at the University of South Australia; and he holds the UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Urban Development for Asia and the Pacific (since 2008). Steffen graduated from the AA School in London and worked as an architect, before establishing his own research-based and ideas-driven practice, the s_Lab Space Laboratory for Architectural Research and Design, in 1993 in Berlin. He holds a PhD from the Technical University in Berlin and since December 2002 he is a full professor and chair in Australia. His recent books include: ‘The Principles of Green Urbanism’ (Earthscan, London, Oct 2010); ‘Designing for Zero Waste’ (Earthscan, London, Dec 2011).
  • Stu Nankivell
    Born in Kadina, South Australia, Stuart has always loved the idea of breathing life into imaginary worlds and characters. Growing up on a farm, he built robots fashioned from junk for childhood adventures. A love of painting and drawing began at an early age, which led to art being his strongest subject at school. Stuart graduated from Flinders University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, and following that, completed a Diploma in Multimedia at Prides Business College, where he was able to showcase his traditional art skills. He now works as an animator, visual effects artist and graphic designer with Froling Enterprises in Port Augusta.
  • Diane Bell
    Academic, advocate, activist and anthropologist, Diane Bell will enlighten us with her insights on the perils of negotiating for freshwater flows for Lakes Alexandrina and Albert, the Murray Mouth and the Coorong, the pursuit of solutions reflecting sound science, ethics and equity and the Murray Mouth Manifesto. In 2005, Diane Bell returned to Australia after 17 years in senior academic posts in the United State but her plan to retire to Ngarrindjeri country, where she would continue to think and write, was not to be. The Murray-Darling River system was in crisis. Diane turned her anthropological gaze on water reform; campaigned for freshwater flows as an Independent in the 2008 Mayo by-election (SA); and worked with environmental NGOs. Diane is currently the Chair of the River, Lakes & Coorong Action Group.
  • Gavin Artz
    Gavin Artz is CEO of the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT), Australia’s premier cross-disciplinary research and development organisation bringing together art, science and technology. He is Chair of the International Symposium on Electronic Art 2013 and a Director of the Australian Design Alliance. Gavin’s business experience ranges from multi-national companies to not-for-profit community organisations. He holds a BA in Politics, an MBA and has studied Double Bass and Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Gavin advocates for new approaches to creative commercialisation and has written and presented on corporate governance, innovation and commercialisation in Australia and internationally.
  • Tracey Korsten
    Tracey Korsten has been writing and performing for many years, working for many arts organisations, including the Bakehouse Theatre, State Theatre Company, La Mama, Adelaide Playback and ImproNow. She took an interest in poetry three years ago. Since then she has served on the board of Friendly Street Poets, co-edited the anthology Sorcerers & Soothsayers. Her work has also been published in After the Race, and performed at many slams. She has a particular interest in improvised performance of all varieties and runs workshops on Theatre of the Oppressed. She currently freelances as an MC, marriage celebrant, speaker and writer.

Venue and Details

Science Exchange, RiAus
55 Exchange Place
Adelaide, 5000
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