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This event occurred on
November 30, 2011
9:30am - 7:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Nicosia, 01

TEDxNicosia is about finding, retrieving and exploring inspiration in our day to day lives here in Cyprus. As opposed to a large metropolis like London or New York City or Shanghai, smaller places like Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus and last divided capital of Europe, sometimes feel too tight and bare when it comes to daily inspiration through empowerment and accountability in entrepreneurship, arts and culture, environmental awareness, personal and professional growth. This event is about stretching our comfort zone and reinvigorating our ability and capacity to dream, to risk, to care - to believe in a well rounded life, one worth living. From a global perspective, this event aspires to be a window of Cyprus to the TEDx world, and vice versa. On a more local, even individual perspective, this event aspires to show that there indeed are people around us, here in Nicosia, our 12 speakers, who through their seemingly ordinary lives are doing extraordinary things and they simply demonstrate that dreaming, risking, caring is living, no matter what latitude and longitude one is on...Perhaps through this TEDxNicosia and by hearing their voice, we can each find our own voice and strengthen our own capacity to Dream. Risk. Care and Live!

University of Nicosia
46 Makedonitissis Egkomi
Nicosia, 01, 1700
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Nicos Anastasiou

Nicos Anastasiou, an Economics teacher by profession, has been involved in bi-communal citizen peace building work in Cyprus on a voluntary basis for the last 20 years. His work included bringing together in the buffer zone people from the two communities who, before the 1974 war, lived in mixed villages. He has contributed to the creation of numerous bi-communal groups like educators, deaf people, dancers, musicians, and theatre enthusiasts. He has worked extensively with young people in efforts to create genuine friendships despite the generalized negative stereotypes that one community has of the other. He is currently one of the two Principal Coordinators of the Cyprus Friendship Programme, an all volunteer project that 'pairs' together teens from the two communities in Cyprus and through them bringing together their families and friends.

Aude Marie Auphan

Musician- Creative Entrepreneur What links art and entrepreneurship is creativity. That sums up Aude’s profile in one word. Born and raised in France, her first focus is music. Following studies at the prestigious “Guildhall School of Music and Drama” in London, she spends eight years as Principal Cello of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra during which time she was also busy participating in interdisciplinary performing arts projects, collaborating closely with actors and dancers as well as composers and creating a music platform for the young. Motherhood is to be lived creatively and in 2008 comes the time for a “lateral” shift from the performing arts to entrepreneurship. While pregnant she co-founds “Tigadoo", an eco and fair-trade concept store, with the aim of taking people beyond the ordinary shopping experience. From its creation, she has been managing director, and has enjoyed the challenge of creatively balancing family life, motherhood and business as the brand continues to grow.

Angeliki Yiassemides, PhD

Angeliki Yiassemides, PhD, is a developmental psychologist (MA, MPhil, Columbia University). She holds a doctorate in Jungian (Analytical) Psychology from the University of Essex. Her research interests span several areas such the concept of time in psychoanalytic thinking; the function of synchronicity in everyday life and its relation to our inner and outer temporal experience; the parallels between the paradigms of Quantum Mechanics and Analytical Psychology. Angeliki has worked with young children, adolescents and parents in educational settings, as well as with adults in mental institutions and psychiatric units. She is currently in private practice with adults. She lives and works in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Maria Stylianou

Based in Cyprus and New York, Maria Stylianou is an independent film and media producer and director. In Television, she has worked for several local and international media, such as The Discovery channel, ABC network, BBC, ERT, Freemantle and has produced a number of successful series for local channels such as Antenna & Sigma. Maria has collaborated with productions offices from Cyprus, Poland, Greece, New York and others and her work has aired in international satellite channels such as BBC, Discovery, CNN, MSNBC. Her latest documentary has been awarded several awards in various festivals such as the London Greek Film festival, Los Angeles Greek Film festival, Patra International Film fest, and her previous TV series was awarded with the Merlin award as the best street magic show in the World, and has collaborated with the One Day on Earth team 2010. She is currently producing two films in Cyprus and a documentary based in New York and Cyprus, a weekly television drama series for Antenna (Cyprus). She also appears in several acting workshops as guest lecturer/teacher. She says “ being a mother is definitely the busiest of my tasks these days…” Her non-work activities include volunteering for animal welfare at local shelters and escaping in nature (hiking, camping, diving, swimming). She does enjoy the arts and always catches an exhibit or two in Cyprus and abroad.

Alexandra Eleftheriou

Alexandra leads Aon Hewitt’s Greece & Cyprus Talent & Organization Consulting team and coaches senior executives across Europe. She capitalizes on her management consulting experience -across various countries, continents and industries- and organizational psychology background to support leaders to fully embrace and excel in their role, while finding fulfilment in their work. Alexandra is a founding member and President of the Hellenic Coaching Association– EMCC Greece, and an accredited coach by the ICF. She enjoys fishing –mainly shrimp in Normandy- and trekking. After Kilimanjaro & Everest Base Camp she is now planning for the Annapurna trek.

Devrim Celal

Devrim is an entrepreneur currently focusing on businesses in Cyprus and Turkey. Since graduating from Yale University, he has specialized in business and digital strategy and corporate finance having worked with A.T. Kearney, SapientNitro and Lansdowne Capital at executive roles. Devrim had always been a runner, having been a regular participant of the London marathon and others such as the Istanbul and San Diego marathons. However, his move to Cyprus in 2003 took things to a more serious level. Suddenly 42 kilometers was no longer enough. He needed an activity to counter-balance work. That’s when he was introduced to the concept of ultra-marathons. An ultra run is anything more than 50 kilometers. However, the need was such that he started with 250km long self-sufficient desert ultras. He has now competed in 4 desert ultras in some of the most grueling conditions, ranging from +60 to -20 Celsius, from the high planes of Atacama in Chile to the depths of the Gobi in China, from the sandy dunes of the Sahara to the ice fields of Antarctica. In 2011 he became the 14th person ever to complete a desert ultra grand-slam, having run 1,000 kilometers across 4 deserts in 9 months carrying all his own equipment, water and food on his back.

Alexandros Charalambides, PhD

Dr Alexandros Charalambides is a Mechanical Engineering graduate and holds a PhD from Imperial College London. His PhD project was funded by Honda R & D Co, Ltd of Japan. He has worked at Imperial College London, at the University of Tokyo and on his return to Cyprus, at the Energy Service of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and at the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency. In 2009, he was appointed a Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Science and Technology of the Cyprus University of Technology. He is married to Theodora Sergidou and together they have a 9 month old daughter.

Antonis Petrou

Antonis Petrou is a Marine Biologist and has worked as such in Cyprus since 2001. He carried out his studies in London and has a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biology and Aquatic Resource Management. Upon completion of his M.Sc he returned to Cyprus where he initially worked as a researcher at the Department of Fisheries until 2003 when he formed his own consultancy company that deals with the marine environment. He carries out research, provides expertise and services related to the marine environment and has worked extensively with the aquaculture industry and the fishing sector. Antonis has carried out extensive coastal marine survey work around Cyprus relating to the environmental impacts of coastal projects as well as for research projects. Over the years experience has been gained in organizing and carrying out coastal and open sea research expeditions. He has participated in EU funded research projects such as MedVeg, MedMPA, and vocation training projects for fishermen, FISHTRAIN. He has extensive field experience in experimental fishing surveys (MEDITS) as well as carrying out various research relating to fish around Cyprus. He is currently also doing a Ph. D. related to Lessepsian Migration and the alien species Lagocephalus sceleratus. His published work is primarily in the form of survey reports, environmental impact assessments, monitoring studies, experimental fishing survey reports, workshop proceedings and a publication relating to Posidonia oceanica. In 2009 he was one of the founding members of Enalia Physis Environmental Research Center which aims to raise awareness and to promote environmental research of a higher standard in Cyprus. With the formation and his participation in the NGO, Antonis, aims to participate in the management of the marine environment in Cyprus, especially relating to Marine Protected Areas for Fisheries and Biodiversity and to promote environmental education, awareness and protection.

Orestis Tringides

Orestis Tringides is a native of Nicosia, Cyprus. He enjoys traveling, appreciating both the entertainment and the experiential part of it.. He finds linguistics fascinating though he can not speak a third language fluently apart from Greek and English. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science, an M.Sc. degree in Information Systems . His primarily interest focuses on how ICT systems can serve and improve societies. He is currently pursuing an MBA degree. Professionally he has worked in the areas of e-learning, e-business, ICT Security and the Right of Access to Information. He has been running his own ICT Research enterprise since 2003, working in parallel as a freelance journalist. He also participates in Civil Society projects and is interested in elderly care, historical remembrance, soft tourism and social inclusion. For the last two years he has been working with a group of NGOs in an initiative to establish the fundamental right of access to information, in Cyprus, island-wide. The Right of Access to Information guarantees that every person has the right to ask and receive information held by public authorities. Cyprus is one of the last countries in the European Union to yet adopt an Access to Information law. The absence of a both full and functioning law is a major reason for lack of transparency, corruption, hindrance of development of a Civil Society, mistrust and alienation of citizens within a state, slowing down economic development and discouraging foreign investment, among others. Orestis strongly believes in the importance to push for the full implementation of this fundamental human right in Cyprus and in the regions of southern Europe and the Middle East, as it is an important pillar of citizens' participation in a democracy.

Viken Tavitian

Viken Tavitian travels daily between Nicosia and Jupiter where he gets his inspirations from that largest planet. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he lives with his passion in physics. Recently he started the Vikexploratorium, a unique science and technology show in Cyprus for 7-99 year old kids developing thousands of experiments and demonstrations that are highly educational fun very entertaining and most of all without blah blah. The main aim of his efforts is to convey that science is all around you, you don't need to be at a research lab or university to have fun.

Myrtani Pieri, PhD

Myrtani did her PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Oxford, UK and is now doing research at the university of Cyprus trying to understand how particular mutations being carried by Cypriots cause inherited diseases. During her PhD she tried to add to the fight against cancer by aiming at making particular chemotherapeutic drugs attack only the cancerous cells and not the healthy ones. She believes that biology and the way the human body functions (and dysfunctions sometimes) is magical! And we can learn from it, we can be inspired from it, because we do carry amazing wisdom in our thousands of years of evolution. Myrtani took part in the International competition FAMELAB 2011 in England with the subject “How deep is the love” where she presented the ole of the immune system during pregnancy and won the first award, winning it for Cyprus among fifteen countries aroud the world.

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