x = independently organized TED event

Theme: From little things, big things grow.

This event occurred on
June 20, 2011
4:00pm - 6:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Bonn, NW

From little things, big things grow. Small ideas develop into major forces and action in one's life. TEDxYouth@BIS will feature a suite of short, carefully prepared talks by students and teachers from BIS, as well as performances of music and art, all oriented towards youth and describing how simple ideas can turn into wonderful new ways to learn, create, and share. In addition, a space with students’ and teachers’ artwork that represent the theme will provide a space to foster learning, inspiration and wonder -- and of course, provoke conversations that matter.

Bonn International School
Martin Luther King Strasse 14
Bonn, NW, 53175
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Nat & Jen Whitman

"The Heart of the Story- how motifs define our thinking". Nat and Jen have been telling stories and teaching together for the past 15 years. They enjoy planting the seed of story in everyone's heart.

Zeytun West

"Journey to Independence". Zeytun is a Grade Five student at Bonn International School. She explored the topic of gender equality and womens' rights as part of her Primary Years Program Exhibition this year, and will talk about the influence the Exhibition had on her life and her understanding of the world around her.

Dhillon Welsh

"Evolution- how ideas evolve". Dhillon lived in Columbus, Ohio for most of his life. After becoming interested in European culture thanks to a European vacation, he was very happy when he was offered the opportunity to join Bonn Internationl School, where he is currently a Grade Seven student. Dhillon is influenced by everyday events and conversations wth friends, and believes it is these influences, plus his location in Bonn, Germany, that provide him with the tools he needs to put his ideas and plans into action.

Albin Ramstedt

"How a Small Idea Can Turn Into a Major Artwork". Albin is a Grade Six student at Bonn International School. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden, which is where he lived until the age of eleven, when he moved to Bonn, Germany. Albin is interested in art, specifically drawing, and football.

Lea Kuron

"My Journey as a Saxophonist". Lea is a Grade Five student at Bonn International School, and is fluent in both English and German. Lea enjoys listening to all kinds of music, as well as reading. She likes using her prior knowledge to solve new mathematics problems, and is also interested in the sciences, especially how they can be logical and illogical at the same time. Lea loves Italy! She believes it is the perfect holiday destination as it has everything you could wish for-beaches, oceans, mountains and wonderful food all in own place! Lea is a member of the Bonn Saxophone Ensemble, which performs regularly in and around Bonn, and will talk about her journey as a member of this group.

Ryan Boettcher

"Expressing a Theme Through Art". Ryan initially lived in Bonn, Germany, as a young boy, before relocating to Egypt with his family, where he spent three years at the Cairo American School. He has since returned to Germany and is currently a Grade Six student at Bonn International School. Ryan is a talented musician who plays drums, guitar, bass guitar and flute. Ryan will speak about the process he went through as the art exhibition curator for this event.

André Baganz

"Freedom: idea to reality". André Baganz was born in 1961 in Berlin/East Germany. His biological father came from Guinea/Westafrica, his mother was German. Being a black person in sealed off East Germany meant to be an extreme outsider, meant not to belong, meant to be exposed to permanent racism. That's why he decided to escape at the age of 20. The attempt failed, he was arrested, put in prison, broke out, was arrested again. This time the communist authorities decided to lock him away for good. After having spent 10 years in the notorious Stasi prison Bautzen II, the end of East Germany also marked the end of his captivity. Today André Baganz lives in Bonn and categorizes himself as a cab-driving writer or a writing cab-driver.

Organizing team


Kyoto, Japan


Bkk, Thailand
  • Brady Cline
    Master of Ceremonies
  • Tim Wojcik
    ICT/filming coordinator
  • Adam McGuigan
    Social media coordinator
  • Natalie Wrighton
  • Ryan Boettcher
    Art exhibition curator
  • Adam Bourret
    Event assistant