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Theme: Finding Inspiration

This event occurred on
October 7, 2011
2:00pm - 6:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Tirana, 11

TEDxTirana 2011 Theme: Finding Inspiration

We are inspired by a myriad of different things, situations and people. When inspiration merges with action the result is again a source of inspiration. This is the case with the first TEDxTirana event, which draws inspiration from TEDGlobal and other TEDx events to place Albania in this platform.
TEDxTirana aims to bring forth as much of the dynamics that flow in and out of Albania. TEDxTirana aims to focus on inspiration as a driving force in our everyday lives. We constantly aim to inspire ourselves and reach new heights. At TEDxTirana we pay attention to inspiration as an unstated form creative, professional and scientific expression that feeds different dimensions of life in Albania. TEDxTirana’s theme is “Finding Inspiration” because we believe that promoting individual efforts and success stories provides further stimuli to actively pursue our goals.

Sheraton Hotel, Tirana
Sheshi Italia
Tirana, 11, 1010
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Blerina Ago

Blerina Ago was born in Berat, Albania on 1 November 1987. She graduated from her MSc in Justice and works as a lawyer. She is the founder of 'Berat Festival,' one of the major annual trends in the district. At 14, Blerina becomes the first girl who dares practicing rafting in Albania, a brand new sport for Albanians. Through persistent work she establishes the first sportive association of rafting in Albania, namely the "Albania Rafting Group" and since 26 May 2012 is the General Secretary of the Albanian Rafting Federation.

Prof. Shaban Buza

Prof. Dr. Shaban A. Buza was born in Gjakova, Kosovo, on November 13th, 1959. He got his university degree at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) in Prishtina, his masters in FME in Bosnia-Herzegovina and his Ph.D. in Prishtina. He has completed specializations and scientific research in Great Britain, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and India. He is co director of the projects of Tempus, CDP+ WUS, MSDP+ WUS, ASO, FP7, and UNDP Reports etc. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the TMT International Conference. He has published more than 70 scientific and professional articles, more than 90% of which are at international level, various drafts of university texts and has completed 2 package programs for FME students. At the moment, he works as a full time Professor at the FME of the University of Prishtina and he is Visiting Professor at the Bharath University, in Chennai, India.

Hekuran Koka

In a country of constant change there is great need for people who walk ahead of changes. And that is where Hekuran Koka is focused: on projecting the future for the Municipality of Lezha at Planning and Developing Directory. And one of the biggest issues for the rapidly developing societies is the waste management matter. With almost one kg of waste per person a day, and a growth tendency of this number, it is soon becoming a major problem for the LGUs who have to deal with lack of space, with growing mountains of trash in the outskirts and lots of environmental issues. But the Lezha Municipality has chosen to be the pioneer of resolving the waste management matter. To find ways that turn problems into opportunities. That is why Lezha became the first city in Albania to have adopted the Differentiated Gathering of Waste. And that is the job for Planing Directory and Hekuran Koka.

Suela Kusi

Mrs. Suela Kusi is presently Director of European Integration and Coordination of International Cooperation in the Albanian Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports. She is responsible at ensuring effectively co-ordination the foreign assistance to directly support the Government’s priorities in the field of tourism, culture, youth and sports. Since 2005 she is senior lecturer of “Human Rights” and “Development Theory” in the Department of Social Work, at University of Tirana. She studied the European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratization and received an E.MA Degree awarded by University of Padua; Ca’Foscari University of Venice (Italy); RUHR-University, Bochum (Deutschland); and University of Deusto, Bilbao (Spain). Since 2010 Mrs.Kusi holds a PhD Degree from University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences on ““Principles and modalities in measuring child poverty in Albania”. Her main areas of interest and expertise include research in social sciences human rights and development issues. Her experiences in these areas include qualitative and quantitative research focused especially on issues related to human rights, children rights, poverty reduction and development policies etc. In addition, she has various experiences in compiling training manual and conducting trainings in the area of human rights and issues related to it, such as education, health, child protection, gender-based violence, poverty reduction and development.

Shigjeta Tafani Canaj

Shigjeta Tafani Canaj was born in Vlore on June 8th 1966. In 1968 she is deported for political reasons to Dukat, Vlora until she is 21 years old. Although she graduates from high school with maximum votes, she is not allowed to continue her studies. However, with the transformation of the country into a democratic one, she manages to get her first university degree in History and her second in Jurisprudence. She continues her education until 2008 when she completes her MSc in Geography. Today, Shigjeta Tafani Canaj is the director of the school Shyqyri Peza in Kombinat, Tirana, Albania. She is the author of six literature books she had dedicated to her students and the author of one history textbook. She is determined to create the friendliest environment in her school and show all the love she lacked to her students.

Gjergj Ramku

Gjergj Ramku is 25 years old and he is a student of mechatronic engineering at the University of Tirana. Meanwhile, he also works as an engineer repairing medical equipment. He likes cycling and alpinism. He has been a member of the association Dajti Alpino Turistik since 2003 and currently is a board member of the latter.

Enno Bozdo

Eno Bozdo is the Albanian Deputy Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy since 2005. He graduated at the University of Tirana, Albania, in Mechanical Engineering and worked there as a Professor for a long period of time. Later he continued his studies in economy and completed an MBA. At present, Mr. Bozdo is working on his Ph.D., again in economy, concerning the specifics of Regulatory Reforms undertaken in Albania.

Mihallaq Qirjo

Mihallaq Qirjo has been involved in the field of environmental activities since 1990. His background is Ecology, with PhD on Applied Ecology. His involvement includes the design and implementation of several environmental programs of national and regional scale aiming at development of environmental policies and institutions, capacity building, environmental education and awareness, leading and managing projects with multi-stakeholder approach. His major experiences includes more then 40 different programme and projects. The geographical area of work has been at the national level (Albania) and well as in the regional one (Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans). Since 1990, he lectures the full course of Ecology at Tirana University, Faculty of Natural Sciences and from 1994 is the Country Director for Albania of the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe.

Albjon Bogdani

Albjon Bogdani was born and grew up in Tirana, Albania. He is a Columbia University graduate and his fields of interests are sustainable development, linguistics and heritage preservation. Bogdani is a keen researcher of Albanian culture and history, and his interest is the exploration of the riches of Albanian legacies in the wider European context. His latest commitment is to opening the first private museum of communism in Albania, which aims to contribute to the rewriting of the country’s 20th century history and the ongoing intercultural dialogue on the communist phenomenon. Bogdani is currently the director of the Museum of Communist Objects, MOKO Tirana, scheduled to open for visitors this forthcoming winter season.

Anisa Proda

Anisa Proda is 23 years old and has graduated in Political Science and has a M.A. in Comparative Politics. At present she works at the Ministry of Work and Social Issues. She also worked at the Municipality of Tirana and at Swisscontact organization. Her hobbies are literature and music. Since four years now, Anisa has been an active advocate of the rights of disabled people.

Rezarta Basha

Rezarta Basha is a counselor at the Eqerem Cabej and Bajram Curri high schools in Tirana. She holds an M.A. in Communication Sciences and her areas of interest are Public Relations and Career Management. She is the author of several articles on psychology published at the daily Albanian newspaper Gazeta Shqiptare.

Organizing team


Tirana, Albania
  • Besa Xhumari
  • Jeta Krasniqi
  • Shkumbin Llullaku
  • Arta Sakja