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Theme: Connecting...

This event occurred on
October 20, 2011
11:00am - 5:30pm MDT
(UTC -6hrs)
Red Deer, AB

Registration for the first TEDxRedDeer is now closed. Registered attendees should come to the registration desk at City Centre Stage (4922-49 St.), where we will serve a light lunch. TEDxRedDeer will take place at the Scott Block from noon to 5:30pm. The After Party will then take place back at City Centre Stage.

Scott Block
103-4818 50 Avenue
Red Deer, AB, T4N4A3
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Anita Dosaj

• The importance of Trust - At 24, Peter Gregg was Walt Disney’s personal assistant. Anita Dosaj was a molecular biologist who helped clone Dolly, the sheep. Hear how their experiences shaped their understanding of the concepts, practicalities, and importance of trust in our personal and work connections and relationships?

Jim Robertson

• Connecting young children to nature - In our increasingly urban life, what ideas and actions can ensure our communities reap the long term benefits of having our children connected to nature?

Helgi Eyford

• Talking with Strangers - What have we lost by following the advice to not talk to strangers? Is not talking to strangers even possible in our current world? What ideas can help us build meaningful connections with the diversity of people living in our communities?

Jillian Staniec

• Moving ahead by looking back - What ideas from our community’s archival records can contribute to our sense of connection, inclusion, and quality of life?

Danielle Klooster

• Community Culture - By Default or By Design - What if an entire community - the municipality, business, churches, schools, libraries, community groups, volunteers, citizens, youth, and children - worked together to purposefully and meaningfully design their community culture?

Steve Fisher

• Open Source - What can we learn from the experience of software designers who use a way of looking at the world that emphasizes transparency, collaboration, and diversity? The open source approach offers a way to more effectively solve difficult problems and reveal new possibilities for making the world a better place.

Andrew Kooman

• Connecting to Danger - What happens when we dare, as individuals, communities and societies to go to the dangerous places and open our eyes to human need then reach out our hands with compassion? A starting point is to connect individuals to stories, both real and imagined, that open our eyes and hearts and move our feet into life-changing, meaningful action.

Robin Lambert

• Finding Each Other - How do we really, truly connect and find things in our life – our partner, the job we are meant to have, a friend, the city we want to live in?

Eric Rajah

• Building A Better World – The story about one person’s connections with over 1800 friends and volunteers in 15 countries and with 16 Alberta schools and universities—building physiotherapy centers and schools in Kenya and Afghanistan, drilling water wells in Sudan, and training and mentoring young people to connect and become leaders.

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Red Deer, Ab, Canada