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Theme: Community Resilience

This event occurred on
November 10, 2011
6:00pm - 11:00pm MST
(UTC -7hrs)
Tucson, AZ
United States

"The Wonder Of We": TEDxTucson 2011 is all about Community Resilience. The Mysteries Of Desert Dwelling: our states of mind, emotions, memories. Creating Radical Collaboration Culture: shared values, meanings, language, cultural backgrounds. What Do We Have Here? Things you can see and touch. Inventing Adaptation Systems: networks, technology, and the environment

Fox Theatre
17 West Congress Street
Tucson, AZ, 85701
United States
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Hildy Gottlieb

Hildy has been called "the most innovative and practical thinker in our sector." Hildy helped develop the current Masters degree program in Community Leadership at Duquesne University. Hildy's numerous awards include a Points of Light Citation from President Bill Clinton. Her writing has been seen in various publications including the Chronicle of Philanthropy, where she currently hosts the monthly podcast interview program, Making Change - interviewing change leaders from around the world.

Jeannette Maré

Jeanette Maré has a fascinating story about creating resilience with kindness. The simple kindness of strangers and friends sustained Jeannette Maré and her family after her son, Ben, died just before his third birthday. Inspired by these gestures, she created Ben’s Bells, a community art project that encourages and celebrates kindness. She is also quite a remarkable woman who has transformed suffering with kindness and turned it into a way of life that inspires everyone whom she meets.

Paul Schwennesen

‘Independent Agrarianism’ Paul ranches along the San Pedro River in southern Arizona. His business is raising grassfed beef for local markets in Tucson and Phoenix. “As a farmer-citizen, I work outdoors and with my hands and indoors with a mac. I raise cattle, coax a living from the soil, and try to advocate for what I consider just. I am an entrepreneur, dedicated to making my own way and living life on my own terms. I’m also genuinely interested in the world of ideas. I am a classical liberal who believes that the human condition can best be improved through liberty. The chief hindrance to the ideal condition, in my mind, is the imposition of misplaced authority.” Discuss.

Robert Ojeda

'Creating Economic Opportunities through Food Hubs' Robert Ojeda joined the Community Food Bank as the vice president of the Community Food Resource Center, in April of 2010. He was born in Peru and came to the United States in 1989 to pursue his college education. He has a wide range of experience serving in the Peace Corps in Honduras, as Civics and Citizenship Program Manager/Instructor, Pima Community College Adult Education, and as Program Manager-English Language Acquisition for Adults Program- Literacy Volunteers of Tucson. Ojeda has a master’s degree from Cornell University, in international agriculture and rural development. He is completing his doctoral degree form Cornell in adult and extension education, focusing on leadership and community development. Ojeda provides training on leadership and sustainable development through the workshops and courses he leads at the University of Arizona. His interest in Latin American folklore music has led him to start several local bands that play traditional music and share Latin American culture with Tucson-ans. He is also an avid soccer fan.

Katie Martinez

Katie Martinez ’Where Our Food Comes From’ Katie is a local high school aged student at Pima Community College who amazed our TEDxTucson Salon audience with her maps of food. Tonight she shares her research and offers insight into how we can make what we eat more sustainable.

Keri Sylvin

‘Imagining Greater Tucson’ In addition to being a partner in a law firm, Keri is so passionate about Tucson that she founded Imagine Greater Tucson. Keri describes her motivation and how we can all imagine our own vision of where we want to live.

Kate Tirion

‘The Essence Of Place’ Getting to the heart of the matter, local permaculture leader and visionary, Kate shares her ideas about how discovering the essence of a place helps to create strategies for sustainability.

Eric Dhruv

‘Youth Collaboration Culture’ Eric’s passions are discovering and relating to others the intrinsic bond between nature and humanity and the potential of an enduring biologically diverse future for our children’s grandchildren. Eric hosts the local Tucson TV program “Desert Living” which provides the opportunity to share the human-nature sustainable connection with many others.

Robin Hoover

‘Location Beacon Technology’ We met Robin for a coffee and quickly gave him five minutes at Wonder Of We for one reason. The border matters when we think of our community’s resiliency. Knowing that people are dying every year while crossing the desert we ask the question, what if this simple device could save lives and help keep the border region safer? Would we help save lives despite the controversy?

Kristin Wolff

‘Weadership’ Kristin is a leading social innovator from Portland who also happens to be a graduate of the University of Arizona. In this talk Kristin shares her ideas of how we all can assume leadership in creating community resiliency.

Bill Mackey

Bill Mackey ‘Cake and Eat It Too’ Random images and statements regarding personal choice, consumer culture, land use, and infrastructure. bio a: I am a janitor, muralist, architect, educator, bartender, short order cook, manager, artist, and technical expert. I have had 19 addresses, 24 bedrooms, 10 pets, 15 jobs, played 25 different sports, ingested 20 different types of drugs, had 9 surgeries, been to 2 different counselors, visited 16 countries, enjoyed listening to 7 different genres of music, tried to play 4 musical instruments, had 7 bicycles, 4 automobiles, and 3 golf carts.

Haile Thomas

Haile is the 10-year old lead host of Kids Can Cook, an online cooking show that aims to empower youth with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make healthy meals for themselves and their families. Committed to engaging, inspiring and motivating other kids to use cooking as a stepping stone to other healthy lifestyle choices, Haile selected this issue after participating in a five week Girls Making Media workshop. Haile also runs the local Arizona Kids Food Revolution Facebook Group, as part of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. She lives in Marana, and has appeared in local televised cooking segments, and conducts frequent demonstrations at community events. Haile recently created and launched the Healthy Girl Adventures Club online, with a mission to connect with other girls in order to inspire and motivate each other to make healthy lifestyle choices. She is a member of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Youth Advisory Board, and was also selected as one of 16 youth to speak at a recent TEDxKids@BC event in Vancouver.

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Tucson, AZ, United States
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