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Theme: Challenging the Unknown

This event occurred on
February 26, 2011
1:00pm - 5:00pm EST
(UTC -5hrs)
Gainesville, FL
United States

Think of TEDxUF as a retreat with your smartest friends. A time to explore new ideas, get inspired by visionary thinkers, and gain exposure to concepts and innovations you may not have ever seen before. A time to check-out from the day-to-day routine, and enter an afternoon of intellectual adventure. And true to the format of the TED conference, TEDxUF presenters give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes or less.

The 2011 TEDxUF will expand further into the university and Gainesville area to find only the finest of “edutainment” to blow your mind. Intellectual stimulation and research, groundbreaking technology demos, breathtaking performances, and a TED-like experience are guaranteed.

Constans Theatre
687 McCarty Drive, McGuire Pavilion
Gainesville, FL, 32611
United States
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EVA VERTES was first recognized for her research during high school, when she conducted Alzheimer’s research for which she received the top award in medicine at the 2002 Intel International Science Fair. She has since focused on cancer, trying to understand the built-in mechanisms the body uses to prevent against cancer and how we might be able to use these principles to guide the development of novel, effective cancer treatments – maybe even a cure. She received a degree in molecular biology from Princeton University in 2007, then spent 2 years working full-time in a cancer research lab at Weill Cornell Medical College, and is currently pursuing her MD at the University of Florida. Eva Vertes is perhaps best known for presenting at the 2005 TED conference when she was only 19 years old.


JILL HEINERTH has traveled the world exploring underwater caves on projects that were branded impossible. She sees her work as a giant puzzle and loves the challenge of finding the tools and knowledge that allow her to unravel the last finite frontiers of this Earth. Jill will share her thoughts about risk management, technology and synergism as she recounts her exploration inside of Antarctic icebergs, and making movies deep inside submerged caves around the world.


VIKRAM RANGALA taught writing and communication at the University of Florida for 15 years. He has traded futures and options for 12 years. During a painful time of professional transition and personal transformation, he worked to channel his passions, skills, and challenges into something positive. After tasting humiliation and hardship, he studied the greater suffering of others and the economic and societal cost of oppressing and undervaluing billions of people, especially girls, rather than investing in them. Recently, he started The Girl Fund Project, the world’s first nonprofit hedge fund, which will change the profit motive and give 100% of profits to help girls living in extreme poverty and violence. He will speak about the personal process of starting his experiment in a new capitalism: honest, compassionate, and worthy of our dignity.


JAMES OLIVERIO is active as a multimedia composer, educator and music producer. His credits range from internationally performed symphonic scores to five Emmy Award winning soundtracks for film and television. These original scores include “Time and Dreams”, commissioned as part of the United States’ successful bid for the 1996 Olympic Games, the WTBS “World of Audubon” series and the public television broadcast of his multimedia opera “StarChild”. His talk will discuss a shift in education from one lecturer one class to an interdisciplinary approach spanning the world using the technology UF Digital Worlds Institute produces.


MARK YEGGE was an entrepreneur as a child. He mowed lawns, cleaned pools, and invested his earnings in the stock market. While receiving his degree in Business from the University of Florida he started a business importing watches from Hong Kong and Switzerland and marketing them throughout the Southeastern United States. He co-founded NexTrade Holdings, Inc. with John Schaible to provide investment services to individuals and institutions. The company became one of the Top 50 Fastest growing companies in the US. As its CEO, Yegge was twice recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, received the Top 25 People To Watch award, and was recognized in the Top Forty Under Forty. He presents a false paradigm most people hold true that limits their success, and how to overcome it.


DOR RUBIN is a senior studying Microbiology and Cell Science at the University of Florida. Although he spends a great deal of time up at the fourth floor of Marston library studying Microbiology full time, his passions lie in entrepreneurship and screenwriting. Last summer, he helped democratize Hollywood by becoming the first intern at an online screen-writing start up company in San Francisco. His goals include but are not limited to: finishing a feature length screenplay, starting his own Phở restaurant, and travelling around the world in 80 days. His talk sheds light on the metaphor that connects philosophies such as Le’Chatelier’s principle, feedback inhibition and the development of Germ theory to basic principles of entrepreneurship and life.

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