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Theme: Friending The Future

This event occurred on
September 23, 2011
6:30pm - 11:30pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
Claremont, CA
United States

TEDxClaremontColleges will serve as a tremendous opportunity to showcase the power of the Claremont Colleges’ interdisciplinary community, to gather 300 of the greatest minds in the Claremont and Southern California area, and to spread your great ideas. This year's TEDxClaremontColleges speaker lineup features some of the most accomplished, inspiring individuals in the fields of art, entertainment, politics, business, and more.

Seaver Theater
1030 Columbia Avenue
Claremont, CA, 91711
United States
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Gordon Zacks

Gordon B. Zacks is chairman of the R.G. Barry Corporation, a leading company in the footwear industry. He has advised US presidents and foreign heads of state. He has held numerous leadership posts in the Republican Party. He also has played a central role in shaping American global trade policy. Mr. Zacks is a pillar to the global Jewish community. He actively raises money to finance the rescue and resettlement of two million Jews in distress from nearly 100 countries to Israel and other free nations; assisting in the efforts to enable 1.5 million Jews to leave the former Soviet Union; serving as a back channel facilitator to the Israel-Egypt peace treaty; helping to bring the Syrians to the Madrid International Peace Conference, thus laying the foundation for the Israeli/JordanianPeace Treaty; strengthening AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby in Washington; mentoring countless young Jewish leaders, personally and by establishing the UJA Young Leadership Cabinet and supporting the Wexner Heritage Fellowships; and, elevating Jewish education to the top of the communal agenda. Presently, he chairs the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School, dedicated to developing high quality, pluralistic adult Jewish education worldwide. Israel’s Prime Ministers David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir and Menachem Begin appreciated Gordy’s friendship and counsel. So, too, Avital and Natan Sharansky, former Prisoner of Zion and Israeli Minister, now muse to President George W. Bush. Gordy first assumed a leadership role in Republican politics in 1976 as National Vice Chairman of the Coalition for Ford/Dole. In 1987-88, he co-chaired the Bush for President Finance Committee. In 1988, he was National Chairman of the Bush for President National Jewish Campaign Committee. In 1992, he was Vice-Chairman of the Bush/Quayle National Finance Committee. In 1993, he was named to the Board of Trustees of the George Bush Presidential Library. He is also a co-founder and past vice chairman of the National Republican Jewish Coalition. Owing to his vast experience, Gordy was tapped as a member of both the Reagan and Bush Advisory Committees on free trade and NAFTA. In 1991-92, he chaired the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service Advisory Committee. Gordy has visited more than 100 countries, with over 75 trips to Israel and the Middle East alone, often with Carol Sue, his wife of over 50 years, at his side. He has been a frequent speaker at the most prestigious Jewish-American forums. A graduate of Ohio State University, Gordy has served on the boards of directors of both Haifa University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has been a member of the Young Presidents Organization and the Chief Executives Organization.

Karl Haushalter

Current approaches to treating HIV-AIDS require patients to take a combination of antiretrovial medicines for the rest of their lives. If a safe and effective gene therapy strategy could be developed, it would allow patients to better control their disease without a daily and expensive pill burden. Students in Prof. Karl Haushalter's lab are helping to develop a lentivirus delivery vehicle that could potentially be used to genetically engineer hematopoietic stem cells (HSC's) harvested from patients. After being genetically modified and expanded in culture, the resulting HSC's could then be reinfused into the patient to reconstitute the patient's immune system with cells that are resistant to infection by HIV. This work is being pursued in collaboration with Dr. John Rossi and Dr. Lisa Scherer at the City of Hope National Medical Center. In addition to these scientific pursuits, Prof. Haushalter is active in community efforts to combat the stigma associated with HIV-AIDS and support those living with HIV-AIDS through education and empowerment.

Allen Proctor

Allen J. Proctor, founder and principal of Proctor’s Linking Mission to Money®, has nearly 30 years of experience evaluating the financial health of organizations, developing effective business strategies, and enhancing organizational effectiveness. Proctor has regularly developed innovative solutions to the financial and performance challenges of nonprofit organizations and for-profit corporations. Since establishing his company in 2001, Proctor has worked with clients to build a solid financial and strategic base for their future growth and presented workshops and seminars for audiences of all sizes. Proctor has worked as a top executive at institutions as diverse as Harvard University (CFO and Vice President for Finance), New York City (Deputy Budget Director), New York State Financial Control Board (Executive Director), and Federal Reserve Bank of New York (Division Chief). Proctor earned his A.B. magna cum laude from Harvard University and his Ph.D. in economics and forecasting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Proctor's wide ranging career has given him an unusually broad perspective and span of experience. In his high level roles he has regularly dealt with issues in change management, financial restructuring, strategic planning, investment oversight, board relations, government and media relations, technology transfer, process re-engineering and information technology. A regular columnist on nonprofit management for Columbus Business First, Proctor has taught budgeting and finance at the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University and at the Graduate School of Business of Columbia University and twice served as a reviewer for the prestigious Innovations program sponsored by the Ford Foundation. Proctor is an accomplished author of numerous journal articles and publications and two books, Linking Mission to Money Second Edition: Finance for Nonprofit Leaders and More Than Just Money: Practical and Provocative Steps to Nonprofit Success. A frequent expert source, Proctor has been interviewed on National Public Radio and on Columbus and New York City broadcast and cable stations and newspapers, including the New York Times.

Paul Zak

Paul J. Zak is Professor of Economics and Department Chair, as well as the founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University. Dr. Zak also serves as Professor of Neurology at Loma Linda University Medical Center, and is a Senior Researcher at UCLA. He has degrees in mathematics and economics from San Diego State University, a Ph.D. in economics from University of Pennsylvania, and post-doctoral training in neuroimaging from Harvard. His new book “Moral Markets: The Critical Role of Values in the Economy” appeared in 2008 from Princeton University Press. Professor Zak is credited with the first published use of the term "neuroeconomics" and has been a vanguard in this new discipline that integrates neuroscience and economics. He organized and administers the first doctoral program in neuroeconomics in the world at Claremont Graduate University. Dr. Zak's lab discovered in 2004 that an ancient chemical in our brains, oxytocin, allows us to determine who to trust. This knowledge is being used to understand the basis for modern civilizations and modern economies, improve negotiations, and treat patients with neurologic and psychiatric disorders.

Jesse DuBois

Jesse DuBois is an urban agriculturalist. He moved to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter, but instead got caught up in reshaping the food system. He is the CoFounder and currently serves as the Chief Eclectic Officer for two start-ups: Farmscape, an urban farming maintenance company, and Agrisaurus, a web-based polyculture gardening assistant. Horticulturally, he is a big fan of the nightshade family.

Mateo Messina

Grammy-winning composer Mateo Messina shares a behind-the-scenes look at how he scores music to film. You've heard his music on the hit film Juno, NBC's The Office, and countless other films, tv shows, & commercials. He reveals how writing music in this form is more about effecting emotion than creating songs. In his remarkable journey, Mateo explains how he wrote his first symphony without reading music, how he took Hollywood by storm, and how giving back is the greatest gift in life.

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