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Theme: Expanded Mind

Bandung, Indonesia
March 27th, 2011

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About this event

All of the most glorious achievement in the history of mankind are simply started by a mind that think beyond what others don't. Just like what Columbus thought about the other side of Atlantic, or what Steve Jobs think about personal computers. They think far ahead , they free their minds. Bandung has inspiring personas that think as ingenious as Columbus and Jobs in their own right. The ones that imagine the extent possibilities of the future. The ones that believe in their dreams. And they started it with an "Expanded Mind".

In the second event of TEDxBandung, we hope you'll enjoy the event as well as the peaceful atmosphere which located at Saung Angklung Udjo, a renown "sundanese cultural university" that has become one of Bandung's icon.

As usual, Featured on the event is the prominent and ingenious personas from Bandung, as well as inspiring individuals that come to Bandung to spread their ideas, dreams, and passions in form of live talks, performance, and exhibitions -- From The World to Bandung to The World.

In collaboration with BCCF, LPM ITB, and Saung Angklung Udjo.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Nancy Margried
    Nancy is a founding member of Pixel People Project, a start-up company which aims to bring Indonesian heritage to the next level using scientific approach. Their first and foremost achievement are Batik Fractal, a generative batik using mathematic calculations. By using Batik Fractal software, artisans can create a whole new world of batik, aside from the traditional ones.
  • Tim Ekspedisi Garis Depan Nusantara
    Tim Ekspedisi Garis Depan Nusantara (The Nusantara Frontiers Expedition Team) is an offspring of Wanadri, that just finished its expedition to the 92 frontier islands of Indonesia. The team will share their story: the journey, the dreams, and the spirit of Indonesia.
  • Budi Rahardjo
    Budi Rahardjo is an educator and entrepreneur. He is a lecturer at Electrical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. He is a founder of several IT-based start-up companies and has contributed to many IT-related initiatives in Indonesia such as in the .ID domain management, Indonesia Computer Emergency Response Team / Coordination, and Bandung High Tech Valley.
  • Goris Mustaqim
    One of Indonesia's prodigy, Goris' life is a dynamic one: student activist, entrepreneur, beauty pageant finalist, and now a promising social entrepreneur to empower his hometown, Garut. Goris and his childhood friends founded Asgar Muda, a social enterprise which focuses on youth entrepreneurship & educational, as well as community develoipment.
  • Nada Zharfania
    The 12-year-old Nada has an unusual interest in her young age: enviromental problem. She believe that youth can make their own impact too in the struggle to save the environment.
  • Adew Habtsa
    Adew is a man of letters and music. His fondnes in both of poetry and music has led him to found Majelis Sastra Bandung (Bandung Letter Council) wich aim to foster the new generation of Bandung's poets. Here at TEDxBandung, his enchanting poetry will be presented alongside his energic guitar plays.
  • Roby Muhamad
    Roby is faculty at the Social Psychology Department, University of Indonesia. He obtained his Ph.D in sociology specializing in social networks from Columbia University, New York and has a Master's degree in theoretical physics from Institut Teknologi Bandung. He is the founder of AkonLabs (, a non-profit research organization that focuses on applying socio-behavioral sciences for cultural change and developing online tools for offline actions.
  • Arumba Udjo
    Listening to Arumba Udjo is like learning history of the past as well as exploring uncharted future in the future. Arumba Udjo celebrates the traditional Sundanese tunes while consistently searching on new forms of music.

Venue and Details

Saung Angklung Udjo
Jl. Padasuka no. 118
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Radix Hidayat
Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

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