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Theme: The Art of Reinvention

This event occurred on
November 18, 2011
10:00am - 4:00pm PST
(UTC -8hrs)
San Diego, CA
United States

About TEDxIntuit: To stay current with our offerings and brand, we constantly reimagine new ways we can best meet our customer’s needs. By looking at things through a different lens than before, we can reinvent ourselves and our business to delight our customers.

Peace & Justice Theatre - Univ. of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA, 92110
United States
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Corporate (What is this?)
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Jake Wood

Currently Jake serves as President of Team Rubicon, the organization he co-founded following the massive earthquake in Haiti. Team Rubicon unites the unique skills America's returning veterans offer with the expertise of medical professionals; all while interactively engaging the donor through social media. As President, Jake is focusing on establishing Team Rubicon's organizational vision in order to direct sustainability and scalability. As a leading veteran advocate, Jake speaks around the country on the issues facing returning veterans; he is also a member of numerous veteran-focused committees, including the Clinton Global Initiative, Veteran Innovation Center Executive Operating Committee and the VA Emergency Response Committee. Jake has authored and published articles related to veteran issues and disaster response in outlets such as the Huffington Post and Foreign Policy.

Marty Cooper

Martin Cooper has been referred to as “The father of the handheld Cell Phone.” He is a wireless industry pioneer who created many innovations over a 60+ year career – a career that continues today. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a Prince of Asturias Laureate, an IEEE Centennial Medal awardee, and has received numerous other recognitions.

Pete Garcia

Mr. Garcia was born in Cuba. At thirteen he arrived alone in the United States when his family’s departure was denied by Castro. After graduating with High Honors from the University of Florida in Engineering, he began his career with Exxon. In 1974 he moved to San Diego to design and build industrial, commercial, and residential projects throughout the United States.

David Glanzer

David Glanzer is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Comic-Con International (Comic-Con), the largest comic book and popular arts event of its kind in the world. Comic-Con features major comic book publishers, game companies, movie studios, television networks, and toy manufacturers. By way of overseeing all advertising, sponsorship and third party promotional associations as well as over 3,000 members of the media and press from local, national and international outlets, Glanzer is responsible for the public image of the event making sure information about the show is both accurate and positive.

Dr. Stephen Mayfield

Director, San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology and John Dove Isaacs Chair of Natural Philosophy. Professor, Section of Molecular Biology, UCSD.

David Brin

David Brin is a scientist, inventor, and New York Times bestselling author. With books ranslated into 25 languages, he has won multiple Hugo, Nebula, and other awards. A film directed by Kevin Costner was based on David’s novel The Postman. Other works have been optioned by Paramount and Warner Bros. The Life Eaters – explored alternate outcomes to World War II. David’s science-fictional Uplift Saga explores genetic engineering of higher animals, like dolphins, to speak.

Neil Senturia

Neil Senturia has re-invented himself several times in his relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial success. He is the author of I’m There for You Baby, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Galaxy, which is about the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial career and the rules-lessons that he’s learned along the way and how they apply to all of our lives. Neil’s diverse endeavors range from writing sitcoms to technology with a stint as a real estate developer in the middle. He has been CEO of six technology companies, three in software, one in material science, one in media and most recently clean tech. His companies have been sold to Cisco, Kofax and Lockheed Martin. And no bio is complete without noting that one of the six went broke.

Barbara Bry

Barbara Bry has been a serial entrepreneur in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Her current passion is to level the playing field for women in business, health care and politics. Currently, she is the chief operating officer of Blackbird Ventures that invests in early stage technology companies. She and her husband Neil Senturia write a weekly column on technology and entrepreneurship for the San Diego Union-Tribune, and they teach entrepreneurship at UC San Diego. She has been on the founding team of two successful companies (and one big failure that she will talk about) and three nonprofit organizations. The companies are Atcom, the leader in developing Internet kiosks and high-speed Internet access in hotel rooms;; and San Diego News Network.

Kristen Chase

Kristen Chase is best-known as the author of the blog Motherhood Uncensored, which gained popularity as one of the few internet voices speaking frankly and humorously about the challenges of motherhood. She’s appeared on numerous top blogger lists, including the Babble Top 50 (2009 and 2010) and the Parents Magazine top 10 Power Moms online and her essays have appeared in several anthologies, including Sleep is for the Weak, Kirtsy Takes a Bow, and the political anthology Mothers of Intention.

Tish Ciravolo

The past eleven years has brought Founder and President of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, Tish Ciravolo, museum inductions, awards, motivational speeches to millions of girls, billions of media impressions touting the girl guitar revolution, the world’s first girl guitar/bass instructional books/CDs/DVDs, and appearances in Guitar Hero®/Band Hero™ games. Ciravolo has also propelled the girls rock empowerment message far beyond the music industry through licensing partnerships—on top of rocking stages all over the country and most importantly, being a mother of two.

Dr. Albert Lin

Albert is a Research Scientist at the University of California, San Diego and an Emerging Explorer of the National Geographic Society in the field of technology enabled exploration. He’s a modern day Indiana Jones, and is completely reinventing the way archaeology through groundbreaking technologies.

Luke Barrington, Ph.D.

Luke Barrington's Ph.D thesis on "Machines that Understand Music" describes a new approach to extracting information from massive datasets by combining crowdsourced human intelligence with automatic machine learning. As a founder of the UCSD Computer Audition Laboratory and of Music Search, Inc., he applied this work to analyze and recommend millions of songs on the web. As a member of the Valley of the Khans project, he took the science of crowdsourcing into a new arena by engaging thousands of virtual explorers from around the world to guide him as he traveled to Mongolia on a National Geographic expedition to search for the tomb of Genghis Khan. Luke currently serves as the founder and CTO of Tomnod, inc. where he and his team continue to advance both crowdsourced and algorithmic methods to extract rapid, relevant, reliable information from geospatial imagery.

Elizabeth Gerberding

Elizabeth performs regularly as a harpist for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida (full time at Victoria & Albert’s as well as with the Disney World Orchestra). She plays current songs, from Coldplay and Ben Folds Five among others, on a historically classical instrument. Elizabeth established her own recording studio "7 Pedals Records" in 2011 and continues to record and release her solo albums. She attended and graduated from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, receiving her Bachelor’s of Music in harp performance as a student of Ayako Watanabe.

Chip Mosher

Chip Mosher previously worked as the Marketing and Sales Director at comic book and graphic novel publisher BOOM! Studios. He was recently appointed VP of Marketing, PR & Business Development for comiXology. ComiXology is the leading distributor of online comics and currently one of the consistently top grossing iPad applications on the App store. While at BOOM!, Chip oversaw the first day-and-date release of a digital and print comic book and helped catapult BOOM! from a scrappy upstart-publisher to one of the top independent comic book publishers in the United States. At comiXology, Chip will be opening the Los Angeles office and spearheading a more robust West Coast presence for this New York-based company.

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San Diego, CA, United States
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