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Theme: ser urbano - being urban

This event occurred on
July 1, 2011
9:00am - 3:00pm ECT
(UTC -5hrs)
Quito, P

TEDxQuito is the place for the discussion on urban life, the possible enhancements and changes that can be made in every area to improve living conditions in urban centers in growth and constant change, or just to have a different perspectives from urban dwellers on how the city influences their daily actions and passion!

Teatro Variedades
Plaza del Teatro
Quito, P, 00000
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Jorge Anhalzer

Jorge Anhalzer is an acclaimed Ecuadorian photographer. He has combined his interest in nature, geography and culture with his work as a guide to adventure, graphic chronicler of urban and rural Ecuador. He has directed and collaborated on several documentaries and is author of photographic books on Ecuador and the Andes.

Rafael Lugo

Lawyer by trade, writer by heart, Rafael Lugo is a provocative thinker. Acclaimed columnist in Soho Magazine, has published three books, "Abraza la oScuridad" stories 2007.... "Veinte " novel, Alfaguara 2008, and AL DENTE, gathering of articles and editorials, Dinediciones 2010

Carolina Reed

Carolina Reed is an Ecuadorian mathematician and statistics researcher. Her expertise is social development projects, statistics research, and advanced statistical analysis. She was director of the Ecuadorian Integrated Social Indicators System, the first social data service. She is president of Habitus, a social research agency and of the Social Observatory, Observatorio Social del Ecuador.

Sergio Sacoto

Sergio Sacoto is an Ecuadorian singer, producer and composer. Sergio was founder, producer and lead vocal singer of the most important fusion-rock band in Ecuador, Crucks en Karnak (1989-2006), and producer and composer of the soundtrack for “Ratas Ratones Rateros”, an internationally acclaimed Ecuadorian movie by Director Sebastian Cordero.

Victor Arregui

Victor Arregui is a acknowledged Ecuadorian screenplay writer and director. Born in Guaranda, Victor moved to Quito when still young and confronted the urban life and it's complexity by provoking through film the same emotions the city itself brings out in it's inhabitants. Some of his pieces include "cuando me toque a mi" and "fuera de juego".

Henry Richardson

Henry Richardson is professional chef since 1985. He is member of the Culinary Academy of France and honorary member of the Culinary Academy of of the Americas. With his company Henry produces more than 300 events a year, serving more than 50,000 people. He has been guest on local and international magazines for his contribution to Ecuadorian cuisine. He is special advisor to the School of Culinary Art at UDLA and the corporate image of Cuisinart and GE Profile-Monogram

Guadalupe Duran

Guadalupe is a well experienced professional in strategic business management. She is responsible for leading Microsoft Ecuador, coordinating more than 850 companies, and providing services to more than 3 million users nationwide. Guadalupe is a firm believer that access to technology in urban areas provides equity and equal opportunities to all, while empowering communities.

Mario Porras

Mario started his music studies at the age of four. At he age of 15 he gave his first performance with the Symphony Orchestra of Quito. He has combined his passion for music with history studies and etnomusicology, the study of social and cultural aspects of music and dance in local and global contexts. He has created several projects for theater performance and contemporary cinema. He is director of the music department of "Colegio Menor".

Jose Diaz

Diaz is an industrial engineer specialized in e-commerce. He has worked for over 15 years in e-business and e-commerce development, which led to the creation of Digiway, one of the most renowned digital agencies of the region. Always looking for new challenges in the digital industry, Jose realizes social media is the main communication tool in urban areas, and that it brings a new perspective on how cities function and develop.

Ana Maria Armijos - Omar Puebla

Ana Maria is the executive director of Foundation Museums of the City. She has encouraged the action of museums as agencies of social transformation. Omar is a multidisciplinary artist with "El Deposito", who works collectively with other artists to portrait the urban life through hip-hop and graffiti. Ana Maria and Omar worked with their institutions in the YAKUYAI project, to engage youth in social change

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Quito, Ecuador
  • Renato Solines