x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This event occurred on
June 25, 2011
1:00pm - 5:00pm MDT
(UTC -6hrs)
Fort Collins, CO
United States

TEDx is coming to Fort Collins for the first time as TEDxFoCo.

We’ve aimed for a speaker line-up that cuts across age and gender, including both the prominent and well-known in Northern Colorado as well as those who are making a difference beneath the radar. People who are operating at the edge and who challenge conventional thinking.

We’ve picked speakers who represent entrepreneurship, community, education, media, policy and the arts: All innovating toward a sustainable future in Northern Colorado. Movers and shakers, all — entrepreneurs in their 20s, mid-career visionaries and trendsetters in their 30s, leaders in their 40s and benchmarks of success in their field, who are providing direction for our future.

Eleven speakers across 10 talks — each a story you haven’t heard before, each contributing to our understanding of Northern Colorado’s present and future. Every talk will be presented by someone who’s done the life’s work needed to share a TEDx talk.

Rocky Mountain Innosphere
320 East Vine Drive
Suite 101
Fort Collins, CO, 80524
United States
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Glen Colton

Glen Colton has worked tirelessly to protect the quality of life in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, and to establish a truly sustainable society. He combines his education and experience in corporate finance with his knowledge and interest in growth and sustainability issues to provide a unique perspective in these issues. He is not afraid to voice his opinion on controversial local or national topics like taxpayer subsidized growth, overpopulation, immigration, and the unsustainability of our economic system; writing a business column for the Fort Collins Coloradoan and running for city council, and serving on numerous city boards and task forces.

Amy Cosper

Amy is the Vice President/Editor-in-Chief at Entrepreneur Media Inc., and knows what it means to drive a business idea forward with passion, creativity, savvy, and yes, even a little moxie. Having been in the entrepreneurial trenches with her media consulting business, Cosper has an in-depth understanding of what entrepreneurs want and need. She knows that without the right information, tools and resources, small businesses stay small. For Cosper, the media addiction started with a fervor for technology and love at first dial-up. But it was at WiesnerMedia that she delved into the essence of what it means to be an entrepreneur. As the company’s entrepreneur in residence, Cosper solicited and evaluated new business plans, ventures and partnerships for a slew of media properties targeting the insurance and financial markets. Transform innovative ideas into full-fledged realities by raising capital from the VC community? No problem for this business development pro. Cosper’s journalism roots began in the tech world, where she cut her teeth as a reporter on assignment in Israel, Norway, Brazil, Luxembourg, Paris and London covering broadband, broadcasting and satellites. Eventually she became publisher/editor-in-chief for Satellite Broadband magazine at Wiesner Media, and later she redesigned and directed five ASBPE award-winning financial magazines. New media versus traditional media? To Cosper, when it comes to content, it doesn’t matter. She’s a media evangelizer covering topics at conferences all over the world—from free economics, web 2.0 and social media optimization, broadcasting, the Internet, VC strategies, media, online profiling and user behaviors, and content strategies. At Entrepreneur Media, Cosper’s breadth of experience and tech savvy infuses cutting-edge ideas into the company with a 34-year legacy for serving the small business market. Her mission? Keep entrepreneurs alert to the network of tools fundamental to launching and growing their businesses—whether they’re people, technologies, funding sources, or best practices. For her, “It’s all about what you do with what you’ve got.” According to Cosper, that’s a whole lot more than most people fathom.

Dani Grant

A creative entrepreneur since her twenties, Dani has been managing businesses and employees, developing operational systems and cultivating ideas in various fields including commercial construction development, manufacturing and family entertainment. Dani is a natural project manager and applies those skills and her broad business experience as well as her degree in psychology from George Washington University to all her endeavors. With a small chain of bowling centers that are thriving in Northern Colorado, Dani found an opportunity to carve out time to turn her passion for music and Fort Collins into a non-profit 501-C-3 called SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins. SpokesBUZZ is devoted to globally promoting the sound and culture of Fort Collins in order to positively impact the Fort Collins economy. She is the founder and president of that organization and is committed to its success. Dani and her husband Matt Hoeven also recently acquired the legendary music venue, Mishawaka Amphitheatre. This venue is being revitalized and they intend for it to be a shining star on the northern Colorado map, drawing interest to the region in terms of music and culture. Additionally, Dani serves as a Director for the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association. Dani believes in collaboration and strives to bring organizations and businesses together with the community to achieve success. Dani, her husband and their three daughters enjoy the beautiful outdoor activities that are available to them in Fort Collins in their leisure time.

Kim Jordan

Kim Jordan is co-founder of New Belgium Brewing Company which began in 1991. In New Belgium’s early days, Kim performed many of the usual duties of an entrepreneur in a start-up brewery: packaging, cleaning, sales and delivery, marketing, and human resource development to name a few. Nearly 20 years later, Kim is CEO and President of New Belgium and is still actively involved particularly in Sales, Branding and Organizational Development. Much of her time is spent on mid-range and long-term company strategy development. She is currently a Member of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s Renewable Energy Authority Board, Vice Chair of the 1% for the Planet Board, Director on the Brewers Association Board and Ex Officio Board Member for the Beer Institute. She remains involved in a few Fort Collins community Boards as well.

Bryan Maddox

Bryan Maddox has been involved in public education for 13 years. For the last four years he has been involved in the development and implementation of junior and senior high alternative programs. Most recently, under the direction of Eric Larsen, he has helped develop a junior high affective skills-based program based on the Discovery Program. His belief in a culturally based classroom and school where all members are treated with dignity and respect is the foundation of his venture into training and supporting the Discovery philosophy. He has witnessed this program in several schools and has seen the profound grassroots change it can facilitate. Bryan has also coordinated a summer program that collaborates with Colorado State Parks, Colorado Division of Wildlife, and Thompson School District in a high-adventure, experiential-skills program. Over the last five years, this has proven to be an effective model to enhance both affective and academic skills. Bryan lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with his wife, Amy, and three children, Jessye, Forrest, and Daniel.

Darren Mahuron

Darren Mahuron is the owner of Summit Studios photography which opened in Fort Collins Colorado in January 2006. He is one of the original pioneers of digital manipulated photography and The HDR look. Darren is known for cinematic images that tell a story, often controversial, dark and funny, his images rarely leave the viewer without an opinion. Darren opened The Gallery Underground in 2007 as a safe haven for unconventional artists with the mission to create a space that wouldn't censor art. The Gallery Underground showcased original, non traditional artwork, as well as providing workspaces for artists to paint and sculpt in. The Gallery was a hit with Fort Collins locals and became increasingly popular on First Fridays. The Gallery Underground closed in April of 2011 after the local authorities reduced the occupancy of the 3600sq ft space to 49.

Chris Vieville

Chris Viéville currently spends the majority of his time enamored with the entrepreneurial community of Boulder, Colorado. He is a defender of idioms, friend to small animals and purveyor of awesome. A game industry ex pat with a background in design, marketing and theory he likes creating games that give a damn. Chris is the co-creator of GameCamp Boulder, CommunityCamp and three amazing children. A firm believer that “everything is a game” he is on a quest to change the world for the better and motivate people to accomplish amazing things all in the name of fun. A bit of a nomadic spirit has caused him to live on three different continents at one time or another, much to the chagrin of Interpol. His travels have brought a deep appreciate of many different points of view, the desire to form a community wherever his feet may land and the ability to curse in four languages. You will most likely find him in his favorite coffee shop philosophizing about games, communities or start ups, and he would love to chat with you.

Bryan Willson

Dr. Bryan Willson is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University (CSU) and has worked for over 25 years to develop large-scale solutions for global energy needs. He serves as Director of CSU’s Clean Energy Supercluster, an academic unit of over 150 diverse faculty members working to develop and disseminate clean energy solutions. He is co-founder of Solix Biofuels, a developer of large-scale production systems for algae-based biofuel, and Envirofit International, a global company distributing clean energy solutions in the developing world. He is Founder and Director of CSU’s Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory, a large and diverse energy solutions laboratory. In June 2009, Scientific American named him to its inaugural list of the “Scientific American 10″ – ten individuals who have made significant contributions to “guiding science to serve humanity” on a global basis; in August 2009, he was awarded the Maurice Albertson Medal for Sustainable Development (Albertson was the architect of the Peace Corps); in 2008 he received the Royal Award for Sustainability from the governments of Denmark and Spain. He is a Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers. Dr. Willson received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 1988, the same year he joined the CSU faculty. He teaches in the areas of design, energy, and sustainable development. He is the Principal or Co-Principal Investigator on over $30 million in funded energy research and has helped to raise over $50M for his companies; he has funded over 350 graduate and undergraduate students; is author or co-author of over 200 journal papers, conference proceedings, technical reports, and patents; and has worked in over 40 countries.

Katie Barstow

Katie Barstow grew up in Fort Collins working with her father’s small business since she was 13 years old. Graduated from Fort Collins High School in 2006. Later graduated from CSU with an honor’s degree in Computer Information Systems in 2010. Her hobbies include tennis, biking, gymnastics, attending concerts, and making cosmetics.

Molly Dunkle

Molly Dunkle grew up in Fort Collins most of her life apart from living in Australia with her family for five years. Started making cosmetics when she was 12 with her dad. Graduated from Fort Collins High School in 2007. In 2011 she graduated with a degree in Business Management from CSU. Her hobbies include dancing, gymnastics, snowboarding, baking, and making cosmetics. (Presenting Jointly with Katie)

Organizing team


Fort Collins, CO, United States
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