x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Boring. Break it !

This event occurred on
May 7, 2011
10:00am - 5:00pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Chisinau, CU

TEDxChisinau is an independent event operated under a TED license. This will be the largest and most idea-generator event in our city for the year of 2011. The theme for 2011 is “Boring. Break it!” which aims at bringing a significant change through creative destruction of old and inefficient social and economic systems. Some of the greatest speakers and doers from Moldova and East Europe will gather together to share inspiration 

and knowledge for a positive impact in our society. One day-long event will bring together active young citizens, opinion and business leaders from all walks of life to listen to top speakers and their “ideas worth spreading”, watch amazing tech demos and get inspired by local talents.

55, M.Eminescu Street
Chisinau, CU, MD - 2001
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Grosu Ion

Ion Grosu calls himself a blogger because this says nothing about what he does. Before blogging he used the word philosopher, with similar success. His superpower is to mix theories in creative ways that take people off the beaten path. Flexible reality is dangerous if you lack sense of humour, that is why, from the three letters of TED, Ion likes Entertainment. His presentation is called „Absolute Interesting. From −273.15°C to 300.000 kmps.” His goal is to take you out for a walk. His method is laughter and awe. He learned from the best. His motivation is the game. His English is poor. His future uncertain.


Dr. Kyra Gaunt, Ph.D. is a 2009 Inaugural TED Fellow, a CUNY Associate Professor, and author of The Games Black Girls Play: Learning the Ropes from Double-Dutch to Hip-Hop (NYU Press, 2006), winner of the 2007 Alan Merriam Prize for most outstanding book. Kyra has become a prominent voice in the conversation of race, social justice and global transformation. As a thought leader, Kyra speaks and writes extensively about such topics as gender bias, institutional racism, hip hop culture, and social media. She appears on national and international radio and speaks abroad, most recently in Beijing, China for TEDxWiserU and in Norway where she spoke and sang at the 2011 International Student Festival in Trondheim. She created KyraocityWorks to encompass all her efforts as an educator, author, speaker, blogger, transformational coach, and social edupreneur. You can follow Kyra on Facebook and Twitter (@kyraocity), and read her blog at She is delighted to appear at another TEDx event. Her first was TEDxEast in NYC October 2009.

ZGARDAN Alexandru

In 2001 Alexandru graduated Washington University of St. Louis as a Muskie Fellow and returned home, deciding that knowledge is meant to be spread. He started his teaching carrier that still continues today. Currently he is teaching in more than one country, France and Singapore is in the list and others will follow. Being the director of the first private pensions fund in Moldova he found out information that is vital for the future of this country, but no one is discussing about. Believing that higher education must offer more than just information and a piece of paper he gave a speech on necessity of changes in education at TEDxChisinau Christmas Envision event. Afterwards he decided to go further and open a website for online university professor’s evaluation. The site will be launched in April 2011. After the TEDx Chisinau event he decided to make a personal blog for sharing ideas that will open in the day of the event.


Has held a diverse set of high-ranking positions in the private, public and diplomatic sectors. He has served as the Special Representative of the European Union for the Republic of Moldova, leading the EU’s effort to help resolve the Transnistrian conflict. Previously, he was Assistant Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, in charge of Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. He also served as the Deputy Coordinator of International Cooperation on Chernobyl. Beforehand he was the chair of the Hungarian Export Import Bank Ltd. and Hungarian Export Credit Insurance Ltd. Kálmán has acted as a senior advisor to governments in the post-socialist, transition region on their economic transition, including on such issues as privatization, debt relief, governance, banking and bankruptcy reform. He served as Deputy Director of the Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Currently, Kálmán is spearheading the Open Society Foundations’ activities to bridge EU Structural Funds with the critical needs of the Roma population in Eastern Europe and the Balkans and is an adjunct professor at Central European University.

EȘANU Vitalie

He made a passion for computers at the age of 12. It all happened in the same time with the personal computers revolution. Over a period of 23 years old he continues to be amazed of how this field changes the humankind. Being a hacker by nature, Vitalie studied numerous programming languages, sophisticated technologies and frameworks. He created o dozen of commercial and noncommercial projects, both successfully and unsuccessfully. He made a difference: At 16, created Romanian version of MS-DOS, also, the quick introduction system of propriety vouchers, security system at the State Tax Service, a search toolbar – before the Google Search Toolbar, spam bully – anti spam filter with AI, a system of placing advertising in images, the automatic placement of diacritics in Romanian texts, .torrent soft client and server, and even a novel election system used in national competitions. Also, around two years ago, he founded the Privesc.Eu website, which was made with the aim of making the world more transparent. He prefers computer languages to human’s languages. His free time is totally dedicated to his family, for some StarCraft game play with his son, or talking with his wife about technologies – a super tech family. Today, he is focused on mobile technologies.


Initially was an activist involved in social movements and NGO community promoting democracy. New Media was his strong passion, as he is convinced in its power to bring change and social innovation. Then he worked for the Leadership Institute of Moldova, running trainings on personal and professional development, ethics, and communications, offering coaching and consultancy. At the same time he became involved in organizational design; then he grasp the necessity of getting to a new level of understanding and abstraction, thus his involvement in academia. He is eager to create computational models of organizations and society that will represent how the self-adaptive systems work, and explain how we may create a perfect organization. Otherwise, his background is in Organizational Psychology. Now he is studying in a Research Master in Business (Organization & Strategy) at Tilburg University in Netherlands.


Before embracing the public policy field, Sorin Hadârcă made a career at the National Bank of Moldova. Until recently, he has worked on a series of projects of technical assistance that deal with the public administration reform, regulatory reform, business climate. Currently he is running a team of experts that targets the Government’s capacity in policy formulation, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation of policy papers. He helped with Rethink Moldova. He graduated the Academy of Economics in Moldova and earned a MBA degree from Instituto de Empresa in Spain. Sorin Hadârcă is Zenu. He has a special relationship with books. A veteran reader, Zenu does the accounting of the books he reads and shares his opinion on his personal blog

Vincent NOTH

A community development Peace Corps volunteer since 2009, Vincent has aided the NGO Speranta-Cahul to launch Together for Active Citizenship, a civic engagement program for youth active in 20 communities throughout Moldova ( He has worked in the TV and Film industry in Los Angeles and, for more than a decade, in urban community development in Milwaukee as the program director of mentoring for Summit Educational Association and the family ministries of Eastbrook Church. As a communicator, Vincent possesses an infectious enthusiasm that draws people to him and helps them to capitalize on their strengths. He holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and a Masters of Arts in Religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Vincent and his wife Jessica are currently volunteers living in Cahul, Moldova.


Pavel Zingan’s career began with a job within a bank. After that job, Pavel created his own firm – a law firm which smoothly led him to a successful business in the “Web World”. The Internet business started right at the beginning of a new century. After 3 years, in 2003, Pavel Zingan decided to focus more on the Online Media field and actively began to develop his company in the chosen direction. Today, is a well-acknowledged leader on Moldova’s Online Media market., managed by Pavel, includes within itself 7 websites, two of which are the well-known web portals: and Pavel’s presentation within TEDx will focus on the subject of building the first in the world “Internet State”.

Organizing team


Amsteram, Netherlands
  • Mihai Stipanov
    Marketing & Communication
  • Nika Capsa Besleaga
    Event Planner
  • Oleg Ciubotaru
    IT Coordinator
  • Victoria Vlad
    Responsible for Speakers
  • Vasile Galușcă
    Online Coordinator