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Theme: Turn Your Dreams into Reality!

This event occurred on
February 24, 2011
9:00am - 5:00pm AST
(UTC +3hrs)
Jeddah, 02
Saudi Arabia

This event is done mainly to focus the spot light on many inspirational dentists/professors in King AbdulAziz University, Faculty of Dentistry. As students we often hear about our professors' success stories from a third party and as much as it gives us pride and honor, we would love to hear those motivating stories from the sources themselves. Often after witnessing such stirring accomplishments the students are encouraged to think "out of the box" and turn their dreams into reality.

KFRC-Main Venue
Jeddah, 02
Saudi Arabia
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Dr. Rabab Feteih

Professor of Orthodontics at the faculty of dentistry, King AbdulAziz University. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She is a lecturer, clinician and educator and a former administrator in the dental faculty. Earned her Doctor of medical science degree and Orthodontic training from Harvard school of dental medicine. She is one of the few founders of the Dental faculty in Jeddah.

Dr. Khaled Balto

Life is a remarkable journey that takes us up and down a road of happiness, growth, interaction, love, fear and sometimes pain and hardship. Everyone has his or her own journey, but I have learnt throughout the years that the way we think will dictate the way we perceive obstacles in life. I have found the more I perceived things in the big frame, the more I am rational in my spontaneous behavior and my path of planning. Since, 1994 and up to February 2011, I have passed though so many experiences that me a big thinker. Though, I am an endodotnist and being so, I deal with minute details every day on the level of patient treatment, lectures and research, I have converted this them of minute thinking to BIG things and the result is fruitful life and so many stories of success and experiences to convert defeat into success.---------------- Khaled Balto -B.D.S, Cert Endo; D.M.Sc-Associate Professor and consultant of Micro-endodontics-Chairman of the department of endodontics-Director for the Saudi Board of Endodonitcs in the Western region-Deputy director of the National Research Excellence Center for Osteoporosis

Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi

Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research Associate Professor & Consultant in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry Chairman of Oral Basic & Clinical Sciences Department Chairman of The Saudi Board in Periodontics, Western Region. Chairman of The Saudi Fellowship in Implant Dentistry, Western Region. Faculty of Dentistry King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Zuhair Bakhsh

During his years of undergraduate studies at KAU, Dr. Zuhair soon realized that there is more to treating patients than just delivering the treatment, that there is more to a clinical test than just the result, and that there is more to becoming an excellent student than just good grades. He then started exploring a world of knowledge unexplored by others, which he found out later to be the greatest mistake others had done. Now, he is applying the knowledge he gained to every aspect of his work from treating patients to teaching his students with great success. During his years of studies, this knowledge has made him graduate at the top of his class, twice earning the award for student of the year and earning first place for his master’s degree research.

Dr. Nadia Al-Hazmi

I belong to 2 different cultures: Italy and Saudi Arabia. I see myself as an amalgamation of cultures and beliefs and as a result I am more in tune to similarities among people rather than differences. My Italian roots are from Sardinia, itself a unique world of culture, music and traditions. I sometimes feel my soul blend with the spirit of its civilization. However I live in Saudi Arabia, where I think more effort is needed to jump-start creativity and social tolerance. I can switch between these 2 worlds very easily. Throughout my school years I have never stayed in a country for more than 3 years, jumping from Italy to Saudi to Ireland back to Italy, exposed to a Saudi government school, an Irish Nun-run school and an Italian state school. I have made life-long friends in each world and found a way to adapt every time (albeit with some hardship at first). I now teach at the university and make it my mission to inspire my students to break the bondages of mediocrity that is rampant in this part of the world. I see people as nuclei of potential waiting to be unleashed. I am also an eclectic in my career as I am both a scientist and an artist (well, I like to think I am!). I work in cellular research, paint and passionately write my emotions and impressions. I see art in all aspects of life and it truly inspires me.

Dr. Emad Khan

As the first Saudi member in the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology and the second Saudi Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist, and the only one (so far) who has won Howard Raper award for best oral and maxillofacial radiology resident twice and Turner award for best dental research presentation of North Carolina and American Association for Dental Research (NC-AADR) four times, and other achievements.. I asked myself once (or more)... Did I plan for these? Was my “success” planned or let’s say MAINLY due to planning? What else is there? How?

Dr. Shoroog Agou

Dr. Shoroog Agou, former KAUFD alumnus (class of 2000), has recently rejoined her alma mater as an Assistant Professor of Orthodontics, after successfully completing graduate studies at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada (2010). While at KAU, Shoroog received the Queen’s Award as the top student in KAU Science faculties. She went on to specialize in Orthodontics, and after years of study, ultimately became the first Saudi fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada in the specialty of Orthodontics (2008). She joins an elite few members worldwide who have managed to combine both Canadian fellowship with the American Board certification in Orthodontics (2009). Shoroog truly believes in improving the quality of healthcare by improving healthcare education itself. While she enjoys practicing Orthodontics as a clinical profession, she considers teaching and academia as her career. As such, she compliments her Orthodontic clinical training with a Ph.D. in Measurement (2009) and a Masters in Health Professional Education (2010). Despite her exceptional academic record, Shoroog insists that her "real" academic journey is yet to begin. She looks forward to teaching a new generation of dedicated dentists and instilling in them the lofty goal and aspiration of improving the quality of healthcare in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Maisa Al-Sebaie

Assistant Professor, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department, King AbdulAziz University, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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