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Theme: Q&A: Be Curious

Ningbo, 33, China
July 27th, 2014

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About this event

"Q" and "A" are short of "Question" and "Answer". All of us have so many questions about different things and we are exploring, searching for answers. In some ways, we find the answer by ourselves. In other ways, we find the answer through others' ideas or help. Like sharing ideas, this time we talk about questions we have and answers may talkers gave.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Handstein Peter
    A German gentleman with a Remarkable Chinese style, who set his first foot print in Beilun, Ningbo in 1995 with his childhood dream to develop the education system for all children, and then remained for 18 years. After years of hard working, he led the Hape team to become the world leading wooden toy manufacturer which sells to over 60 countries worldwide. The headquarter is located in Switzerland while it also has branch offices in Germany, France, Italy, Hong Kong, and Ningbo China. Everything he achieves he would pay back to the society and nature. Over the years he has donated 5 schools in Guizhou, Xingren. When wenchuan earthquake happened, he sent over as much support as he can. He believes children are our future, and as he often says " I never see myself retire on this meaningful journey"
  • Hongbo Li
    A paper sculpture artist, member of Chinese Artists Association of Experimental Art Committee, who was born in Jilin, yet lives in Beijing, living in his dream. He earns money from text collation and culture investigation to support and nourish his artistic dream, to enjoy the pleasure of artistic creation. In this era of rampant images, he is exploring his own way. He gives life to paper, turns singulars into plurals, change objects into a situation, extend more and more, eventually turns simple character into a mysterious puzzle just like the world. With a keen contemporary, he uses simple raw materials, expresses the perception of reality in a cultural narrative way, corresponding to the best and worst time as well as the most incredible phenomena in this era and tells people the illusion and confusion deep in our hearts.
  • Baiyun Zhou
    A woman live on the earth, who is also a story teller; The most important things in her life: Find her own unique perspective, make a unique sound for himself; λ Writing is the the most important way for her to tell stories; Travelling is the most important way for her to find stories; She love music, and she believe that music is a response to the soul, and can heal the heart. She love seeking music during the trip, and obsessed in research the value that music bring to the city and people; She take a walk with music every day.
  • Yin Shui
    Keen on local literature. Author of the historical documentary fiction: Ningbo! Ningbo!
  • Ningbo Simingnanci
    Mr. Chen Xiangyuan When 13 years old, Mr. Chen Xiangyuan was admitted to Ningbo Drama School’s ballad singing class and studied Simingnanci from Mr Chai Binzhang, the famous artist on the field. His life is devoted to the protection, inheritance, spreading and development of Simingnanci and makes contributions on this. In 2009, he won the "Outstanding Heritage Award" in the Zhejiang Province’s Folk Art Heritage Preservation’s display and his performance was spoken highly off by colleagues and experts. Meanwhile, he was selected as Simingnanci’s representative successors in the list of intangible cultural heritage items both in the provincial level and the city level. Mrs. Chen Xueyun When 13 years old, Mrs. Chen Xueyun was admitted to Ningbo Drama School’s ballad singing class and studied Simingnanci from Mr Zhou Tingfa, the leading magnate on the field. Her artistic attainments include her fine performance and her melodious singing voice. Especially she is good at playing Pipa (a kind of chinese lute). With her super memory ability, the lost script of Hexiuwen’s bibliography is able to be preserved completely. Now she is teaching a group of students with this and she makes special contributions to promote and protect Simingnanci.
  • Longhu Zhou
    1976 Born in Changshu, Jiangsu Province 1995-1995 Graduated from School of Forensic Medicine in China Medical University 2000 Legal Medical Expert of Changshu Public Security Bureau in Jiangsu Province
  • Xiaohui Zhong
    Mrs. Zhong obtained her master degree in Britain and then did field investigation in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Later she earned her doctor’s degree in Hong Kong. After returning home from abroad, Mrs. Zhong discovered that her rich education background looks fantastic but the “return and reward” from this is quite limited. In the period of social transition, like others, she has the younger generation’s common anxiety and confusion. However, she hopes that from the view of reflection and criticism she can better understand social phenomena. With research vision, she is seeking for the direction to solve problems.
  • Shuang Gao
    Doctor of Science in the University of Heidelberg, Germany, Post-doctor of National Astronomical observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, awarded as “Guo Shoujin Scholar”, lecturer of Beijing Normal University. The main research direction is the structure and evolution of the galaxy.

Venue and Details

No.1800 Ningchuan Road, Jiangdong District
Ningbo, 33,

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Fen Yuan
Ningbo, China

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