x = independently organized TED event

Theme: The Future we Share

This event occurred on
September 26, 2014
12:00am - 7:30pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Athens, I

The world is evolving rapidly and we, citizens of our global village, are part to this continuous evolution. Is this a world of abundance or scarcity? How we understand technological changes? How we interact with our urban space. How we deal with our privacy in the cyber era? Where Greece is standing amidst those changes? How can we as a society and as individuals take a leap forward through democracy, innovation and creativity?
We initiate a conversation on ideas to make a better future to share! From global scale to local communities.

Megaron Athens Concert Hall
Leoforos Vassilisis Sophias
Athens, I, 115 21
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Standard (What is this?)
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James Robinson

Harvard professor in political science and economics, co-author of Why Nations Fail. In 2012 James Robinson was ranked among the top thinkers of the world by Foreign Policy

Menny Barzilay

Security expert, key member of the Israeli Cyber Security & Hacking scene for more than 12 years

Michalis Bachtis

Physicist, Researcher at CERN, studying the properties of the newly discovered Higgs boson particle

Myron Michailidis

Conductor, Artistic Director of The Greek National Opera

Dan Gilbert

Harvard professor of psychology, author of the international bestseller Stumbling on Happiness which won the 2007 Royal Society Prizes for Science Books

Alexis Papahelas

Alexis Papahelas - Journalist and executive director of Kathimerini newspaper

Stelios Ramfos

Philosopher and writer, an emblematic figure of the Greek intellectual elite

Nikos Koumetis

Executive, President, Central & Southern Europe of The Coca-Cola Company

Maria Stavropoulou

Lawyer, Director of The Greek Asylum Service

Periklis Ppadopoulos

Ο Περικλής Παπαδόπουλος, oμιλήτης του TEDxAcademy 2014, είναι επικεφαλής της ομάδας που έστειλε στο διάστημα τον πρώτο ελληνικό δορυφόρο, τον Λ-sat.

Simon Anholt

Independent policy advisor, creator of the Good Country Index

Alexander Kritikos

Research Director at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) Berlin

Nikos Michalakis

Senior engineer on the Knewton platform team, the world’s leader in adaptive learning

Organizing team


Athens, Greece
  • Makis Antypas
  • Kostas Gianakidis
  • Katerina Kyprianou
    Executive Director
  • Klimis Asikoglou
    Film Production-Organizing Team
  • Miltiadis Makris
    Producer - Organizing Team
  • Sonia Lazaridou-Gerolymatou
    Financing-Organizing Team
  • Elly Politou
    Branding - Organizing Team
  • Yannis Giovanos
    Digital Master
  • Olga Azilazian
    Digital Ninja
  • Bessy Matrantoni
    Digital Ninja
  • Yiannis Heliadis
    Volunteer Co-ordinator
  • Kostas Apostolidis
  • Yiannis Artinos
  • Andreas Gavriilides
  • Fanis Moustakatos
  • Diomidis Spinelis