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This event occurred on
July 12, 2014
1:30pm - 7:00pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Tokyo, 13

Designing Connectivity

7th of September 2013: Tokyo, Japan was officially nominated as the host city for 2020 Olympics. At a short glance, Tokyo Olympics 2020 may be seen as a mere sports festival that welcomes numerous world exceptional athletics gathering and competing with each other. However, if you take a step higher to capture a bigger picture, Tokyo Olympics 2020 indeed takes an influential role in connecting both Japanese local community and other foreign nations. All the Economic, political, and social improvements, created by Olympics, exemplify the importance of forming global connections.

We, the TEDxWasedaU team members, were inspired by such notion, and further we were triggered to illustrate our theme “Designing Connectivity” to individuals from both local and foreign communities. For instance, our relatively small Waseda University students’ society is composed of countless connections and relationships of individuals who hold various ideas, talents, motivations and cultural backgrounds. Nonetheless, we are so overwhelmed by this connectivity that are taken for granted. At times, we are not fully aware of the value of designing connectivity, and simply forget to appreciate them. In the TEDxWasedaU 2014 event, we sincerely hope and expect our inspiring speakers to enlighten the audience by portraying a glimpse of their life experiences that could demonstrate the significance of “Designing Connectivity.”

Studio Earth, Star-Rise Tower
4-4-7 Shibakoen
Tokyo, 13, 105-0011
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LIGHTMAN x 舞☆夢☆踏

舞☆夢☆踏×LIGHTMAN (Pantomime and Projection mapping) Waseda University's outstanding performance group 舞☆夢☆踏(maimutou) and projection mapping circle “LIGHTMAN” will be introducing a brand new collaboration performance. Their show represents how two groups from completely different artistic style can create a new experience by getting out of their comfort zone and formulating a connection.

Lena-Grace Suda

Ms.Suda is the winner of the Student Speaker Contest 2014. Sophomore at SILS, Waseda University. Member of the Lit Soc, a writing collective in Waseda University, mainly students from SILS. Her fantastic works so far are: Won the annual English speech contest held at Keimei Gakuen three times. Performed at Disney Sea, Disney World, and in front of Michael Jackson Sang in front of Nathan Morris from Boyz To Men.

Gosuke Uno

Mr.Uno was involved in founding the Cambodia International Education Support Foundation (CIESF), and is now managing a cram school in Tokyo, as well as pursuing a music career in a music production team named “Blue Village”.

Kan-Ichi Segawa

Mr.Segawa is currently the Vice President of CID-UNESCO-TOKYO. From childhood, he studied modern dance under his mother, Erika Akoh. He learned ballet from Kan Horiuchi and Yo Yoshimi and studied contemporary dance under Gigi Caciuleanu and Ruxandra Racovitza in France of 1993. He also currently holds a post as Japan's Representative Member of CID-UNESCO, promoting Art Cultural Exchange internationally to become a bridge between Japan and abroad through dance since 1996.

David Holley

Mr.Holley worked as a foreign correspondent for the Los Angeles Times from 1987 to 2007, based in Beijing, Tokyo, Warsaw and Moscow. Since 2008 he has taught a variety of courses at Waseda University's School of International Liberal Studies, including Russian history, Chinese politics and American politics.

Yumiko Murakami

Ms.Murakami is the Head of OECD Tokyo Centre. Her responsibility is to increase OECD’s relevance and impact in the Japanese and South East Asian region, direct the activities of the OECD Tokyo Centre, and develop a strategic approach to stakeholder engagement and media relations in Japan and across the region.

Ninja Beats from SMC Feat. Hibiki Kubo

‘Ninja Beats’—started from the club of Waseda University School of International Liberal Studies name ‘SILS MUSIC CLUB’ that consists of ukulele (Shin Kimura) and beat box (Yuya Goto)—collaborates with shamisen (Hibiki Kubo). Modern beat box and technological effect will totally change your image of traditional ukulele and shamisen. Present and past, East and West, performers and audiences—will all connected by the innovative sound.

Jeffrey Jousan

Mr.Jousan has produced eight films about Tohoku in the past 3 years. Including the award winning, Then and Now, Women of Fukushima, Alone in the Zone and the soon to be released Tohoku Laughing. He will be speaking about his experiences in the disaster area and share what he has learned from the amazing people of Tohoku.

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Tokyo, Japan
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  • Rick Gao
  • Kohei Okusa
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