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This event occurred on
October 5, 2014
9:00am - 9:00pm BST
(UTC +1hr)
Salford, MAN
United Kingdom

We are delighted to bring to you the fourth version of TEDxSalford - the independently arranged conference licensed by TED and one of the largest TEDx events in Europe. We bring you some of the world's top speakers and awe-inspiring performers from across the globe right here in MediaCityUK. Our previous events hosted talks from leading luminaries and personalities such as Thad Starner, Ron Garan and Ken Shamrock amongst various other charismatic speakers and performers from over three different continents. We promise to bring you a much larger, better and more interactive experience this time for TEDxSalford IV!

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The Lyric Theatre
The Lowry
Pier 8 The Quays
Salford, MAN, M50 3AZ
United Kingdom
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Tawakkol Karman

Tawakkol Karman was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 in recognition of her work in non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peacebuilding work in Yemen. Upon being awarded the prize, Tawakkol became the first Yemeni, the first Arab woman, and the second Muslim woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize, as well as the youngest Nobel Peace Laureate to date, at the age of 32. Karman is a mother of three as well as a human rights activist, journalist, politician, President of Women Journalists Without Chains organization and senior member of the Al-Islah political party. She is a member of the advisory board for the Transparency International organization and for several international Human Rights NGOs. Bold and outspoken, Karman has been imprisoned on a number of occasions for her pro-democracy, pro-human rights protests. Amongst Yemen’s Youth movement, she is known as “Mother of the Revolution,” “The Iron Woman” and recently, “the Lady of the Arab Spring.” A journalist by profession and human rights activist by nature, Karman responded to the political instability and human rights abuses in Yemen by mobilizing others and reporting on injustices. She has entered into many dialogues and written several articles, calling for abandonment of extremism, violence and terrorism, for the dialogues between religions, sects and for co-existence between the peoples, cultures and civilizations.

Massimo Marchiori

Professor Massimo Marchiori is an Italian mathematician and computer scientist currently a research scientist at the MIT Computer Science Lab and research professor at the University of Venice. He was the creator of HyperSearch, a search engine where the results were based not only on single page ranks, but on the relationship between single pages and the rest of the Web. Afterwards, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin cited HyperSearch when they introduced PageRank, Google’s magic formula that sorts Web pages by counting the number and quality of links to each from around the Internet. Massimo has been chief editor of the world standard for privacy on the Web (P3P), and co-author of the companion APPEL specification. The computer scientist has also developed the World Wide Web Consortiums Internet privacy standards. He has also been awarded the TR35 prize by Technology Review (the best 35 researchers in the world under the age of 35). Professor Marchiori is currently focusing on XML, semantic web, privacy, query languages, search engines, information retrieval, knowledge management, social technologies, mobile technology, complex systems, counter-terrorism & small-world systems.

Brooke Magnanti

Brooke Magnanti, one of Observer’s “Faces of 2009” and Guardian newspaper’s “Best British Weblog 2003,” is a research scientist and author, having obtained her doctorate in Forensic Pathology from the University of Sheffield, and author of The Sex Myth, a popular science book looking at the impact of topics such as sex work and adult entertainment from an evidence based point of view. While completing her doctoral studies, Magnanti supplemented her income by working as a London call girl known by the working name Taro. Her diary, published as the anonymous blog, Belle de Jour: Diary of a London Call Girl, became increasingly popular as speculation surrounded the identity of Belle de Jour and was later adapted into the hit TV series Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Brooke has been featured by more than 100 media outlets including the Sunday Times, Independent,New Scientist, Grazia, The Scotsman, HardTalk, Sky News, This Week and Newsnight. She is a columnist for the Telegraph’s Wonder Women, former science editor of Cliterati, and has contributed pieces to the Guardian, Big Issue, and Town. Brooke was featured in an episode of Stephen Fry’sPlanet Word and is a popular public speaker on the themes of biometric and forensic science, sexualisation and popular culture, and internet anonymity and identity.

Jack Sim

Jack Sim, also known as ‘Mr Toilet, is the founder of the World Toilet Organization. By age 40, Jack Sim was a successful entrepreneur running 16 businesses. He had enough money to retire, so he started searching for a neglected cause to which he could devote his time and effort. Realizing that people don’t want to talk about toilets, he set about making the humble commode into a media darling, founding the World Toilet Organization in 2001 and holding a special day every year to draw attention to sanitation. This year, the United Nations voted to make World Toilet Day, 19 November, an official UN observance. He wants to restructure the field of sanitation worldwide. Providing humanity with clean, safe and convenient toilets is a familiar goal, but it remains a distant one because of cultural taboos, poor funding and a lack of political will. About 40 percent of humanity still lives without access to improved sanitation, and Jack believes the only way to meet the immense demand is through an orchestrated global campaign and the use of market forces to bring sanitation to everyone. Sim was named one of the Heroes of the Environment for 2008 by TIME Magazine.

Juliet Mitchell

Professor Juliet Mitchell is a renowned British psychoanalyst and social feminist She is a Fellow of the International Psychoanalytical Association and the British Psychoanalytical Society. She is also an Emeritus Professor of Psychoanalysis and Gender Studies, University of Cambridge where she is a Founder-Director of the Centre for Gender Studies. Among her widely translated books are: Women: the Longest Revolution, Psychoanalysis and Feminism, Mad Men and Medusas, Siblings, Sex and Violence. She is best known for her book ‘Psychoanalysis and Feminism. Freud, Reich, Laing and Women’ (1974), in which she tried to reconcile psychoanalysis and feminism at a time when many considered them incompatible. Peter Gay considered it ‘the most rewarding and responsible contribution” to the feminist debate on Freud, both acknowledging and rising beyond Freud’s male chauvinism in its analysis.

Sophia Wallace

Sophia Wallace is an American conceptual artist and photographer. Through the use of images, video and mixed media, she explores alterity. Wallace’s focus is how otherness is constructed visually on the gendered, sexualized, racialized body. Wallace has presented her work in major exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad, including Kunsthalle Wien Museum, Art Basel Miami, Scope NY, Taschen Gallery and Aperture Gallery among others. She was awarded PDN’s Curator Award, Critic’s Pick by the Griffin Museum, American Photography AP-25 and ArtSlant’s Showcase Award. Her work has been reviewed in BLOUIN Art Info, The New Yorker, Salon, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Hyperallergic and Bitch Magazine, among other publications. Recently, Wallace received critical acclaim and viral exposure for ‘Cliteracy’, a project addressing citizenship and body sovereignty using the medium of text-based objects, unauthorized street installation and interactive sculptural forms. Wallace holds a BA from Smith College and an MA in Photography from NYU and the International Center of Photography. In 2012, she was a Van Lier Fellow. Recent residencies include the Art Law Residency, Wassaic Residency and the Artist Lab Residency at CENTER.

James Glattfelder

First, a physicist and then a researcher at a Swiss hedge fund, James B. Glattfelder found himself amazed by the level of understanding we have in regards to the physical world and universe around us. He wondered: how can we move toward a similar understanding of human society? This question led him to the study of complex systems, a subject he now holds a Ph.D in from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Glattfelder is co-head of quantitative research at Olsen Ltd in Zurich, an FX investment manager focusing on market-stabilizing algorithms. In 2011, he co-authored the study “The Network of Global Corporate Control,” which went viral in the international media and sparked many controversial discussions. The study looked at the architecture of ownership across the globe, and computed a level of control exerted by each international player. The study revealed that less than 1% of all the players in the global economy are part of a highly interconnected and powerful core which, because of the high levels of overlap, leaves the economy vulnerable. He aims to give us a richer, data-driven understanding of the people and interactions that control our global economy. He does this not to push an ideology — but with the hopes of making the world a better place

Jack Andraka

A paper on carbon nanotubes, a biology lecture on antibodies and a flash of insight led 15-year-old Jack Andraka to design a cheaper, more sensitive cancer detector. After Andraka’s proposal to build and test his idea for a pancreatic cancer detector was rejected from 199 labs, the teen landed at Johns Hopkins. There, he built his device using inexpensive strips of filter paper, carbon nanotubes and antibodies sensitive to mesothelin, a protein found in high levels in people with pancreatic cancer. When dipped in blood or urine, the mesothelin adheres to these antibodies and is detectable by predictable changes in the nanotubes’ electrical conductivity. In preliminary tests, Andraka’s invention has shown 100 percent accuracy. It also finds cancers earlier than current methods, costs a mere 3 cents and earned the high schooler the 2012 Intel Science Fair grand prize. He has been featured in several documentaries including Morgan Spurlock’s Sundance Film Festival entry “ You don’t know Jack”, Linda Peters’ award winning film “Just Jack” as well on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, CNN, BBC, Fox, Rede Record de Televisão and many radio, newspaper and magazine articles around the world

Robin Ince

Robin Ince is a British stand-up comedian, actor and writer. On his own and as part of the BBC4 radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage, Robin Ince makes science-friendly comedy with pals like Brian Cox, Ben Goldacre and Simon Singh. TIMC just won the Best Speech Programme at the 2011 Sony Radio Awards, the first science program to win in … aeons. They recently took the show on the road as “Uncaged Monkeys,” about which the Telegraph’s critic said, “I was expecting more knickers thrown at the stage, to be honest.” Onstage, Ince conducts live experiments into the science of comedy and laughter. He and his team set out to discover secret of timing, discover if people are born funny, and if computers can tell jokes. He says: “Most scientists I know have movies and novels in their houses, whereas there are novelists whose houses I’ve been to who don’t have any science books.”

Bruce Hood

Bruce Hood is an academic, writer and presenter whose work is focused on cognitive development. He earned his Ph.D. from Cambridge University, has worked at MIT and Harvard and is currently chair of developmental psychology in society at the University of Bristol. His research interests include the cognitive processes behind adult magical thinking and is the author of three popular science books: SuperSense, The Self Illusion and The Domesticated Brain. Bruce has been awarded the Alfred Sloan Fellowship in neuroscience, the Young Investigator Award from the International Society of Infancy Researchers, the Robert Fantz memorial award and is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science. He is also a Fellow of the Society of Biology (UK) and the Royal Institution of Great Britain. He has made numerous radio and TV appearances on shows like Radio Four’s Infinite Monkey Cage and BBCs The One Show and Science Club. In 2011 he was selected to present the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures broadcast on both BBC Four and BBC Two and generated the largest viewing audience since the Christmas Lectures returned to the BBC.

Caprice Bourret

Caprice became a household name around the world through her modelling and media appearances. Arriving in England from Southern California she became one of the most photographed women in the world appearing on over 300 magazine covers. Following her success as a model she added a variety of television appearances to her media portfolio. Voted GQ Magazine’s Woman of the Year and Maxim’s International Woman of the Year 3 years running she appeared in a documentary for Channel 4 ‘Being Caprice’ and featured in many other prime time shows. For her acting career she received rave reviews in London’s West End playing the lead role in The Vagina Monologues and the musical ‘Rent’, and her life currently revolves around running and financing her own company ‘By Caprice’ which has grown since it’s inception in 2006 to include lingerie, swimwear, sleepwear and bedding. All her products are designed, modelled, financed and marketed by Caprice herself.

Jay Bregman

Jay Bregman is the Founder / CEO of Hailo – a network that matches passengers and licensed taxi drivers using a tool which helps to make cabbies’ days more sociable – and profitable. Hailo has raised $50M in investment from an all-star cast of investors including Union Square Ventures, Accel Partners, Wellington Partners, Atomico Ventures, Richard Branson and KDDI. Together they’ve funded Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Tumblr, founded Skype, and brought loads of other fanatistic companies to life all over the world. Previously Jay founded which was voted London’s most inspirational business by the Evening Standard in 2007. The idea for this business came from a personal frustration with same day couriers. So he decided to do something and act on his frustration. The result is a 6m business built in four years, recently ranked 53rd on the Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 and sixth on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 rankings of the fastest-growing and most innovative technology companies in the country. Mr. Bregman holds a B.A. from Dartmouth College and an MSc from the London School of Economics. Jay was named on the Times’ 100 People to Watch in 2012.

Lucy Hawking

Author Lucy Hawking writes adventures stories which aim to make astrophysics, astronomy and cosmology entertaining and accessible to young readers. She has now written four books in the ‘George’ series, working with her father, Stephen Hawking and a range of other high level scientists who contribute their research to the books. The books are published in 38 languages and are popular around the world. Lucy Hawking studied Modern Languages at Oxford University before going to City University in London to follow a professional journalism training course. Before moving into publishing, Lucy wrote for many newspapers and magazines in the United Kingdom as well as working for New York Magazine in the USA. As an author, Lucy has toured the world, giving popular talks on physics, astronomy and cosmology to young audiences. She was an invited guest speaker at NASA’s 50th birthday celebrations where she gave a talk on engaging young people in science and education. Lucy is also the winner of the Sapio Prize for Popularizing Science 2008.

Kate Russell

Kate Russell has been writing about technology, gaming and the Internet since 1995 and now appears weekly on BBC2 and BBC World News, reporting for technology programme Click. A regular expert on the sofa at ITV’s Daybreak and various other TV and radio stations, she writes columns for National Geographic Traveller magazine and Web User magazine. She got her first break on TV after being encouraged to apply for a job advertising for a “young & funky” female presenter who knew about videogames for a new show on Nickelodeon. Kate got the job and presented the show for three series, co-hosting with Mike McClean and an animated fish called Bert. She was a regular expert on the sofa at ITV’s Daybreak and various other TV and radio stations, she also writes columns for National Geographic Traveller magazine and Web User magazine. Her first book ‘Working the Cloud’ and companion blog was published in March.

Anthony Zboralski

Anthony Zboralski is a computer hacker who has worked as a security expert for nearly 20 years. He has experience performing penetration tests, security assessments and related services for industries areas ranging from manufacturing through telecommunications and banking to government. Some of his activity as a teen was recorded by security expert and technologist Bruce Schneier: “In 1994, a French hacker named Anthony Zboralski called the FBI office in Washington, pretending to be an FBI representative working at the U.S. embassy in Paris. He persuaded the person at the other end of the phone to explain how to connect to the FBI’s phone conferencing system.” Since then Zboralski has turned his attention to information security. He has assisted numerous governments and dozens of Fortune 500 companies to help test the security of systems and highlight their vulnerabilities. He is now founder and CEO of Belua, an experimental search engine dubbed “the anti-google project”.

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