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Theme: 話你知 Talk to the world

Tianjin, 12, China
May 18th, 2014

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Confirmed Speakers

  • WEI
    Wei, a dream illustrator as she puts it in her self-introduction on guokr.com, is now a freelance painter/artist. She presented her dreams and some theoretical models in her past works. Currently, she is working on a project called "A Conversation", which demonstrates her exploration on art work as a way to communicate and interact. In her talk, she will be focus on the "growth track" of this project, while discussing her views on the above topic.
  • Hengyu Lu
    As the co-founder of L2 Studio, Lu Hengyu with his partner is displaying an ambitious plan of Chinese animation films to the whole industry.Only on one online video website, his latest work "One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes" has been viewed for more than 20 million times and this animation has totally stimulated a heated discussion of this new internet culture phenomenon. In his talk, he will express his thoughts on the revolution of the relationship between animation and new media. Also, he will use his own experience to introduce the current situations of Chinese anime industry and the living condition of individual studios so that he can offer a holistic view on how animation can change the way of people's life.
  • Zhuorui Deng
    Deng Zhuorui, a young conductor, initiated the Musical Natives plan in 2012. He devoted his experience of music activities with the current situation of English learning to his motivation, offering a specific platform for all the young musicians to communicate, learn and create with each others. This platform wish all the musicians focus and discover the essential spirit of learning and get rid of fickleness from modern civilization, thus finally becoming a Musical Native not being domesticated by the outside.Meanwhile, the plan intends to covey this idea to all the people who want to understand music: music doesn't belong to talents. but a subject that can be learned by a method.In his talk, he will share the process that how this idea occurred to him and experience of several vital works' performances after implementing the plan.
  • Meili Xiao
    Xiao Meili, a young Chinese feminist aged 24, has been appealing for women 's equal rights in education, enjoying public services, domestic violence, and fighting against cultural double standards. In her latest activism she hiked for 2300 kilometers from Beijing to Guangzhou, a journey lasted for 6 months, to prove that women can also go long-distance hiking without worrying about sexual assaults and to raise awareness on sexual assaults and violence against women.

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Nankai University
Tianjin, 12,

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