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Theme: Stop.Start!

October 17, 2014
8:30am - 5:00pm (UTC +2hrs)
Zürich, ZH
This event is invite-only.

TEDxZurich is having its fifth anniversary in 2014 – we are so much looking forward to celebrating it with you. This year's event is held under the theme Stop.Start! Our era is often said to be a time of rapid technological change, but at the same time we are facing changes that are equally dramatic. Our communities, both locally and globally face many challenges today when it comes to social matters, politics, health, sustainable consumption, global warming or sustainable agriculture to name just a few. Solving these issues requires taking risks on new ideas, approaches and initiatives. What does this mean? We may need to stop doing x before we start doing y, think differently or upside down, get rid of an obstacle or get out of our comfort zone. With this theme we want to inspire the TEDx Zurich community to stop waiting and start doing, to stop doubting and start believing, to stop wasting and start saving or to simply start listening to the exciting ideas and perspectives of others! Hearing about the ideas worth spreading of our amazing speakers this year shall motivate you to rethink your attitudes or perspectives about a certain topic or to become aware of things you may not have been noticing before. <iframe width="425" height="239" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/GR36jRI0c8E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

SRF studios / tpc
Fernsehstrasse 1 - 4
Zürich, ZH, 8052
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Organizing team


Zurich, Switzerland
  • Nicolas Blanchard
  • Brian Clampet
  • Pia Eggimann
    Location & Catering
  • Karin Friedli
  • Dania Gerhardt
  • Melanie Kovacs
  • Daniela Luzanin
  • Oliver Mulle
    Finance & Legal
  • David Nydegger
    Head of Committee