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Theme: Limitless

This event occurred on
April 19, 2014
2:30pm - 9:30pm IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)
Bangalore, KA

Limitless - Dream. Defy. Discover.
There is absolutely no bound to possibilities, opportunities, efforts and the level to which we can rise up. But at every step we need to stop accepting things the way they are and sail smoothly through the raging rapids. By mirroring yourself as these speakers, you would know how they discovered themselves and found their purpose in life. We all have a path to trace and a destination to reach. Don't forget to dream because it's all about beginning with the end in mind. We believe that this exhilarating event will trigger a spark of inspiration in you to probably create your own boulevard where no one walked, leaving your worthy footprints on the sands of time.

PESIT-Bangalore South Campus
PES College Road
Hosur Road Campus(1km from Electronic City)
Bangalore, KA, 560100
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Shyam Bhat

Dr Shyam Bhat is a psychiatrist and physician. He has a special interest in identity and culture. He is a published writer and was host of Heartline, India's first live call in radio show with a psychiatrist.

Nicole Faria

Nicole Faria was twenty years old when she was crowned MISS EARTH 2010 in Vietnam beating contestants from 83 countries around the world to win India's first Miss Earth title. Nicole might be considered a celebrity but she thinks of herself as a campaigner for the Youth and the Women of India and is an ardent warrior for the conversation of the environment, she dearly refers to as Mother Earth.

Yasmin Claire Kazi

Yasmin is a professional musician, singer, composer, producer, poet, writer (better known as "The Drummeress"). Her soulful and explosive drum performances and compositions have inspired a generation of a Indian drummers. What surprises most people about Yasmin is the fact that she is a former IISc Researcher with a Master's Degree in Applied Genetics. Such a vibrant contrast in her character is also magnified by the fact that she is half-Indian and half-British, has lived in 5 countries, speaks 5 international languages. Recently back from studying music and working in Hollywood, she returns as an IT Project Manager to the city she has spent many years of her life in and has a story for everyone on the ups and downs of the mind that dreams.

Saad Khan

Saad Khan is an Indian film director, screenwriter, acting teacher, founder & creative head of Centerstage, a new wave media movement that aims to create paid media opportunities in Bangalore. He has also started a production house called Gold Chase Motion Pictures which focuses on visual media. Taking support of a funny bone, Saad directs and hosts the popular comedy show 'The Improv'.

Aal & Sunil

They call themselves the negative vibe, started off almost a year ago and have performed at 40 events in the past year. The highlight of their careers was making it to the semi finals of a national television reality show called India's Got Talent. Aal & Sunil are Bangalore's most upcoming and talented beatboxers.

Nishesh Mehta

Nishesh is a co-founder of NextDrop, a start-up that uses mobiles phones to create a smart grid for urban water distribution. There, he focuses on product and business development. Before taking the plunge as an enterpreneur, Nishesh traveled and worked in 13 countries on water and energy infrastructure and employed ICT for improving developmental outcomes.

Akkai Padmashali

Akkai is a transgender activists who focuses on Advocacy of Gender and Sexual Minorities community with Political leaders, political parties, Chief Ministers, Chief Secretaries, Judiciary, Bureaucrats, Media etc and with different sections of the society. Working for social justice and social inclusion, lobbying for opportunities in the mainstream sector for the oppressed communities. She was recently invited by the President of India to attend the Swearing in Ceremony of the Ex Hon'ble Chief Justice Shri Altamas Kabir, Supreme Court of India.

Rajeswari Kannan

She recently co-founded an imaging startup called LensBricks headquartered at Boston with RnD operations at Bangalore. She was previously head of Media Technologies Lab at Nokia Research Centre, Bangalore, researching on various imaging topics at the intersection of hardware and software. She comes with a decade of experience in consumer industry with strong track record in technology transfers to business units, vendor collaborations and launching camera innovations to market. She has received Pillar of Research and Nokia Innovation Oscar awards. Her interest area spans computational imaging, computer vision, product design and community building.

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Bangalore, India
  • Surabhi Subramanya
  • Shreya S
  • Sandesh Gade
    Digital Strategist
  • Arjav Jain
    Speaker Curation
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    Creative Director
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