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This event occurred on
June 7, 2014
11:00am - 6:30pm CDT
(UTC -5hrs)
San Miguel de Allende, GUA

Despacio. We are increasingly aware that the acceleration of our lives is exacting a toll on us -- as individuals, as a society, and as a living planet. Exponential technologies of communication, production and consumption have caught us in a whirlwind of exchange without pause or place. We now fear that we are becoming servants of technologies designed to serve us – that we are communicating without connection, producing without reason, consuming without satiation...

Recent years have witnessed a florescence of movements that push back against this seemingly ineluctable acceleration: Slow Living, Downshifting, Digital Detox, Buy Local…

De:Spacio is a contribution to these movements of critical resistance, with an emphasis on the intersections of the temporal with the spatial. For to be successful, these movements must help us to foster a new sense of our lives in both time and space. In a word, this new sense could be called: ‘presence’.

De:Spacio is at one level a temporality - it is about slowing down, about being 'present' in the moment. But at another level, De:Spacio is also about realizing the potential of our locality, about nurturing connectedness to our 'presence' in space. To hold onto ourselves and each other in this rapidly changing world, we must learn how to remain present - both here and now. Without it, we will lose ourselves, and the world we hold dear.

Cines Los Aldama
San Francisco 2 Zona Centro
San Miguel de Allende, GUA, 37700
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Anado McClaughlin

Anado McLauchlin is an Assemblage/Mosaic Artist living in La Cieneguita, Mexico near San Miguel de Allende. Along with his husband Richard Schultz and his assistant Carlos Ramirez Galvan, Anado has been constructing a Multi- Dimensional Artist Folly known as Casa de Las Ranas which houses the Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery where Anado presents his work and the Art of other internationally acclaimed artists and photographers. Thirteen years into construction and going strong, Casa de Las Ranas has become an international destination for those seeking Art from the Outlander Regions. Anado prefers the “Road Less Travelled” and no longer needs a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Azucena Cabrera

Azucena Cabrera, spent her childhood in the countryside of Salamanca, Guanajuato, where her father imparted in her a love of the land and an appreciation of its bounty. Her strong connection to the land drove her to pursue agronomy at the University of Guanajuato in 2005. As a student, she stood out from her peers, showing particular interest in issues related to organic agriculture, seed conservation and eliminating the use of life-threatening agrochemicals. In January 2010, she started working as an intern with Vía Orgánica, an A.C. in San Miguel de Allende, focused on natural health and sustainable organic agriculture. Wasting no time, she quickly moved from intern, to educator and production manager of an 8 hectar organic farm school and working ranch located in the Jalpa Valley. Her work with Vía Orgánica, has allowed Azucena and the Vía Orgánica team to inspire and train thousands of Mexicans through workshops promoting urban, community and school gardens. More recently through a weekly radio program, and public television special she is able to share her passion for organic agriculture with thousands more on a weekly basis.

Dylan Terrell

Dylan Terrell has lived and worked in numerous communities throughout Latin America including Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico. He helped to build a community center and health clinic in a low-income community in northwest Indiana, and he worked at an orphanage in Peru where his passion for sustainable development and rural community life first began. Dylan spent several years working for a grassroots, community-based nonprofit in Denver, Colorado, developing various asset-based community programs. In 2009, Dylan moved to Mexico’s southernmost state, Chiapas, to work with a series of rural, indigenous communities to create sustainability and self-sufficiency through the use of appropriate technologies and social development. In April 2011, Dylan moved to San Miguel to act as Program Director for CATIS-Mexico and was more recently named Executive Director. Since 2011, Dylan has helped expand CATIS-Mexico’s programming with a strong emphasis on integrated, multi-disciplinary approaches to water issues in the region. Dylan runs the research and development of CATIS-Mexico’s ceramic water filters, including a low-cost fluoride/arsenic removal adapter with partners at Northern Illinois University; he works extensively in dozens of rural communities, with partners at CEDESA and CODECIN, running water quality testing, community workshops, and filter distribution projects; and he helps to coordinate and quantify data for a human rights program. Dylan is fluent in Spanish, certified in mediation and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), and received his MA in Global Sustainability and Rural Development in 2012 from Regis University in Denver, Colorado, USA. His final thesis analyzed the effects of neoliberal policy on rural Latin America and the implications of rural-to-urban migration on global sustainability.

MIguel Angel Laporta

rchitect Miguel Angel Laporta studied in the Anahuac South University and has an MBA from the Business School of the Universidad San Pablo CEU in Madrid, Spain. Given the social challenges that Mexico is facing, he has devoted his professional life to the development and implementation of various models and social programs in Mexico and Latin America. Miguel Angel is convinced that the development of a country depends not only on the government or macroeconomic factors, but a collection of coordinated efforts between businesses, foundations and governments, but mostly of every citizen. He has developed strategic alliances that have enabled the implementation of various programs focused on education, environment, community and culture generating a high social impact by helping to improve the quality of life of thousands of Mexicans. Miguel Angel Laporta has served as CEO of national foundations such as Un Kilo de Ayuda and the program Ver bien para Aprender mejor. Currently Director of Corporate Sustainability of HSBC and CEO of HSBC Mexico Foundation.

Daniel Pinchbeck

Daniel Pinchbeck is the author of Breaking Open the Head (Broadway Books, 2002) and 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl (Tarcher/Penguin. 2006). He is the Executive Director of Center for Planetary Culture, , a nonprofit think tank. He is the host of the talk show Mind Shift, , produced by GaiamTV. He co-founded – which publishes Reality Sandwich and The Evolver Learning Labs – and The Evolver Network, which organizes local community groups. He was featured in the documentary 2012: Time for Change, directed by Joao Amorim and produced by Mangusta Films.

Alison Bastien

Alison Bastien has degrees in anthropology, professional midwifery (CPM), and childbirth education. For the past 30 years she has lived in San Miguel consulting, teaching, learning, creating herbal products and writing. “Time, Space and Knowing: Paradigms in Birth and Health” The spiral, the circle, and brain waves in relation to lifes wisdom at living through us.

The New History) Cross and Turk

Harley & Lauren (aka The New History) gave a a talk on collaborative music and how technology is allowing musicians to transcend the limitations of time and space to create a new era of extraordinary collaboration! They will also premiere a new collaborative song as an expansion of the Play With Us project. Lauren Turk is an American business consultant, event producer and singer-songwriter. She released her first EP in July 2013, entitled “Forward”, and is currently working with East West studios on a Motown inspired album. Lauren started the band “The New History” with Harley Cross in 2014. They recently returned from a European tour and are working on their forthcoming album. By day, Lauren works for the Los Angeles based creative-strategic design agency, Pull Experience Inc. She was a project manager for No Right Brain Left Behind’s “Salamander Project” in 2014. This LA2050Goldhirsh Foundation grant-winning project (in collaboration with Green Dot Public Schools), has opened the door to blending her passion for philanthropy with projects in education. She is currently developing music programming for students in underprivileged schools. Lauren s a two-time Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship awardee. She holds two bachelor’s degrees (Communications and Business/French) and one master’s degree (Political Science) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Sciences-Po Paris.

Paradox Pollock

Paradox Pollack is currently working in Hollywood as an actor, fight choreographer, producer and movement director. He is one of the producers developing Starhawk’s beloved novel “The Fifth Sacred Thing” into a feature film. Paradox has worked directly with some of the biggest names in Hollywood including actors Robin Williams, Will Smith, Rene Russo, Chris Hemsworth, and Tom Hiddleston, directors JJ Abrams and Kenneth Branagh, and legendary stunt coordinator Vic Armstrong. His extensive 30-year career in the performing arts created the foundation for his work in film. Paradox has dedicated his entire life to create works of art, and evolve practices that serve humanity. To further this commitment he is developing COINE, a social media application, which cultivates human attention, integration and action toward individual and environmental health. Since 1990 Paradox has been a student and practitioner of the ancient Balinese ritual art of the Kecak (also known as the Monkey Chant) and has brought it to such diverse contexts as prisons, festivals, schools and business retreats. With this practice he has brought the wisdom of village ritual to a modern context and is very excited to share his insights and findings through the venue of TEDx.

Jorge Cervera Hauser

Jorge Cervera Hauser studied Communication in Mexico and Cinematography in Madrid. He worked in major advertising agencies, as well as in the production of commercials and television, then he found Calypso Media in 2009. On the side of conservation and wildlife documentation, he participates in 2007 for two months in a production of Discovery in South Africa, and joins the ranks of Pelagic Life in 2012, where today he co-directs the project Al Llamado del Tiburón, and produces Mexico Pelagic documentary.

Feggy Ostrosky

Feggy Ostrosky is Professor of Neuropsychology at the Faculty of Psychology of the National University of Mexico, where she is also Head of the Neuropsychology and Psychophysiology laboratory of the Graduated School. She obtained her BS in Psychology, has graduated studies (Master and Ph.D.) from the Department of Communicative Disorders, at Northwester University, Evanston Illinois, and also received a Ph.D. in Biomedicine from the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Mexico. Her primary interest includes the development of neuropsychological tests for Spanish speaking population, the study of cultural and educational effects on neuropsychological testing, and neuropsychological and psychophysiological profiles of several neuropsychiatry and medical disorders (Violence and antisocial individuals, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Schizophrenia). She has published 23 books, 5 neuropsychological tests that have been standardized in Spanish speaking population according to age and educational level, and over 340 journal articles and chapters in National and International Journals with peer review. She has received several awards, is member of several national and international scientific committees and holds the higher position within the National System of Research of Mexico (Level III).

Jorge Soto

Jorge Soto is an Electronics Engineer from Tec de Monterrey and recently graduated from the Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University in 2013. He co-founded CitiVox and since then has been involved in several organizations that use technology to encourage civic participation to improve the communication between citizens and their institutions. In July 2013 he co-founded mirOculus in California, a biotechnology company that uses microRNA in the blood stream to identify the presence of different types of cancer in very early stage with one single, non-invasive, accessible and accurate test. Since September 2013, he returned to Mexico and became the Deputy General Director of Civic Innovation of the Coordination of the National Digital Strategy at the President’s Office with the objective to develop strategies and projects that encourage civic participation, transparency, accountability and innovation in Mexico. Jorge is an Endeavor Global entrepreneur, an Ashoka Fellow, Sandboxer, MIT TR35 and a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and Global Shaper.

Joyce Vázquez

Joyce is an enthusiastic young physician who loves life, learning and striving for excellence and is eager to apply knowledge for the development and improvement of humankind. I currently work with Jaime Shalkow M.D, the Federal Director of the Pediatric Cancer Program nationwide, and at the Pediatric Surgical Oncology Department at ABC Medical Center, we are part of the team of autologous hematopoietic progenitor stem cell transplantation program for helping childhood cancer patient in need and epidemiologic research. I have published 6 papers on peer-reviewed medical journals and on-line medical books.

Joyce Vázquez

Joyce is an enthusiastic young physician who loves life, learning and striving for excellence and is eager to apply knowledge for the development and improvement of humankind. I currently work with Jaime Shalkow M.D, the Federal Director of the Pediatric Cancer Program nationwide, and at the Pediatric Surgical Oncology Department at ABC Medical Center, we are part of the team of autologous hematopoietic progenitor stem cell transplantation program for helping childhood cancer patient in need and epidemiologic research. I have published 6 papers on peer-reviewed medical journals and on-line medical books.

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