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Theme: 以“蜕”为进

This event occurred on
June 14, 2014
12:00am - 12:00am (UTC +8hrs)

TEDxLujiazui 以“蜕”为进Embrace Change 汉,“以退为进”言出汉代杨雄之《法言》,其儒风思想影响华夏几千年。今,陆家嘴如璀璨明珠置于迷魅申城之核、浦江急弯之畔,谱写当今最“化茧成蝶”的蜕变传奇。而中国人此时也同样亲历着光速般的变革,选择成功之后固守,还是从心思考、用真行事、以蜕为进?也成了人们拥抱变化中的两难选择。 “以蜕为进”为题的TEDxLujiazui,将人置于纷繁复杂、激烈变化的社会环境中,邀请演讲人用最“真”的故事、最“心”的表达,聊聊他们如何理解变化、拥抱变化,通过实现自己与他人的蜕变真正融入到变化中去。 不言退,让我们一起为进而“蜕”。 从“心”思考 Enlighten with heart 用“真”行事 Endeavor for Authenticity 以“蜕”为进 Embrace Change 关于TEDx陆家嘴 TEDx陆家嘴是一个关注人在社会变革中如何的演进的TEDxLujiazui活动。活动邀请包括企业家、经理人、职场人士、艺术家、社会活动家等社会各界人士,从教育、金融、医疗、互联网等各个影响人与社会关系的领域,以创新、娱乐、设计的TED基本观来呈现他们的最“真”的故事。活动旨在传播可以给予人启迪的最真实的经历、思想、工具等。 TEDxLujiazui – Embracing Change Throughout the history, China has experienced tremendous changes and the people have always coped with these changes over the years. Today, we are facing an unprecedented fast changing world. It is more important than ever that not only could we cope with change, but also have the ability to understand change, embrace change and ultimately be part of the change. Symbolizing China’s rapid economic and financial development, Shanghai’s Lujiazui is viewed as an icon of change. Therefore, TEDxLujiazui, with Embracing Change as its theme, invites speakers from all walks of life to share their unique experience and insight on some of the challenges they face in the process of change,how they prepare for complexities associated with change, and how they have successfully transformed themselves by embracing and being part of the change. About TEDxLujiazui TEDxLujiazui is a conference that explores how people are reacting to societal change. It is an event where bright ideas and deep insights intersect, inspire and promote the TED way. Topics range from internet, finance, healthcare, and education, to personal development. Our speakers include entrepreneurs, artists, social activists, managers and professionals.

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Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
  • Sally wu
    Co-curator / Executive
  • Clark Sun
    Speaker Organizer
  • Joey Cai
    Audience Organizer
  • Jie Lan
  • Judy Pan
    Speaker Organizer
  • Vivian Chang
    Speaker Organizer
  • Jenny Zhao
  • Jojo Yu
  • Kaya Gao
    Audience Organizer
  • Ken Zhu
    Volunteer Organizer
  • Amy Yan
    Volunteer Organizer
  • Fiona Wang
    Sponsorship/Event Management
  • Fanfan Zhao
    Branding / Marketing