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Theme: Beyond

This event occurred on
February 11, 2015
8:00am - 6:00pm CST
(UTC -6hrs)
Belen Heredia, H
Costa Rica

We bold, passionate, creative and optimistic; we are going beyond what's expected and seen before, past tense is forbidden. We are empowering tomorrow and moving to a future to never turn back.

Intel Corporation Belen Campus
Belen Heredia, H
Costa Rica
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Corporate (What is this?)
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Vince Guglielmetti

Vince loves spending time with his family and whenever he gets a chance he likes playing basketball or baseball. He expects an event that really showcases the amazing minds and creativity in Costa Rica. He doesn’t have just one favorite TED talk, there’s too many to enjoy!.

Mauricio Varela

Mauricio is a fervent music listener, he enjoys going to live shows and discover new bands and sounds. He is also a soccer armchair analyst, enjoys photography once in a while and watching a lot of movies and TV shows (he is looking forward to House of card’s new season). TEDx is about knowing and sharing stories that otherwise would not see the light, about the lives of speakers and attendees. All this stories serve as sparks that light new success stories. His favorite TED talk is Start with the why by Simon Sinek. A must watch presentation. It shows that it is not enough knowing what you do or how you do it, the key is in why you do it. He expects for this event to be a springboard for Intel Costa Rica’s new era.

Arturo Londono

Arturo’s hobbies include playing guitar, listening to music, playing tennis, golf and watching movies. His passion involves around energizing people and organizations while embracing. His favorite TEDx Talk is The Transformative Power of Classical Music. Some of his expectations about this event in Intel are to hear spectacular ideas that will take us to make things different. The part that is most exciting about TEDx Intel Heredia for Arturo is the opportunity to learn and energize himself with excellent speakers.

Meredith Alfaro

On her free time, Meredith likes hanging out with her 5 dogs, she likes going out but lately she prefers just relaxing at home and spending time with her boyfriend and mom. She is a professional makeup artists so her weekends are full with makeup gigs. Her favorite TED talk is “Why thinking you’re ugly is bad for you”. She hopes to learn a lot from the event, listen to ideas that she hasn't heard of before, she wants to be able to question many things about the talks. What most excites her about our TEDx event is taking the risk of doing her talk, it’s a challenge that scares her and is a personal satisfaction to face it.

Marialex Feoli

Marialex's hobbies are traveling around the world, working out (playing tennis, spinning and going to the gym), dancing and spending time with her family, especially with her 2 children, Fernanda and Antonio. Some of Marialex´s expectations about TEDx Intel Heredia are to learn, to listen different perspectives and to inspire someone to do something they haven’t had the courage to do. Leaving a legacy to the audience is what drove Marialex’ motivation to participate in this event.

Jose Nunez

Jose likes spending his time playing guitar, singing in choir, going to the beach, spending time with his children and enjoying nature. His favorite TED Talk is “Embrace the near win”. He thinks that a microphone is a very powerful instrument that can reach and influence people, as speaker is a great opportunity to do just this and add to our ‘beyond’ theme. What he expects the most from our TEDx event is to see something valuable from people he admires and to use that to enrich his life.

Felix Suarez

Felix is fan of reading, movies and running. He enjoys spending time as well with his family and and youngest sister. His favorite TED talk is “Space Trek: How to defend the earth from Asteroids.” His expectations for TEDx Intel Heredia are to learn, inspire himself and meet great people. He is very excited and motivated about the chance to teach something that he is very passionate about.

Jose Torres

Jose's hobbies include photography and scuba diving. His favorite TED talk is “The magic of truth and lies”He sees this event as an opportunity to grow outside of his comfort zone and talk about a new topic for him.

Karla Blanco

Karla is a person pursuing the things that really make her happy. She considers her family and friends as the best network of support that a person could ever ask for. Her son is her biggest inspiration and motivation to live day a day. Karla´s favorite TEDx talk related to the one that she will expose in TEDx Intel Heredia on February, “Why we have few women leaders”, she also likes “also the art of making impossible, possible”. There is something that has Karla very excited about TEDx Intel Heredia and it’s the chance to plant a seed and see it flourish.

Diego Alfaro

Diego's favorite hobbies are reading and music, one of things that he enjoys the most is to play instruments like Guitar, Galician Bagpipes and singing. He has seen a lot of TEDx talks on Netflix and YouTube, but he remembers one that generated an impact on him, it was about the explanation of the plants as living organisms. Diego's most exciting thing about TEDx Intel Heredia is that he will be able to present a topic that lines his biggest passions, the part of the investigation of the topic was very fun for him and now Diego will share all his knowledge in a very interesting talk.

Horazio Alarcon

Horazio loves music and videogames, he hopes to communicate a message that struck a chord for him a while ago and has helped him through life. His favorite TED talks are the 'food matters' playlist.

Juan D Gonzalez

As a hobby Juan Diego is an avid reader and writer, also loves to spend quality time with his family and doing sports on weekends, mostly mountain biking. His favorite TEDx talk is the one called “Happy secret to better work”. His biggest expectation for this event in Intel is to generate a different perspective for the audience. Diego is also very excited to have the chance to talk about a very interesting and controversial topic, which at the same time could resolve an important part of a Global problem.

Jonathan Guevara

Jonathan is an elite volleyball player and a robotics enthusiast. He hopes that with this event we can share and excite others about the technology we might be using in the next 5 years. His favorite talk is Build a tower, build a dream by Tom Wujec.

Kate Toval

Katherine loves dancing a lot, watching movies, reading, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Her favorite TED talk is “Your body language shapes who you are”. TED has many inspiring stories that have touched a lot of people’s lives including hers, for Katherine to have a TEDx event in our site is an opportunity to positively influence others, mainly so we can help each other and enforce our country’s DNA. She is very happy to help in a small way to bring this event to life.

Donnelly Edmond

Donnelly spends most of the time with his family, his 6 nephews in the country take all of his free time. He´s also a huge fan of sports, like baseball, softball and volleyball.

Helmer Marin

Helmer loves spending his free time with his family, Athos (his black Labrador), and friends. He loves going to the beach, traveling, spend most of the time outdoors and play soccer and tennis. One of his main hobbies is to make people laugh and happy in every opportunity he has! Helmer doesn’t really have a favorite TED talk, he says there are so many talks that really motivate you in so many different ways; from improving your eating habits; to stimulating your brain in ways you didn’t know. They help you to continue in the path of self-discovery, improvement, and happiness! He hopes to learn from everyone attending the event, whether they´re a speaker or participant. And if possible, to touch the life of as many people as possible to start the balanced happiness journey! This is his first time participating in any TED or TEDx event, and it’s his first time providing his Balanced Happiness talk; so he is truly excited to be part of the event and be able to share his journey!

Organizing team


San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Gerardo Mora
    Content lead
  • Johanna Vargas
  • Geyner Bermudez
  • Kenny Taylor