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Theme: First Story

This event occurred on
July 6, 2014
1:00pm - 6:00pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Kagoshima, 46

In order to make the most of our time as students of the University of Kagoshima, we wish to provide a platform—a space—to allow students with open minds, minds that think beyond the ridged limitations of the adult corporate world, to express their ideas and their perspectives to a receptive audience. It is almost guaranteed that each member of the audience will come with some sort of problem that needs solving. Sharing our ideas with one another will enable us to solve the problems of not only the distant future, but the immediate future, and our tomorrow.

Kagoshima, 46, 8908580
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Suzuki Asei

Asei Suzuki, born in Shizuoka Japan, graduated from a postgraduate course at Tokyo University of Science. He worked at NAP architectural design office before he founded his own architecture firm, ARAY Architecture. In 2013, in response to the requests from his clients for “an ecological way of living”, he built “SHIRASU”-----an eco-house built by recycling shirasu soil, a special kind of soil which is contained in the volcanic ash of Mt.Sakurajima in kagoshima, Japan. Through the ingenious architecture into which he injects the spirit of mother earth, he presents to us a revolutionary form and concept of “comfort”.

Yamada Issei

Issei Yamada, born in Hiroshima Japan, graduated from agricultural high school and technical school with an emphasis on natural environment education. After working as an interpreter in an environment-educational facility and a wild-animal protector in Amami-Oshima afterwards, he settled in Tarumizu City, kagoshima and started growing organic vegetables. Mr. Yamada has been holding a variety of workshops, as part of his passionate activities for preserving the local ecosystem and country hotel businesses. “Kaeru Sutairu”(Fog Style), is the idea and practice of moving our world in a better direction, from a local agricultural stand point. What values most to us in today’s world? How can each of us make a positive contribution to our world?

Yoshino Sakura

Sakura Yoshino, born in Nishimoro City, Miyazaki Japan, entered the Department of Law and Literature at Kagoshima University after her graduation from Miyazaki Prefectural Tsuma High School. Simply by paying extra attention, our seemingly humdrum routine of everyday life can be full of fascination. Try stopping by the one scene you always pass by casually without paying any attention, as something treasurable might just be lying there awaiting your discovery. She presents to us her unique idea, of how to value what’s treasurable in our life.

Maruyama Shota

Shota Maruyama, graduated from Fukuoka Prefectural Yame High School, and now is majoring in Humanities in the Department of Law and Literature at Kagoshima University, and belongs to International Economics circle. In his third grade of college, he went to Kasetsart University of Bangkok, Thailand. The awareness he developed during his study life in Bangkok led to the unique idea he is about to present to us-----“Praise yourself especially when you fail”. Why this idea matters? Let’s find out from his story.

Yokoyma Haruhiko

Haruhiko Yokoyama, received his doctoral degree of educational psychology at Kyusyu University, worked as an assistant in the Department of Education at Kyusyu University, is now an associate professor of the Department of Law and Literature at Kagoshima University. The world can be so much more variable thus fascinating if we are willing to see things from multiple perspectives. Any new discovery can be made by the simplest things. As a psychologist who studies all living things with a focus on cats, how is the world reflected in his world?

Kubo Rikiya

Rikiya Kubo, the organizer of “Kagoshima 5253 festival”, a gathering which allows graduates to develop a close bond regardless of their Alma Mater. What are the secrets of his extraordinary power to get people involved?


Suntsu magari, started holding fashion shows in her high school days. After graduated from Kagoshima immaculate heart college, she held on to her passion for fashion shows and performances, in addition, she has been creating her own three-dimensional works. “Both cute and cool, and interesting in a somewhat curious way.”----is the kind of costumes she has been trying to design. Faithfully following her own sense of fashion, she is now trying to make her unique mark on the fashion community of Kagoshima.

Ohta Keisuke

Keisuke Ota was born in Kurume and graduated from Chuo University. After graduation, he was a company team member and represented Japan internationally in sports. However, he got laid off when he was in his 20 and had to start over from scratch. After that, he established the T&F club - Sports Communication Circle (SCC). The number of SCC members is currently over 700, and it has become one of the most famous clubs in Japan. His achievement was honored this year by the Japanese government. Ota was an easy pick. As a self-reinvented mover and shaker, he is currently working towards changing the administration of sports in Japan. He is also looking towards the future by making efforts with the federal government to improve physical fitness amongst children. He knows how to start over from scratch, and he can tell us about his experiences in reinvention. Further, he is engaged in the education of children. He has many ideas about changing the way sports and education connect with one other. His ideas about sports have the potential to improve athletics throughout Japan.

Morioka Urara

Urara Morioka was born in Kagoshima. She graduated from the Kagoshima University Department of Information Science and Biomedical Engineering. Her parents run a well-known hotel in Kagoshima. While helping her parents’ business as young hostess, she, on the other hand, works as a system engineer. Morioka has two sides. One side is pushing the frontiers of technology and gender roles as an engineer, and the one side has kept true to the tradition of helping your family business as she works nights as a hostess. Perhaps she could share some insight into how she navigates through the traditional and modern worlds.


The Extreme Ironist Club (EIC)Founder“Extreme Ironing” is an international sports in which the enthusiasts do ironing in all sorts of extreme environments, including summit craters, cliffs, snowy mountains and ocean floors. With an combination of a tough body, spirit and passion, and crucially a great sense of humor to get over the awkwardness, one can get rid of the wrinkles of his/her mind, experience an incredible sense of accomplishment and thrill. MAKI has founded “Extreme Ironist Club”, an organization dedicated to transcending the barriers of race, nationality and language to spread friendships and smiles across the world-----And of course, through the act of ironing. During his “The Ultimate Ironing” with his fellow extreme ironists in the stricken area of the Great Mt.Sakurajima Eruption which occurred 100 years ago, they generated their ultimate idea for motivating people with the power of empathy. Together let’s find out what that is.

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