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Theme: Inside Out

This event occurred on
April 14, 2015
9:00am - 6:00pm IDT
(UTC +3hrs)
Jerusalem, JM

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Hebrew University
Hebrew University
Mount Scopus
Jerusalem, JM, 9190501
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David Broza

Israeli superstar David Broza has been considered one of the most dynamic and vibrant performers in the singer/songwriter world. His charismatic and energetic performances have brought to worldwide audiences, a fusion of the three different countries in which he was raised: Israel, Spain, and England, filling concert halls with his famous guitar playing, ranging from flamenco flavored rhythmic and percussion techniques, to whirlwind finger picking, to a signature rock and roll sound. Broza unites the three worlds by utilizing his ability to take on the troubadour tradition, up to now, featuring lyrics of the worlds’ greatest poets. More than a singer/songwriter, David Broza is also well known for his commitment and dedication to several humanitarian causes, predominantly, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Beginning in 1977, Broza has been working to bring the message of peace to the masses by joining peace movements, and singing what has become the anthem of the Peace process, his hit song, Yihye Tov. In a recent project, Broza has written and recorded with the Palestinian music group, Sabreen, the song ‘Belibi’, that featured Broza and Sabreen’s Wissam Murad, and two children’s choirs, one from each side of the conflict. In Search for Common Ground presented awards to both artists in November of 2006. Broza was awarded a Spanish royal medal of honor, by the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, for his longtime contribution to Israel-Spain relations and his promotion of tolerance. In 2010 Broza released the album “Night Dawn : the unpublished poetry of Townes Van Zandt”. It received world wide critical acclaim. It was a labor of love that took 12 years to complete. In July 2011 the album “Third Language”(Safa Shlishit) was released. It is the first album in which Broza wrote all the lyrics as well as the music. It is in Hebrew and was wholly funded through Kickstarter at a time when crowd funding was barely known and it was considered a pioneering bald move by the artist. The release was followed by an extensive tour in Israel with the band that recorded with Broza in the studio. January 2014 , new release !!!! The album “East Jerusalem West Jerusalem ” is out world wide. The media is eager to report on it and the initial tour in the US includes Israeli-Palestinian singer Mira Awad and a full band. The tour covers NYC, LA, Boston, Chicago and other cities. David Broza is currently touring intensely, presenting the story of the album that was made in the East Jerusalem, Palestinian studio Sabreen , with Israeli, Palestinian and American musicians and produced by Grammy winner artist Steve Earle along with some tracks produced by Steve Greenberg. A documentary covering the process in the studio will be ready for release, soon.

Assaf Granit

My name is Assaf Granit but everyone calls me “Buffalo” . I don’t remember when or how this nickname was born , but It’s pretty accurate. I was born and raised in Jerusalem and i have always loved the city. She is my inspiration. My cooking skills were not acquired through formal education rather from sticking close to my grandmother and wandering through the differentes tastes and scents of jerusalem’s streets. At an early age I found myself working at various restaurants in jerusalem followed by a number of internships in Europe. Upon my return to Israel I became the head chef at “Adom” (“Red”), a renowned Jerusalem restaurant. Taking part of “Krav sakinim” an equivalent similarity to “Iron chef”, Israeli style was next- winning the second season of the show . That put the foot down for “Buffalo” . I always wanted to open my own restaurant and eventually – that dream came true …. With Uri Navon and Yossi” Pappy” Elad as my accomplices, ”Machneyuda” an Israeli culinary refreshing change was born. A restaurant near the market, in all aspects. A Connection which created an interesting encounter between the streets of Jerusalem (a rich subject on its own but lets leave it for another time…) and our experience of the European cooking and dining culture. That created ‘oyster on a freeke base’ making it’s way to table 5 on grandmother’s old brass tray. The interest and appreciation that received “Machneyuda” gave us a strong drive to explore and experience different culinary cultures and participate in unique and renovating events. We opened “Machneyuda’s” younger brother “Yudal’e” – a kitchen Bar that is located across the street from its older example setter. The French restaurant “Mona”, “The Culinary Workshop” and the “Talbiye”- wine bar and kitchen underneath the “Sherover Jerusalem theatre”. We became “The Machneyuda Group”. I recently returned to the small screen as a judge on the Israeli reality TV show “games of chefs” as well as mentoring a team of young and talented chefs to be. In 2014 Assaf opened his restaurant “Palomar” with chef Tomer Amedi in London’s Soho with Israeli aromas.

Henrique Cymerman

Henrique Cymerman is an award-winning journalist and university lecturer who works in 5 languages (hebrew, spanish, portuguese, french and english) and has covered current affairs in the Middle East for 25 odd years. He established relationships of trust with those heading the chief regional political processes in Israel, the Middle East and extended Arab world. Born and raised in Portugal went to Israel when he was 16. His level of analysis is unparalleled and on occasions allows him to serve as a unique bridge between the nations involved in the Middle East and Arab – Israeli conflict. Henrique also plays a role in Judeo-Christian relationships being one of the two closest Jews to the Pope. ​His book “Voices from the center of the World” including interviews with key personages in the region, such as Yasser Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin (last interview alive), Shimon Peres, Ahmed Yassin and Omar Bin Laden, as well as Mahmoud Abbas, was translated into 6 languages and distributed worldwide. Pope Francis named him his “Angel of Peace” in enabling His Holiness’ Pilgrimage to Middle East, and assisting in the Prayer for Peace event which took place in the Vatican last June. He also wrote the book “Francis, From Rome to Jerusalem”, depicting the behind the scenes of the Papal visit last May.

Ilanit Tadmor

An independent artist, choreograph, dancer, lecturer and improvisation and contact-improvisation teacher, in the last twenty years. Graduate from the Jerusalem Music and Dance Academy and winner of “Colors in dancing” (Gvanim Bemachol). Member in the Choreographers Association, and founder of the Contact-Improvisation Association. Teaches in Israel, and worldwide schools. Teacher in festivals, in dancing schools, and in personal development centers. In the year 2005 established PLAY Studio, an independent school for improvisation, contact-improvisation and performing art. Play studio encourages personal growth through the body, movement, improvisation and creative and healing process. Cooperates with Shoham Reshef in an art projects in public spaces in order to connecting people, and creating spaces less alienated. In the last five years leads contact interaction for Jewish-Arabs teenagers with the Palestinian choreographer Rabeah Morkus. This is the way of implementing Ilanit’s vision of connecting people, creating a community and a different dialogue through art, improvisation and touch techniques.

Tsipor Maizlick

She is the owner of a “Consciousness Coaching” business over the past decade; a Master Coach, supervisor and mentor for entrepreneurs, businesses, and teams in Israel and in the world and is a member of the Israeli Coaching Association. Holds a B.A in Psychology and specializes in communication skills training, relationship and crisis-management. Trains and holds workshops for small business owners, organizations, managers and coaches. Together with her business partner Ayelet Hashahar Saidoff, they are currently developing, teaching and integrating women management skills with entrepreneurs, small businesses and organizations. Over the years she studied a wide variety of personal and business coaching methods, in order to understand how we can achieve our desired reality with minimal time and effort. Believe that our reality is a creation of our consciousness being molded over time by our language, choices, actions and relationships.

Dr. Yael Porat

Dr. Yael Porat, PhD, is founder and CEO of BioGenCell Ltd (, a biotechnology company in the field of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. BioGenCell is developing a groundbreaking technology platform for automated production of patient-specific, blood-derived stem-cell-based therapies that will enable physicians to treat patients the day after diagnosis. Dr. Porat, the author of many scientific publications and patents, has MA and PhD degrees in immunology from the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Since 1995 she has established a career in biotechnology companies as an innovator, scientist and director at start-ups and pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Porat worked for XTL Biopharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: XTLB; TASE: XTL; a senior project manager. Thereafter, she served as head of the Global Biological Development Department at Teva Pharmaceuticals Global Innovative R&D Division (NASDAQ: TEVA; Prior to founding BioGenCell, Dr. Porat was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in TheraVitae, where she established the R&D and manufacturing departments. She led the translation of innovative research into the production of clinic grade (GMP-compliant) stem cell-based products used for the treatment of patients with severe cardiovascular diseases. Beyond leading the clinical success, Dr. Porat was responsible for intellectual property (IP) protection initiatives and published many research papers on the breakthroughs. This led to recognition as a Technology Pioneer for 2006 by the World Economic Forum based in Geneva. BioGenCell, founded by Dr. Porat, is poised to create a breakthrough in stem cell therapy for the coming era of personalized medicine. The company’s proprietary technology platform (US patent 8709802) utilizes immune-directed stem cell specific activity to create cell-based products for a wide range of diseases, which will become the treatment of choice for personalized stem cell therapies. BioGenCell’s first line of products targets incurable vascular diseases, typical of diabetes complications such as heart failure, stroke, blindness, Peripheral Artery Disease and its most serious manifestation Critical Limb Ischemia.

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