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Theme: Coding

This event occurred on
March 15, 2014
2:00pm - 6:00pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
Seoul, 11
South Korea

The theme of the 6th TEDxSNU event is "coding". Its original meaning is to change the human language into codes that computers can recognize. Only through coding can the thoughts of a programmer be shown through a computer.
Similarly, processes of coding happen in our society, too. An archaeologist interprets fossils and specifies their significance through the language of history and science. A music composer expresses and codifies a musical image using the language of notes.
By coding a value into a different language, perspective, and action a new meaning is created. Listening to speakers who have coded their values in their very own way, the audience will be able to think about their very own ways of “coding”.

Gaon Hall, SNU Dormitory Building 900
Seoul National Univ., Daehak-dong, Gwanak-gu
Seoul, 11, 151-742
South Korea
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University (What is this?)
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We are living in a world where content is prioritized over media. Through Youtube, Wikipedia, Twitter, we can now easily see, make, and share contents in this digitalized world. At the same time, problems such as copyrights are hindering the original contents from being delivered without alteration. Egoing(alias) explains we need to focus more on a content called 'coding', which started along with digitalization, as the next paradigm of contents in the future.

Eui Jung Myoung

Myoung Eui Jung is an indi-programmer who fell in love with a computer. He finds pleasure in programming and developing applications. In his schooldays, he was busy studying ‘coding’ that he did not have extra time for other studies. He suggests 'coding' as one of the tools for reducing discomforts found in our daily lives and satisfying curiosity. Here is his persuasive story that anyone, even amateurs can do ‘coding’.

Jason Han

Recently, ‘Big Data’ has become a hot issue in the field of IT technology. However, Jason Han, the CEO of kt NexR says we need to take a more serious approach to the data around us. In fact, almost everything around us is a data source, and thus most of this world is made up of data. Nowadays, as recognition of the value of data increases, collection and usage of data in diverse fields are being actively performed. Through this talk, Jason Han suggests we ponder upon how the data scattered around us is being utilized and its value in providing new insight and inspiration.

Sukyung Chung

Chung Sukyung is an art theorist who believes appreciating a piece of art is an act of 'coding' done by the observer. Marcel Duchamp’s artwork "Fountain"(1917) shocked the art world by going against the conventional wisdom that art must be beautiful. While the author himself kept silent about his controversial artwork, observers proposed various significations about the “Fountain” on their own. Nowadays, “Fountain” is known as the most influential work in the stream of modern art. She explains the track of art history changes depending on how people 'codify' an artwork. Through her talk, let's observe what traces Marcel Duchamp’s "Fountain" left behind on the track of art history.

Seog-Joong Yang

At the age of forty, Yang Seog-Joong resigned from work and became a wood furniture maker, which is a disappearing occupation. Trees that seem dead are actually still living, and trees that appear similar to each other all have different characteristics. He explains that when it comes to making wood furniture, one has to follow ‘what the tree wishes to do’. Interacting with trees as a life partner and recreating them into beautiful furniture, Yang Seog-Joong says the time he spends together with trees is treasurable beyond words. Today, he shares with us the wisdom of life he learned from trees.

Wook Lee

Making an early debut in the field of social contribution, Lee Wook is currently the board president of W-foundation run under the motto 'If love Earth, take action!' When founding the W-foundation, many obstacles lay ahead in establishing a non-profit foundation. Nevertheless, more than any other social organizations W-foundation is now actively and successfully taking the lead in making the world a better place. Lee Wook came this far changing what seemed ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’, and is now supporting climate refugees and organizing numerous campaigns and projects on changing social perceptions of environmental problems. His passionate life story toward loving the Earth, will provide you with a wider perspective of looking at the world.

Ji In Gook

From small acts such as delivering flowers to spectacle performances of shooting lasers in the middle of a river, street art has erased the line between pop culture and minority class using public places open to everyone. Moreover, all street art starts from sharing what is happy and pleasant to oneself on the street. Gook Ji In, a street artist who coded the value of sharing into street art wishes more people to participate in this ripple of communication.

Organizing team

Ji Won

Seongnam-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea
  • Yoon Ha Choi
  • Han June Kim
  • Sun Kyung Kwak
  • So Hyun Kwon
  • Na Hyun Kim
  • Sang Hyuk Kim
  • Wook Jin Kim
  • Ji Su Park
  • Hyeon Ji Park
  • Ji Won Sim
  • Mi So Yang
  • Ji Eun Oh
  • Yeon Kyung Yoo
  • Chae Rin Im
  • Ki Won Chung
  • Seo Ho Cho
  • Hyang Gi Jin
  • Seul Ah Choi
  • Byul Han
  • Yong Hee Han
  • Jin Sik Hyun
  • Se Gi Hong
  • Jin Ju Hong
  • Ji Won Yang