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Theme: Be The Change

This event occurred on
August 16, 2014
10:00am - 3:30pm CDT
(UTC -5hrs)
Lincoln, NE
United States

"Be The Change" was the theme for the 2014 TEDxYouth@Lincoln. Conducted at Lincoln High School in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, this was the second youth event produced by TEDxLincoln. The links on this site are to the presentations and performances at the event.

Lincoln High School
2229 J Street
Lincoln, NE, 68510
United States
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Walter Paul

“Social Unconsciousness in Generation Y Bother” was born in Uganda in 1995. He hopes his talk will serve as a call to action for Millennials to become more socially aware before it’s too late. Walter hopes to one day take his talents back to his home countries of Uganda and Sudan and do whatever he can to instill hope in East Africa.

Lilia Fromm

“Without Geography We Are Nowhere” is a freshman at Lincoln High School this year. She is the first chair bassist in the Junior Youth Orchestra. She is the captain of an all girl quiz bowl team, named Celeritas, and is involved in Science Olympiad. She is excited to invite students to experience geography in a new and interesting way.

Tyler Hale

Tyler performed “Boxed”, an original composition he was inspired to finish when he applied to TEDxYouth@Lincoln.

Autumn Trujilio

“People change People” Autumn is a junior at the university of Nebraska studying psychology with minors in business and leadership. She works with at risk youth at Lincoln Southeast High School for a nonprofit called Knight House. She discusses how she overcame extreme adversity in her young life.

Wendy Jane Bantam

“Public Art: Art By The People For The People” Wendy was raised in the Nebraska Sandhills, exhibits her paintings internationally and lectures on creativity and critical thinking. Wendy studied at the University of Kansas, and her work is part of the permanent collection at the Sheldon Art Museum on UNL campus. She works to bring together neighborhood associations and creates group projects in troubled areas through the development of gardens and public art. Wendy shares the story of her beginnings as an artist and the reasons behind her public and community arts projects.

Linsey Armstrong

“Conteracting Complacency” Linsey is an advertising and public relations student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Linsey examines misogyny and the oppression of women in society today and how we can move forward and ‘Be the Change’ in achieving gender equality.

David Ryan

Talking Like We Used TO: It’s Really Revolutionary” David is a homeschooled 9th grader. He challenges you to improve your communication skills and clean up your language.

Music Combo

Ben Merliss, Jack Rodenberg, John Borstelman, and Josh Kornbluh – This young music group played “Tinette’s Dance,” an original composition by Ben Merliss.

Carlin Daharsh

“Too Busy for Productivity” Carlin is a freshman at Nebraska Wesleyan University. While she was finishing up her high school career she realized had been so busy, she had no idea how she ever had time to have a little fun or truly give her full attention to everything that she was involved in. Carlin’s talk is about just that: being busy versus being productive.

Chloe Ubben

“Make It Last” Chloe sings an original composition which she plays on the ukulele. Chloe is a sophomore at Lincoln Southwest High School in Lincoln, where she also dances, runs track and cross country, and is a member of the show choir.

Hunter Guru

“Find Your Creativity” Hunter is a freshman at Lincoln East High School. He speaks about finding solutions to specific problems, and how much fun that can be.

Handsomer Jaws

Seen performing “Maizy” and “Same Mistakes” Handsomer Jaws is an alternative rock group from Lincoln. Josh Kornbluh on drums Sam Eschliman on bass/vocals and Andrew Nelson on guitar/ vocals.

HuskrlBot Team 6412

“Demonstration” showing off their robot skills. HuskrBot was represented by Maven Losey, Luke Farritor, Charlie Gallentine, and Noah Costello, and mentored and coached by Andrew Badami, Lori McCarthy and Ryan Spaulding.

Helen Winston

“Confidence and Consciousness” Helen shares her views on the importance of youth and empowerment. Helen is a senior at Millard South High School from Omaha, Nebraska. She has testified twice in opposition of the Keystone XL Pipeline in front of the State Department. Her talk is about the importance of youth organization for political voice.

Michael Barth

“Extraordinarily Fabulous” Michael speaks about bullying, fighting for your passion, and self-acceptance along with stereotypes and gender identity. Michael tells the story of winning the Class “C” poetry title in Nebraska in 2014 and discusses the controversy that ensued as he was selected to speak at “The Best of the Best”. He is a freshman at the University of Nebraska.

Ceirra Austin Nikki Blumenthal

“Voice for the Voiceless” Ceirra is a home school Senior. She plays violin in the Lincoln Youth Symphony, Lincoln Civic Orchestra and the Lincoln Home School Orchestra, and volunteers her time in community theatre. She is passionate about anti-bullying and wants people to know that just the smallest act of kindness can make a difference. Nikki Blumenthal –Nikki is a creative writing major at Doane college. In her short play “Trying Not to Jump,” she visits the themes of acceptance, bullying and teen suicide. The character of Jack is portrayed by Cody Pariset, and the character of Chance is played by Creston Buller.

Sophie Connot

“As Simple as a Smile” Sophie is a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. A global citizen, Sophie will be talking about the kindness bestowed on her in her travels and how she endeavors to pay forward that kindness in her everyday life.

Paul Schack

“A Bus Ride Away” Paul is a senior in the International Baccalaureate Program at Lincoln High School. Paul is interested in the US justice system, imprisonment, and prison reforms. He hopes to interest other people in the state of the justice system, and ‘Be the Change’ in the lives of imprisoned people.

Lincoln High School Slam Poet Team

“It’s Only Fair” Lillian Bornstein, Tiauna Lewis, and Camille Harrah, the LHS slam poetry program is only a few years old, but they’ve already won several Louder Than a Bomb Great Plains titles. In accordance with the theme “Be the Change”, they perform this poem about societal issues because they believe that education is crucial in order to wholly participate in reform and effect change.

Rachele Merliss

“Not-So-Pretty in Pink” Rachele is a seventeen-year-old Lincoln High senior in the International Baccalaureate Program. She is the executive director of the Nebraska Girls' Shakespeare Company, and is passionate about ice cream, education, and positive social change. Rachele discusses the working conditions of the people who make America's clothing. She hopes to start a conversation about the rights these workers are being denied, and what we can do to make a change.

Brad McLain

“What Would You Die For?” Brad is a social science research professor at the University of Colorado Boulder's Center for STEM Learning and is co-director of The Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative. Dr. McLain is an accomplished filmmaker originally from Norfolk, Nebraska, and he attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln for part of his undergraduate education. He is a member of the board of directors for the JGI, Jane Goodall institute. His talk looks at the nature and impact of extraordinary experiences, especially how such experiences may change our sense of self or identity.

Ojus Jain

“Let’s Bring the Outside, Inside Us!” Ojus is a sophomore at Lincoln East High School. As a teen in today's world of ample technology, Ojus lives an indoor life of homework, social media, and video games. Putting his cellphone and tablet aside, he talks about “Nature Deficit Disorder” and tells us why the age old adage of "stopping to smell the roses" may be more important than we thought.

Be The Change

“Be The Change” - choreographed by Marisol Herling, Directed by Susan Levine Ourada was the opening performance for TEDxYouth@Lincoln.

Tom Frederick

“Making: The Revolution” Tom is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow working on his PhD. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In addition to his research, he is a serial entrepreneur and inventor. Tom calls everyone to find their inner Maker and start to think creatively.

Kayleigh Schadwinkel and Christian Ramos

Eye of the Beholder” Kayleigh choreographed the routine as a commentary on the construct of beauty, and how society pressures young people, both men and women, to conform to its idea of beauty.

Riana Lurice Dazon

“Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. Riana Born in Manila, Philippines, Riana Lurice Dazon is a member of the International Baccalaureate Program at Lincoln High School. She is a poet for the school’s speech and slam poetry team, a Congress debater, and a member in their school’s Student Council and the International Thespian Society. Riana believes that everyone deserves the love that they truly deserve. The idea of love and support are two different concepts that can be misunderstood, and this song captures how the person finally wants to settle into actually loving someone, rather than being loved by someone who thinks that it is their obligation to do so.

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Lincoln, NE, United States


Lincoln, NE, United States