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Theme: The Lateral Perspective

This event occurred on
February 26, 2014
10:00am - 6:00pm GST
(UTC +4hrs)
Dubai, DU
United Arab Emirates

It is aimed at broadening our views and analyzing things from unique perspectives. Our theme, "The Lateral Perspective" is the ability to approach an issue from a novel viewpoint and it involves generating alternate solutions to common problems via unorthodox methods.
The inspiration of this theme is the concept of ‘Lateral Thinking’ created by Edward de Bono in 1967, which encouraged problem solving by methods that would normally be ignored by traditional logic.
Our event aims at bringing together such achievers from different walks of life, so that they can share their ideas and processes with our participants. Thus , helping us to unravel the untapped immense potential and opportunities around us. Our speakers are individuals who create value and are generating positive impact in their chosen fields.

Institute of Management Technology, Dubai
Institute of Management Technology, Dubai International Academic City
Dubai, DU, 345006
United Arab Emirates
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University (What is this?)
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Fayeq Oweis

Fayeq Oweis is an Arab American artist, educator, and linguist. He works on contemporary Islamic art and Arabic calligraphic compositions. Fayeq is currently working for Google Arabia and works on creating and implementing language standards for Google's localized Arabic products including Gmail, YouTube, Android, Chrome, and Google+.

Phil Bedford

Phil helps professionals live more and earn more through relationship-based referral marketing. He is the Middle East franchise owner of The Referral Institute, an international referral training and consulting company with branches across the world.

Karl Haddad

Karl Haddad is a serial entrepreneur turned social entrepreneur. 6 years ago he left his career in search of a more spiritual journey; a global humanitarian journey spanning 54 initiatives, 44 countries, 5 continents in 3 years and 1 mission; that of adding life to life.

Ebin George

Ebin George was two and a half years old when he first started playing drums. He is 22 years old now and plays 27 musical instruments. He is a multiple world record for the title 'Most no. of instruments played in one hour' and has broken 16 world records. His work is available in music stores and on itunes, Amazon and Youtube.

Ramakrishna N K

In 2008 Ramakrishna co-founded Rang De, India's first crowd funding platform. Rang De supports rural entrepreneurs and students from low income households by allowing them access to low cost capital. Via an online platform, Rang De enables individuals to become social investors by lending Rs.100 or more to entrepreneurs of their choosing.

Alaa Garad

Dr. Garad is the Director of the Emirates Center for Organizational Learning and the Co-Founder and Chairman of Organizational Learning Conference, MENA. He also acts as the Superintendent at International Performance Excellence, IPE. Dr. Garad works towards reinforcing learning as a strategic enabler for Performance Excellence in organizations.

Mahender Singh

Mahender Singh is Rector at the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation and Executive Director of the MIT Global SCALE Network in Asia. For six years he served as Director of the MIT Supply Chain 2020 Project, a multi-year research effort looking into the future of logistics and supply chain management. His research and teaching focus on operations and supply chain management, with particular interest in exploring the underlying structure of complex supply chains.

Shreyas Srinivasan

Shreyas is the co-founder of NH7, India's biggest platform for indie artists. He also heads Only Much Louder's content business. Before OML, he co-founded RadioVeRVe, one of India's first internet radio stations dedicated to promoting indie music.

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