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Theme: Walking beside the progress

Oviedo, Spain
March 29th, 2014

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About this event

Our event is about what progress means and involves in many diferent areas such as Economy, Design, Technology, Psychology, Medicine or even Sports and Music. We want to see all of those areas from a peculiar point of view. We will discover so many things about the world and also about us. All of those things will help us to understand that,actually, we are walking beside the progress.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Javier García
    Economist and entrepreneur : co-founder of #CIESFinanzas, Sintetia.com and FuturaMarkets.com. Management enthusiast.Obsessed about complexity. He is an expert on using his energy to use financial logic and encourage innovation. Will he transform complex into simple?
  • Juan Cadiñanos
    Molecular Biologist. Juan is the director of the IMOMA (Laboratory of Molecular Medicine). After finishing his degree, he completed his academic training in Harvard and Cambridge. He affirms that we are living a unique moment in the human history and the Medicine should have this into account and use it.
  • Ester Roldán
    She is Architect and the co-founder of "longo+roldán" in 2000 with Victor Longo. They have won 3 times the Asturias Architecture Prize. She fits perfectly the design profile. She will try to use architecture as a way to communicate.
  • Juan Menéndez Granados
    He is the first person in reaching the South Pole, cycling and without any help. Throught his adventures he shows that if we want, we can.
  • Juan García
    Specialist on training in new technologies and Digital Identity Management for students, teachers and young people. He is the General Diretor of "Adama Web" and editor in "blogoff". He considers that internet is the land of opportunities and we still play with Candy Crush.
  • Luna Rodríguez
    She has grown up in a world plenty of art, genius and creativity. She has dedicated her work to the topic she likes the most: human being, its wishes and concerns. Her passion and actual work is focused on auto-conscience about present.
  • José Gómez
    Pianist, conductor and teacher. He has work as a conductor all around the world and he has founded what we know today as "Oviedo Filarmonía". He is now a conductor teacher in the conservatory of Madrid. He will use Maths to explain Music.
  • Miguel Ángel Uriondo
    He is the author of ALSD.es, a blog about telecommunications and technology which has been considered one of the most read according to Expansion.com. He affirms that everything can be learned. Anyone better to transmit a lesson on a enjoyable way?
  • David Fernández-Prada
    Journalist and gastronomic expert.After working in media and gastronomic events he has founded "Gustation", his personal bet.He will use his personality, character and experience as a way to communicate.
  • Julio Ruiz
    Julio is a faithful defender of the humanist concept where Art and Science get together. He has been working on 3D file from the ITMA foundation. He will guide us throughout humanity history and its three-dimensional search.
  • Antonio Segura Morís
    Spanish diplomat.He was graduated in law in 1966 by the University of Oviedo. He has travelled to South Africa, Singapur and so many diferent countries working as a Minister, Ambassador or Consul. He will show which progress mechanisms make people and nations develop.
  • Martín González Rodriguez
    Researcher and consultant in User Experince (UX). He manages the Human Interaction group as a principal professor. That group is focused on investigating the environement adaptation for disabled people.
  • Chema González-Garilleti
    He founded the platform "QuéAprendemosHoy" , which is the first collective inteligence platform in Spain. He also contributes to Huffington Post in its Economy section.
  • Javier Bauluz
    Human Journalism director and founder. He has received the Pulitzer Award in Journalism. He has covered the war news in places like Palestine or Bosnia. He considers that Journalism must be at the service of citizens.

Venue and Details

Edificio Histórico - Universidad de Oviedo
C/ San Francisco
Oviedo, 33003

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