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Seoul, 11, South Korea
March 22nd, 2014

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Since before, we have been developing mostly everything to get our lives better in every ways. But constant developments have exclude the real people. Now we should think about not only our convinience but also what is human really means.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Jongseok KIM
    'Art' in your life and 'Creative activities' that can be easy for anyone to began. These are motivations of 'Warm hand project' Anyone from anywhere can participate in this project, and remember it for a long time. He provides design services to social enterprises, self-supporting community, such as small business members who make up a small economy. Away from the concept of one-time design services, he collaborate with them in the long term . He said, 'Creativity' comes up with human relations. Furthermore, the possibility of a new era is in that relationship. Add Creativity To Your Idea
  • Jihoon Ju and Hyunggyu Kim
    Many of you have went to see dentist at least once. We, adults still are afraid of seeing dentist although it may be just regular checking. Then for children how scary for them to see dentist? Surprisingly children only takes very short period of time to recover their cavity. Our two speakers, who are dentists, think children are our future. So they made adorable bus that makes children go to see them easily. In 18 minutes, they will tell us how and why they are doing volunteer work for children. And more over about without people nothing can be happened. Add people to your idea.
  • Sanggeon Yu
    Have you ever expressed your opinion about the wrong thing? Maybe the answer is so obvious that you can't express your own opinion. "I respect your rights" It causes embarrassment because this is fully justified. In our society, however, there are a lot of people who are indifferent to the various human rights. He will deliver a message to change theses wrong ideas. Add Pink To Your Idea.
  • Kyungguk Kim
    There a shoes company making shoes by African hand skills. Although managing a social enterprise is not easy to do, he is making own it. He is doing it just because it is right to do. We can feel warm passion from him. He is saying 'just do it' to audience like he climbed the mountain Kilimanjaro right after he decided to start this business. What is company mean for the people? What is real company for the human. Add experience to your idea.
  • Eunsung Song
    Technology fulfills humans beauty. Sound of baby crying, Sound of mum calling. Sound of car honking, and even favourite music you listen everyday when you leave home. Although we take it for granted, hearing as a communication tool is a privileged to some people. There are those who are unable to hear surrounding sounds. They are deaf people. She shares music to people who are neglected from social communication. Music seat is specialized chair which makes people able to feel music through vibration. Add art to your idea.
  • Yimsun LEE
    In sickness, pain and despair situation furthermore in a life or death situation, delivering hope and happiness is greater than any medicine. Laugh inspires hope that continues the everyday life looking for fun everyday. It is the thing that will be done in the hospital through laugh by her. Giving a laugh congregates the happiness in your life. Add laugh to your idea.

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CAU R&D Center
3rd floor, R&D Center,Chung-Ang Univ. 221 Heukseok-dong,Dongjak-gu,Seoul Seoul, South Korea
Seoul, 11,
South Korea

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