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Wrocław, DS, Poland
July 5th, 2014

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The Adventure of Life

Confirmed Speakers

  • Bartosz Zamirowski
    His biggest passion is a mixture of: sport, literature, music and aviation. Coming from Wroclaw, Bartosz works in BIZLAB Trusted Advisor, also he’s an editor of e-zine for managers - M!XTURA. He’s one idea worth spreading - „Everyone can find personal mission”. Favorite TED talk - Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man.
  • James Banc
    Co-founder at Kwik Learning - a place that offers a world class memory and speed reading training, both on- and offline. His biggest passion is reading, because „reading a book and recalling its content is closest we actually get to borrowing someone else's brain”. Born in South Korea, raised in and around New York - now in Wroclaw to meet you at TEDx!
  • Patrycja Obara
    Teacher at University of Wroclaw, translator in Harvard Business Review Polska and TED-addict. Biggest passion - definitely teaching, also the language (as a concept) with its unlimited exploratory possibilities and singing. It was a tough choice, but if she needs to choose favorite TED Talk, it would be „How schools kill creativity?” by Sir Ken Robinson.
  • Marcin Osman
    As an entrepreneur and trainer Marcin deals with problems and business challenges requiring quick action and non-standard approach. The book he recently wrote 'Your business is running away' is a record of his experiences, reflections, and the most valuable lessons he's learned over the years. Usually, you can find him in Warsaw or London, and this time he appears on TEDxWroclaw!
  • Neil Bennion
    Neil is a writer, traveller and general mucker-abouter . Born in the UK, he left his career in IT for a life of travel and writing after he realised he preferred prancing about in foreign countries to discussing technical scope changes. He’s been a non-drinker for about seven years, though likes to indulge once every year or two just to check he made the right decision. His first two books are due out later this year.
  • Marcin Jędras
    Startupper, programmist and owner of software house - Software Project. He’s biggest passion is to work as a programmer and to be a kitesurfer. Main idea worth spreading - „Life driven by passion”.
  • Tomasz Popów
    Entrepreneur, leader, innovator, seed investor. He created four successful companies that are operating in the mobile and cloud storage markets, recently advises young startups in LIFT-OFF Startup Accelerator. Tomasz is trying as much as he can to build the real innovation in Wroclaw.
  • Wojciech Gajewski
    He’s a Project Manager in full-time job in one of the best polish eCommerce agencies - Divante. Apart from it, Wojciech quite often works as a freelance photographer, which is his biggest passion. He believes, that each of us should follow his/her own passion, belief and needs. This is the biggest adventure of life - to stay true and happy in ourselves.
  • MaKavaKava
    MaKavaKava is a group of people that share common passion - Street Art. They combine several different specialties, which is dance, puppetry, pantomime, beatbox, singing and create one show. They try to create something new. Find out by yourself.
  • Jim Williams, Christian A. Dumais, Derrek Carriveau
    Writer and voice actor, DERREK CARRIVEAU, is armed with a whiskey-warm voice and martini-dry wit, and aims his acerbic and honest humor at everyday life. CHRISTIAN A. DUMAIS, writer and humorist, mixes wicked one-liners and razor-sharp observations, and proves why TIME named him “one of [their] favorite funnymen.” The man who started the English stand-up comedy scene in Wrocław, FAMOUS JIM WILLIAMS, uses his dual powers of physical and spoken-word comedy to delight and amaze. It's easy to see why Wroclaw Uncut called Williams a "comedy gem."
  • Bartek Szurgot
    His passion is computer science (mostly software engineering) and electronics. He’s also up to date with all the latest news from the world of science and technology. If something uses electricity - there is a big chance he likes it, and if it’s semiconductors-based - he loves it! Trying to spend less than 120 hours in front of the computer is his biggest challenge.
  • Ola Ławrynowicz
    Founder & CEO of Spiruu, a biotechnological startup that creates a device which is able to produce spirulina - the most nutritious food on Earth. Apart from galloping through the forests and meadows on a horse, she loves to observe and create. Starting from small things, as few words to make friends happy to big ideas, as popularising biotechnology in everyday life and changing eating habits by popularising cultivation and consumption of Spirulina.
  • Scoffers
    Fresh, ambitious and original electro-pop band from Poland - Scoffers. You can associate Scoffers band with spectacular shows, unpredictably warm atmosphere during concerts and charismatic vocalist. Last year was productive for them - except for concerts and festivals, they were able to record two videos and the album.The last videoclip to the song “Words” gained 50 000 views on Youtube within 5 days!
  • Leszek Orzechowski
    Leszek is a team leader of Space is More - a set of individuals passionate about space exploration that have designed a manned Mars flyby mission. Born and educated in Wroclaw, he attaches a lot of attention to self-development - in his opinion, it€'™s the most important thing for the individual and civilization. He also likes pancakes.

Venue and Details

Wroclaw Philharmonic
Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 19
Wrocław, DS,
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