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This event occurred on
October 4, 2014
9:00am - 7:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Palma, IB

TEDxPalmaDeMallorca 2014 wants to share a vision of what is coming in the next years to our society. Education, Street Art, Evolution and Collaborative Economy are some of the subjects that will be shared during the event.

Teatre Xesc Forteza
Plaza Prevere Miquel Maura
Palma, IB, 07001
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Amaia Arzamendi

Director of San Ignacio de Loyola Jesuit College of San Sebastián - Biologist from the University of Navarra, is co-creator of the program of personal transformation LoyolaNet Innova aims to stimulate and encourage innovative behavior of teachers, general service staff and team members direct from schools.

Alvar Sanchez

Professor of Applied Physics at UAB - Endesa-Novare Energy Efficiency Award in 2007 for a project to build one of the first superconducting cables for the transmission of electricity. The Vanguard Award for best scientific discovery of the year in Spain and a special mention in the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona 2012, for his work in magnetic invisibility. He has given numerous lectures and participated in several events dedicated to extending science to the public.

Magdalena Sastre

Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London - PhD in Biology and Health Sciences by the UIB. He trained in Neurology at the Universities of Cornell, New York, Munich, Bonn and Frankfurt. It is concerned with the molecular mechanism by which inflammation affects neurodegenerative diseases. His contributions and scientific publications focus on the molecular level focusing his research on the use of anti-inflammatory medications.

Ignacio Martínez

Specialist in the field of Human Evolution - Since 1984 part of the team that investigates and digs at the site of the Sima de los Huesos in the Sierra de Atapuerca. Is a pioneer member of the Atapuerca research team, which was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research of the year 1997 is Professor at the University of Alcalá.

Guillermo de la Madrid

Cofounder of Madrid Street Art Project, working in partnership dissemination, promotion and enhancement of the urban art through guided tours, educational activities, workshops and projects in collaboration with artists. In the last year have organized and coordinated Walls Tabacalera (a sample of urban art in the heart of Madrid) and is currently working on an urban art project for Metro de Madrid.

Carlos Moreno

Professor and researcher at the intelligent control of complex systems - visionary and pioneer of smart city and its applications. He is currently scientific advisor to the president of COFELY INEO, a subsidiary of the global group GDFSUEZ. Ranking public high level responsibilities in ecosystem science, technology and innovation in France. Chaired and participated in congresses, conferences and initiatives first order around the Smart Cities.

Juan José Burgos

President of Slow Food Madrid - academic training in the field of economy and financial systems is degree in Business and a Masters in Finance. Conceived food not only from the point of view of consumption but also from the point of view of production and transformation processes. Keeps the food is more than food and is not only the basis of our physiological survival.

Daniel Bachiller

CSIC researcher and director of the program Caubet-Cimera - Director of Development and Regeneration of the FISB and scientist at the CSIC. He was director of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, University of California, LA, devoting his career to research on advanced therapies, regenerative medicine and genomic engineering.

Jaume Mayor

CEO and Founder of WeSmartPark - After a history of dedication to the engineering of steel structures, WeSmartPark founded in 2010, the first fully intelligent collaborative network of parks. He has been awarded the second EcoEmprenedorXXI 2012 LaCaixa and BCN City Council Award and Fellowship AVIS - ESADE Entrepreneurship 2014.

Abdoulaye Fall

ACAF Program Manager - Degree in English from the University of Dakar, is active in the Association of Communities self-financed (ACAF) as Program Manager, combining work with monitoring groups and the organization of training activities the field of micro finance and community organizing. Currently a PhD in Demography on Senegalese migration in Catalonia at the Center for Demographic Studies at UAB you are.

Miguel Fernández

CEO of Innovation Strategies - On Innovation Strategies helps clients achieve their business goals through IT addressing projects for companies around the world specializing in those that base their business model on IT in critical and complex systems, companies handle large volumes of data and transactions or high availability needs, quickly and geographic dispersion systems.

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Palma, Mallorca, Spain