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Theme: Bright Ideas

Hawthorne, CA, United States
December 19th, 2013

About this event

Tedxyouth@davincischools is an exploration into the bright ideas our high school students see as revolutionizing their futures.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Nikita Yu
    Nikki Yu is fourteen years old and is in the 9th grade at Da Vinci Design high school. She enjoys reading books and watching anime. Nikki is very passionate about her choice topic. She believes that everyone deserves to be loved and given that chance. To her, it doesn't matter what gender you are and that we should all be treated equally.
  • Chase Butler
    Chase Butler is fourteen years old. She was born on August 1st, 1999. She attends Da Vinci Communications in Hawthorne. She is short with brown hair and brown eyes. Chase has an 11 year old sister, a mom and a dad. She loves to dance, (an activity she is passionate about) read, speak in front of people, and ride horses. She has much experience in speaking in front people. She does youth and government which requires a lot of speaking in front of people. She has also done various leadership forums and enjoys doing presentations in class. She also enjoys traveling as well. She has been to six countries and many states. Traveling is what helped her come up with her Ted talk, "The Power of Hello."Her Ted Talk speaks about how traveling through different countries she found that "hello" is a very powerful word in which it can change a person's day or life.

Venue and Details

12501 Isis Avenue, Hawthorne, CA 90250
Hawthorne, CA, 90250
United States

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This event occurred in the past.
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