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Theme: Engage!

This event occurred on
April 26, 2014
8:00am - 6:00pm BRT
(UTC -3hrs)
Belo Horizonte, MG

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The third edition of TEDxBeloHorizonte comes in the discussions on the limits of citizen participation. What is the scope of an individual in the transformation of a city? As the processes of certain communities can inspire change in major spheres? Given the crowds that occupy the streets of several cities around the world you can see some consensus? Willing to be the stage for the proliferation of similar questions, the TEDxBeloHorizonte will bring together speakers who will present their way of dealing with these issues in their day-to-day. An exposition of ideas, projects and accomplishments connected by the same invitation: Engage yourself!

Cine Theatro Brasil
Rua dos Carijós, 258 - Centro - Belo Horizonte / MG
Belo Horizonte, MG, 30.120-060
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Electrophone and Petit Georges

Electrophone + Petit Georges: Medula Oblongata Electrophone comes together interested in dislocating your point of view from a common place, through different ways: concerts, shows, performances, soundtracks and audiovisual contents are some possibilities of work produced by the group since its birth, in 2009. Georges Petit is an Argentine artist who, after living worldwide, has found a place in Brazil, since the 80s. Petit and Electrophone produce together some chemical sound reactions, handled upon overhead projectors, that invoke color blasts and excitement from the interaction between reagents and sound movements. Alchemists and musicians come together without seeking certainties, alternating distinctive movements and ecstatic spontaneity, in order to offer an intense synesthetic experience to the public.

Helio Mattar

Planned obsolescence is an industrial and marketing phenomenon that emerges in the 30s, when lamps producers decided to develop, manufacture and distribute products with a limited useful life, forcing people to buy new goods earlier than previously occurred. Helio Mattar, Chairman of Akatu Institute for Conscious Consumption, points out the consequences of an economical and financial process engaged only in profit, disregarding the impacts on the depletion of natural resources that harms consumers.

Eagles and Owls

The robotics team from the school Benjamin Guimarães, Contagem-MG, has created a robot to help burial victims rescues. The equipment is sensible to temperatures between 20 and 40 Celsius degrees and, then, triggers an alarm accusing the possibility of a buried person. For that, they won the Southeast stage of the First Lego League, a robotics competition involving 37 participants, organized by the Social Service of Industry – SESI, in partnership with Lego Co. and the American foundation FIRST –For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.

Zahira Asmal

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of South Africa's democracy, Zahira Asmal will reflect on and share anecdotes of the country's journey to freedom. She will take us on a personal, professional and political journey across South Africa moving through a time of segregation and exclusion to one in the pursuit of integration and inclusion. She feels that attaining democracy is only the start of the long with freedom. Her first book, Reflections & Opportunities: Design, Cities and the World Cup (The City 2012) is a milestone of Asmal’s work. Published in English and Brazilian Portuguese it shares the design legacy and lessons learned in city making from the 2010 World Cup with Brazil. The book was launched over 15 events in Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and the UK.

Cláudio Ávila

Cláudio Ávila is a entrepreneur from Goiania - G), and CEO of Way Taxi, an smartphone app that potentializes the direct relationship between passenger and taxi driver, changing the experience of both about urban mobility.

Santiago del Hierro

From 90s, the dream of South America integration has been updated by a set of infrastructure projects. One of them tries to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through roads, railways and waterways. However, this initiative has never seemed to give due attention to the communities directly affected by the projects. Santiago del Hierro, Ecuadorian architect, attempts to rewrite this story wondering: is it possible to reconcile development and preservation?

Ricardo Tatesuzi

Few companies dominate the transgenic crops production, in Brazil. What would happen if the Brazilian Government did not encourage the non-genetically modified (GM) seeds research? What are the myths and truths behind the production and consumption of GM crops? These are some questions discussed by Ricardo Tatesuzi, Chairman of ABRANGE, the Brazilian Association of Producers of Non Genetically Modified Grains.

Macaé Evaristo

Defending social causes and basic education as powerful tools for social transformation, Macaé Evaristo, who has become the Secretary of Continuing Education, Diversity and Inclusion of the Ministry of Education, will talk about her career since she was a Basic Education teacher until the arrival in the Federal Government. She argues that racial equality is a driving force, not only for a more effective education, but also for a more developed country.

Clessio Mendes e Junia Guedes

Junia Guedes and Clessio Mendes are talking about “Free Fare” (Tarifa Zero) is a public policy project that aims to democratize the access to public transportation without overloading the user, but charging the public budget. The main idea is that public transportation is a social right and, like other essential public services, must be offered to all citizens, without any kind of distinction. The collective Tarifa Zero – BH was born in June 2013, from the manifestations, and it’s part of an international movement for transportation as a right. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a good example of a city that has implemented the free fare for public transportation.

Juliana Saúde Barreto

The history of art has countless records of artists affected by madness, and some cases where insanity is a major vector of creative processes. Featuring this element, Juliana Barreto, actress, pedagogue and founder of the Center for Creation and Research Sapos e Afogados, proposes the re-signification of the boundaries related to treatment and social integration of mentally ill patients, discussing it from the scenic research engagement.

Bruno Figueiredo

With his photos published in the most widespread Brazilian medias, with images widely shared on the Internet, Bruno Figueiredo is a journalist who discusses the opposition between the production of independent contents and traditional media. In a context where profit and power maintenance command the public interests, it’s important to think about the strategies able to empower the work of ‘free media’ journalists engaged in causes they believe, and free from commercial mooring ropes. As photojournalist, Bruno had eight images selected for the last five editions of the book called “The Best of Brazilian Photojournalism”. In 2013, during the Brazilian Spring (June Journeys), he worked as a freelance journalist and produced online videos that have more than 400,000 views. He is also a co-founder of the art activism collective called “We, Temporary”, responsible for the video “Because I wanted”, where a military police captain admits arbitrary aggressions against civilians.

Hilton Lacerda

Filmmaking in Brazil is an act of resistance itself. Make films outside the Rio - São Paulo connection is even more challenging. The approach of unconventional themes, sociocultural and controversial issues becomes an act of faith. Born in Pernambuco, Hilton Lacerda is the screenwriter of Baile Perfumado, Amarelo Manga, Febre do Rato e A Festa da Menina Morta, the director of the documentary Cartola - Música para os Olhos and, more recently, the movie Tatuagem. He is engaged in discussions about the bearing of film industry in Brazil.

Thiago Monge (Monge Mc)

One of the most expressive faces of Hip Hop culture in Minas Gerais, the MCs Duel will (or would?) achieve, in 2014, seven years of occupation, in Belo Horizonte downtown. This exemplary movement of center-periphery conflicts has grown up from an informal organization of friends to a formal collective called “Street Family” (Família de Rua). They want to be engaged in the comprehension of this bureaucratic and operational maze explicitly unable to cope with the spontaneity of their group. The MC Thiago Monge, one of the founders of the Street Family, tells the story of the movement and the challenges for its survival.


XAFU is born from the desire of matching electronic music and its various trends with the world music, especially with the characteristic sounds of Portuguese countries and linguistic variations. Created by André Xina, from Portugal, in partnership with Juninho Ibiturina, from Brazil, the project has counted, since its birth, with the co-work of some special guests. These exchanges have offered to the public the record and the dissemination of a large musical and artistic heritage of Portuguese countries. In TEDxBeloHorizonte, XAFU will release its first work, the EP “Paredes no Horizonte” (Horizon Walls), with Juninho Ibituruna on drums, the electronic programmer Xina, Joan Smith on guitar, Pedro Rios on keyboards and Vinicius Ribeiro on bass.

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