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Theme: International Collaboration

Antalya, Turkey
April 19th, 2014

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About this event

Our university is home to students from more than seventy different countries and numerous language backgrounds. This diversity made us more than excited to organize this event. Since the university opened, we have been reminded time and again that working together with others in the international community can allow us to learn new things, better understand our world, and accomplish more than we could if we were just working alone. For this reason, we will be proud to launch this event under the theme of “International Collaboration”.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Kelsey Van Ert
    Kelsey Pyro Van Ert is an musician, spoken word poet, member of The Bronx Boys & The Bronx Girls Rocking Crew, and youth worker from the Twin Cities in Minnesota. She is a graduate of the premier cohort of the First Wave Hip-Hop Scholarship program located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Kelsey Pyro has had the privilege to share her art around the united states, as well as abroad, performing at venues such as the New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway. She currently resides in New York City and works as a student advocate for high school students at the, nationally recognized, Harlem Children’s Zone
  • Mohammed Ammar Al Sayed
    Born and bred in the oldest capital city in the world, Damascus, Syria. Ammar (20), a former high school graduate with a scientific baccalaureate, is currently a Business Administration student at Antalya International University. Despite living for only two decades, Ammar has vast experience about life having being greatly exposed to the world of business. He has always had a liking for business, been brought up in a business environment. Therefore, he possess many qualities that take some years to master. The revolution in Syria did not just cause a mix up in the country but also in Ammar’s life. Now he finds himself in Turkey trying to rebuild his life and hopes that one day he can do the same with his country.
  • Roger Cowdrey
    Using the teaching skills gained from his first career in education and the business skills gained from positions in senior management in IBM, Roger embarked on a career in business consultancy in 1996. Since then Roger has been CEO of his own business centre and business incubator and has worked extensively across the Balkan States, Turkey and Lebanon helping to establish and improve support facilities for entrepreneurs. Roger has a firm belief in the inbuilt skills of innovation and entrepreneurship and has devoted recent years to working in this area. He has written the book 'Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset’, publishes a regular blog for entrepreneurs and is in frequent demand as a motivational speaker.
  • Mustafa Kanorwala
    Mustafa Kanorwala is an Indian born, 20 year old, who aims to become a leader and an innovator in the field of business, to strive for social change. Born and raised in India, Mustafa has always aspired to create a difference in society by engaging in various social events that address key socio-economic issues such as poverty. Mustafa graduated from Poona College of fine arts, science and commerce in India with exemplary results. His thirst for studying abroad drove him to Turkey to pursue a degree in civil engineering at an international university. Mustafa believes that hard work and perseverance will automatically open up a path towards success.
  • Petr Hirsch
    Petr Hirsch, born 27.12.1979 in Dvůr Králové nad Labem in Czech Republic. Studied High school with Textile marketing specialization and he didn´t finished University studies. Since childhood Petr was interested about information technology and computers. His profession life is connected with SAP (information system) and he is working as logistics and business consultant in small Czech consultancy company. Walking as a pilgrim is his passionate since 2010 when he started to walk from Czech Republic to Santiago de Compostela in Spain and further to Rome in Italy and finally through Turkey and Cyprus to Jerusalem in Israel. Walking, pilgrimage is fulfilling his life now. He is also amateur photographer, and preparing new project: "Walking for Peace around the world", where the plan is to walk on tapes all around the world, connecting capital cities one by one. Petr is planning to plant the Tree of Peace along the way and want to dedicate his walk for different charity organizations and peace makers organizations. He is Christian and he believes that walking is giving huge potential of self reflection and it is way to reconnect people.
  • Fatoumata Traore
    Fatoumata Traore, Born and raised in Mali, west Africa. She is a freshman majoring in Business Administration in Antalya International University, Turkey. Her international experience includes vacation in Paris, youth Olympic camp in Singapore, exchange student program in Texas and university Studies in Turkey. Those international experiences made her emphasize on the importance on going abroad like mentioned in her topic.
  • Omar Karray
    Omar Karray is a Tunisian born, 20 year old, a former high school graduate with an Economics baccalaureate, is currently a Business Administration student at Antalya International University. Omar has an interesting experience about business life. He has always had a liking for Marketing and Management. His thirst for studying in a different country drove him to Turkey, and that helped him to meet people from different countries and to develop his skills.
  • Abylay Zhunissali
    Abylay Zhunissali was born in Kazakhstan in 1994. He graduated from high school in 2012 in the capital city, Astana and he is currently a freshman student of Political Science and International Relations at Antalya International University. He is passionate about football and he is a music enthusiast. Abylay also holds a special place for hip hop dancing in his heart. As you can see, his hobbies are an indication of his bold character. Abylay is an industrious young man who is always sanguine about the future. “I am a very cheerful person who is always enthusiastic about my life, and try to always stay happy, and smile as much as possible because smiling is contagious.”
  • Youchaou Traore
    Youchaou Traore was born in 1958 in a small village called Niamana, Mali. He is the current CEO of the Complex School Youchaou, the Executive Director of RDIC, a local non-governmental organization, the Chairman of the Board of the Community Health Care Center of Kalabancoro-Koulouba (ASAKKOUL) and the Chairman of the Board of the Local Federation of Community Health Care Centers of Kalabancoro.
  • Murat Kaplan
    As an educator, author, and award winning martial artist, Murat Kaplan believes in the power of words and says, 'every word is a spell'.

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Antalya Dosemealti
Antalya, 07190
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