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Theme: Reacciona

Hermosillo, Mexico
April 25th, 2014

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About this event

Hermosillo is in the brink of change, it feels like people are sunken into their daily routine but waiting for the right ideas and the right leadership to begin great changes. We intend to put together people with great ideas to improve our community. We intend to set than change in motion.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Oziel Farías
    Oziel is nutrition coach determined to start big changes in people's lives through the way they eat.
  • Natalia Gonsález
    Natalia is a 17 years old girl. She suffered bullying but decided to do something about it.
  • Karla Erickson
    By creating artificial wetland enviroments in a mine, Karla found a way to rebuild landscap and recover ground quality.
  • Priscila Martinez
    She is the creator of an exchange market. She believes money gives thing a very different value than the one we assign them. Two very different economies.
  • Jade Beall
    Photographer. Determined to change our definition of human beauty. Creator of The Beautiful Body Project.
  • Jorge Pistol
    Jorge is a communications profesional. He is convinced that geographical limitations no longer exist. "Local is not a thing" he says.
  • Oliver León
    Graphic designer and illustrator always moving on a bike. Created a local Bike Kitchen with a twist: Pay it Forward.
  • Alejandra Paredones
    Alejandra had a brilliant career in american politics. One decided to go back to Mexico and start an investment bank challenging all preconceptions against mexican economy and its possibilities.
  • Gonzalo Sánchez
    A Paraguayan living in Austin, TX. He learned one enormous lesson playing Rugby: When in doubt, go forward. That mantra has taken him to all kind of places.
  • Gloria León
    She holds a doctorate in chemistry and biology. Lost her job over an investigation project she designed to develop a method to observe DNA on a microscope. She succeeded and had one of the most important breakthroughs in science.

Venue and Details

Museo de Arte de Sonora
Agustin de Vildosola
Proyecto Rio Sonora
Hermosillo, 83000
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Organizer 202072

Manuel d'Argence Salazar
Hermosillo, Mexico

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Alejandra Inda
Elizabeth Trujillo
Adrián Zepeda
Farid Abdo
Judith Pesqueira
Abraham Verdugo
Daniel Ríos
Alberto Bueno
Stage Design
Alejandro Navarro