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Theme: The Spark

Cincinnati, OH, United States
November 16th, 2013

About this event

TEDxYouth@OakHills 2013 - The Spark

The Oak Hills Local School District eKIDs have planned their event this year using the theme: The Spark. They are hoping to spark change in the people who hear their talks and spark change all over the world.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Ryan Klug
    Ryan enjoys reading, soccer, and playing sports. He is a 7th grader at Bridgetown Middle School.
  • Brody Armstrong
    Brody Armstrong is an 8th grader at BMS that likes to play football. He joined BMS in the middle of the year during 6th grade year.
  • Arron Tam
    Aaron is a 7th grader at Bridgetown Middle School. Aaron enjoys playing basketball in the park with his friends.
  • Alex Klein
    Alex is a 7th grader at Bridgetown Middle School. Alex likes to play basketball and football.
  • Sam Neiheisel
    Sam is a 7th graders at Bridgetown Middle School. Sam likes camping especially in the cold.
  • Niki Meiners
    Growing up in a small mid-western town, Niki Meiners was surrounded by a modest, resourceful and very entrepreneurial family. Her simple upbringing spurred her "Can do" attitude and gave her the confidence to try any challenge placed before her. She knew there was more out there than just her small town and set off after high school to explore the world. It was through these travels that she discovered her love of art and her desire to make the world a prettier place. It was not until she suffered a paralyzing illness that she realized she wanted to reconsider her corporate career as a Chief Paper Pusher, and her thoughts immediately turned to her first passion, art. In 2003 she began an odyssey that would take her from product design to publication and everywhere in between. She is known for her distinctive, high quality creations that feature a diverse mix of styles and highly creative approach to even the smallest detail. Niki is an Idea Architect, easily outlining every project from concept to completion. Her creations are simultaneously beautiful and functional and her in depth knowledge of the industry allows her to produce projects with a specific understanding of both the consumers and the manufacturers. This knowledge has allowed her work to be featured in the industries leading craft and lifestyle publications and manufacturers’ websites. nikimeiners at
  • Nate Magliano
    Nate is a 6th grade student at DMS, he is a member of Boys Book Club at DMS. His favorite subject in school is Science. When he grows up he hopes to work in computer design.
  • Emma Thomas
    Emma is a 6th grade student at DMS. She has lived in Delhi her whole life. She loves soccer and basketball. Her favorite hobby is playing sports.
  • Billie Boettcher
    Billie is a 6th grade student at DMS. Billie is involved in dance through Oak Hills Mini's. Math is her favorite subject in school.
  • Lanie Calcara
    Lanie is a 7th grader at Bridgetown Middle School. Lanie enjoys playing Basketball.
  • Sierra Chitwood
    Sierra is a 7th grader at Bridgetown Middle School. Sierra likes to draw and create things.
  • Felix Bangert
    Felix Bangert is an 8th Grader at Delhi Middle School who made a clay-mation about passions and animation. He has done this before independently and will continue to do things like this because of his passion for animation.
  • Michael Radcliff
    Michael Radcliffe loves to play sports such as soccer. His hobbies are hanging with friends, playing video games, and collecting shoes. He is an 8th grader at Delhi Middle School.
  • Jayson Mitchell
    Jayson Mitchell likes playing sports. His favorite is baseball. Math his favorite subject. This is his first year in kids. He is an 8th grader at Delhi Middle School.
  • Danielle Engel
    Danielle is a 7th graders at Bridgetown Middle School. Danielle enjoys being a cheerleader for Bridgetown.
  • Kyra Lough
    Kyra is a 7th grader at Bridgetown Middle School. Kyra is a swimmer for Oak Hills and Cincinnati Marlins.
  • Sydney Walker
    Sydney is a 7th grader at Bridgetown Middle School. Sydney enjoys playing soccer and the piano.
  • Alaina Broughton
    Alaina Broughton is a 6th grader at Bridgetown Middle School. Alaina enjoys playing the trumpet, volleyball and participating in Girl Scouts.
  • Kayla Kidwell
    Kayla Kidwell is a 6th grader at Bridgetown Middle School. Kayla enjoys crafting and playing volleyball.
  • Mazzie Land
    Mazzie Land is a 6th grader at Bridgetown Middle School. Mazzie enjoys spending time outdoors, playing basketball and crafting.
  • Ellie Cummings
    Ellie Cummings is a 6th grader at Bridgetown Middle School. Ellie enjoys music, reading and volunteering.
  • Zachary Green
    "In 2010 while sitting on the tailboard of his fire engine 10 year volunteer firefighter Zachary Green came up with the idea to create the company MN8 Foxfire. MN8 Foxfire is a innovative company which uses photoluminescent (glow in the dark)technology to help firefighters reduce disorientation and increase accountability. What started as a hobby selling products out of the trunk of his car has now turned into a 15 person company with over 350 firefighter sales representatives in almost each of the 50 states. MN8 Foxfire now has over 60,000 firefighters in 25 different countries using Foxfire's advanced photoluminescent products. Additionly, MN8 Foxfire's products are used in major sports arena and high rise buildings to increase safety in the event of a blackout or power failure. Zachary was named the 2013 Ohio Chamber of Commerce's Entrepreneur of the Year. MN8 Foxfire has been recognized by many organizations for their life saving technology such as a 2011 winner of Cincinnati Innovates and semi-finalist from Entrepreneur Magazine Entrepreneur of 2013. Zachary is an avid traveler, outdoorsman and hunter. He is married with a nine-year-old son who enjoys camping with his dad. Zachary Green graduated from Roger Bacon High School in Cincinnati and Bowling Green State University in northern Ohio. He served as an infantryman in the United States Marine Corps. His career experience also includes 10 years in the software industry and eight years in the pharmaceutical industry focusing on sales, sales management, training, and strategic development."
  • Clair McMasters
    Claire McMasters is a 6th grader at Bridgetown Middle School. Claire loves electronics and public speaking. This class is the perfect combination of both!
  • Indenesia Walker
    Indenesia Walker is an 8th grader at BMS that speaks Russian. I just moved to BMS this year and loves to rap!
  • Drew Toon
    Drew Toon is an 8th grader at BMS. He enjoys reading, sports and watching movies. Drew has been involved with eKIDS for all three of his years here at BMS.
  • Nick Tsibouris
    Nick Tsibouris is an 8th grader at BMS that loves reading, and likes being with friends and family.
  • Lizzy Kroger
    Lizzie Kroger is an 8th grader at BMS who enjoys reading, swimming and playing with the band at BMS.
  • Kayla Black
    Kayla Black is an 8th grader at BMS. She has been an eKID all three years at BMS and is also a member of the Oak Hills Middle School Cheerleading team.
  • Cassie Russel
    Cassie Russell is an 8th grader at BMS. Her favorite thing is to eat chocolate and participate with the Oak Hills Middle School cheerleaders, she loves to tumble.

Venue and Details

Rapid Run Middle School
6345 Rapid Run Road
Cincinnati, OH, 45233
United States
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Seattle, WA, United States

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