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Theme: Jiskra - The Spark

This event occurred on
November 16, 2013
5:00pm - 10:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Prague, PR
Czech Republic

V sobotu 16. listopadu rozzáříme kino Ponrepo, které bude hostit letošní TEDxYouth@Prague s podtitulem „The Spark“. Jde o první ročník konference určené hlavně pro studenty a mladé, ale otevřené všem bez rozdílu věku. Součástí podvečerního programu bude přenos z globální konference TEDYouth, ale i domácí živí řečníci, kteří nám budou vyprávět svůj jiskřivý příběh.

Kino Ponrepo
Bartolomějská 11
Prague, PR, 110 00
Czech Republic
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Anicka a Dominika Kozakova, Douderova

Two young 12-years old girls, who are protesting against the billboard on the roads, because they are dangerous. Girls have great energy, spark and their main motto is: If you don´t like it, say it so. You could change it and change the world.

Tomas Slavata

Young known triathlon guy, who did not have an easy childhood. In his 18, he took his yong brother from the creche and take care of him. From that time, he started to help also many children without parents.

Petr Houdek

Petr is teacher and lecturer in the field of behavioral economics. He is researching many interesting fields, from which we agreed on sex and relationship economy to present on this TEDx.To show many different factors, which influence us with decision who would we go on the date, or how are the men-women relationship in different countries influences.

Zuzka Somosova

Zuzka is a 18years old girl, who was diagnosed wih cancer in her 16years. She got through chemotherapy and second round with translantation, but she stayed very positive and full of energy. She has a spark in her eyes.

Adam Marcan

Adam is a webdesigner. He does not care about money, he likes people, life and he lives his life. But he was not always like this. He was like any other student learning and studying and then just doing nothing really meaningful. He started to try new things and search for his own hapiness. And it was all so great. And then he woke up in the hospital with his jawbone broken and could not eat normally for one month. So really anything can happen any time. That´s why we should not be rich, but have a rich life.

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Zilina, Slovakia


Prague, Czech Republic
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